Lin Weiwei also stopped talking. Since the other side didn’t admit defeat, it could also defeat the other side.
When the game is played, Lin Weiwei’s star power is added, and then a light is extinguished and released.
Song Qing immediately used the most powerful defensive skills to see how much damage the other side could do.
Although the single number is not big, it adds up to enough to kill the player.
Although the golden goddess of war was frozen, the frozen goddess of law was killed in seconds.
Scene 6
Bing Lan was the first to go, which was very sad because her opponent was killing God, and the result was seconds!
Everyone knows the result, even Chu Yun knows it.
Game 7
Meng Yao took the lead in going to Chu Yun. Her opponent was the summoner from MengMeng. It turned out that it was not the storm goddess.
It’s two beautiful women in the ring again, which makes everyone stare big eyes flashing with light.
When the game is a storm goddess, a big storm is directly released in the past.
Mengyao also dare not underestimate the release of skill awards and seals!
This is a very good skill. Simply put, let the other person become a living target directly.
The tornado hit Chen Mengyao, and the damage caused by it was quickly recovered due to the paradise of light.
Brilliant ball!
Chen Mengyao directly released the most powerful skill is to kill the opponent.
The number of Guangyao ball attacks is 100, and the total damage caused by it is 545 milliseconds.
In the last game, I want to laugh when I think of the last game of Chu Yun, because in the last game, the player left Yan Huang Mengmeng summoner, that is to say, Yan Huang vs MengMeng summoner.
Chu Yun felt that if Emperor Yan didn’t give up, he would be finished.
The first challenge was Yan Huang, who has no palm now.
The emperor’s face twitched constantly, and the fire burned to the sky. At the thought of this sentence, he had an impulse to kill people
Emperor Yan holds a staff. He knows that his fame has disappeared, but if he wants to defeat that little girl, won’t fame come back?
But this girl is not nice to each other.
How can Yan Huang beat a girl if she is in a restless mood?
"Fight!" Emperor Yan gave a hard bite, so what if he lost? Anyway, he has lost for three days in a row.
After a while, the little girl came out, not a girl, because she was at least seventeen years younger, but she was a girl in character.
"Yan Huang is going to be miserable again."
"What Yan Huang? Has he ever heard of Yan Huang being burned to death?"
"That’s true."
The discussion of the earthquake made Emperor Yan more determined to defeat his opponent and regain his reputation.
"Uncle Yan Huang, I am a loyal fan. Will you give up?" The girl stared at her big eyes and said innocently
"Nima!" Emperor Yan scold a way to admit defeat.
"My mom is not here?" The girl was naive and said, "Uncle Yan Huang, you are an open-minded Yan Huang. I have also heard of the word" burn the sky with fire ".
Because of the little girl’s worship tone, the Emperor Yan was in a good mood.
"Uncle Suo Yanhuang, a big man like you won’t degrade yourself and compete with a little girl, will you?" The little girl blinked and said, "Will you give up?"
"Nima throw in the towel! ?” Yan Huang nu way originally this girl said so many nice things to let herself throw in the towel.
"My mother gives up?" The girl’s eyes sparkled and said, "Uncle Yan Huang, why did you make my mother give up? She’s not here."
"Nima!" Emperor Yan arrested this little girl and beat her up.
"My mom? Uncle Yan Huang, do you like my mother? " After saying this, the girl was shocked. "Uncle Yan, I can’t like my mother because my mother likes my father, and she won’t like you."
"Grass mud horse!" Emperor Yan’s anger almost started.
"Grass mud horse?" The girl was puzzled and said, "Uncle Yan Huang, what does this mean?"
"Nima!" Emperor Yan was so angry that he almost spit out one mouthful blood.
"My mother?" The girl looked impatient. "I told you you can’t like my mother."
Chapter 34 Grieving Emperor Yan! ()
Yan Huang’s spirit is on the verge of collapse, and she can’t wait for this girl to be thrown into bed and severely ravaged.
When the game was over, Emperor Yan flew immediately without saying anything.
Then two huge flames flew directly to the little girl.
The little girl didn’t strike back, so she was attacked twice.
Emperor Yan stopped attacking him, so he went there because he had to wait.
Now your life value ratio is higher than your opponent’s, and you can win as soon as you arrive.
Although it is a little shameful, it is the best way at present.
The girl seemed to see that Emperor Yan’s idea called summoning animals.
At this time, the Yan Emperor’s clouds of flames quickly attacked the summoning array, and the summoner was burned to death when it first appeared.
I can’t help it. Who made the rabbit’s defense so low
"You are good or bad!" The girl was angry and the consequences were serious, so he called the summoner again.
This time, she summoned Xiaohei because Xiaohei was not affected by other people’s attacks.
The emperor was helpless, but the black rabbit was not a threat at all and was summoned.
The girl summoned two blackies again, but when the summoning array first appeared, the Emperor Yan had to release fire in advance to attack the other side and summon threatening summoners.
The girl’s life disappeared at 5: 05 because the staff burned on the ground.
In order to avoid the little girl’s death, Emperor Yan specially changed a staff, which is also mysterious, but its property is not as good as that of the staff of fire.
Face players have seen Yan Huang’s idea and have to say that Yan Huang’s idea is very good, but he despises others for using such despicable means against a little girl.