The unparalleled cavalry soldiers point directly at it!
JiFan look malicious and complete, pike surging like a swimming dumpling snake stabbed each other’s throat.
That captain’s martial arts is naturally not weak, otherwise he would not be a captain!
The pike in the right hand is randomly blocked and lifted, which is to let JiFan take three steps back!
The other two warriors joined JiFan side by side and besieged a captain.
In just ten minutes, the other party was obviously four-handed, and a gap allowed Jifan to seize the opportunity to stab him in the heart with a gun.
Captain! Die!
The military is shaking!
Suddenly killed by an unparalleled army.
However, the rest of the army once again supplemented the gap and rounded up Ji Fan again.
JiFan looked around, three sides pike, a cavalry, a sword shield, JiFan only choose this side of the sword shield soldiers.
Kill! !
At this time, the cavalry captain shouted: "I am Huang Wei, a captain of Beihai! You will dismount and surrender as soon as possible! Do not lose your life! "
Ji Fan roared: "You join me in scolding his grandmother! Beihai your sister! "
"Beihai, your sister!"
The unparalleled cavalry shouted and stood up with a pike as deep as a sword and broke into the sword and shield soldiers!
Broken limbs and bloody pieces all describe the ruthlessness and cruelty of the battlefield!
"Fuck you, Huang Wei’s woman!" JiFan far a finger again!
"Fuck you, Huang Wei’s woman!"
Everyone in the unparalleled army was covered with warm blood, and sticky liquid splashed on his face, adding a silent murderous look to them!
JiFan is soaked in blood, no place is clean, all of them are flowing with bloody breath.
Huang Wei shouted with a livid look: "Kill!"
At this time, a pawn beside Huang Wei shouted: "General, Sir, let you take him alive!" "
Without looking, Huang Wei slapped his face and cursed: "I will not be subject to military orders abroad!" Listen to me! Kill him! "
JiFan look a change, is wrinkly to knit the brows wrinkle.
Just about to announce the rush out!
There was chaos behind the enemy spearmen!
A figure covered in black is holding a sword-like weapon in his hand, killing the spearmen crazily!
Every time you kill someone, you don’t know what you’re talking about, and in a moment, the spearmen are killed by him.
Just like a Shura Avenue!
Everybody stay away from him.
JiFan leng, then react and shout at top of voice: "One like you! Deus ex, surround them! "
Everyone in the unparalleled army is leng!
More than 5,000 people have died, and the other side has more than 20,000 people. How can we counter encirclement?
But they are soldiers!
It’s an unparalleled army!
Yelled without any hesitation!
The other side of the knife shield soldiers is obviously a breakthrough!
Kill kill! The momentum is like a rainbow!
———————————— dividing line
Far above the mountain, the scholar gawked at all this dramatic happening.
On one side of the handsome youth long spit out a sigh of relief.
The scholar looked at the handsome young man and asked doubtfully, "You have no confidence in him?"
Handsome young man nodded with a wry smile.
The scholar pulled his mouth and twitched in the corner of his eye and said, "This is too unreliable, but he is obviously a man of great fortune and great fortune." What luck! "
The handsome young man smiled happily and said, "Although he can’t win, at least he can run away! There is no blind killing! I am very satisfied! "
Scholar one leng, immediately smiled!
The handsome young man once again said, "I have always had no confidence in him, but I have to help him wholeheartedly."
The scholar looked at him blankly and asked, "Why!"
The handsome young man looked at the distant battlefield and murmured, "That kind of trust. . . Yes, his trust in you! It’s the first time someone has trusted me so much. Maybe. . . People’s recognition of others is the least resistant. "
The scholar bowed his head thoughtfully and said, "Trust?"
The handsome young man repeated it for sure: "Yes! His trust in you makes me feel uneasy. . . Only for him. "
The scholar looked up and smiled and said, "That is a kind of personality charm!"
————————— dividing line—
The appearance of this mysterious man is an opportunity for Ji Fan to turn defeat into victory.
After a rush, the cavalry’s motive power was used to surround and kill at the edge.
At first glance, in the scene of all black heads and iron helmets, a black figure kept wandering among the crowd.
Every step is bloody.
JiFan is horrified, this is still a person?
I can’t help that this person is comparable to Zhao Yun, but it is obviously worse than Zhao Yun in a few minutes!
JiFan several times so cooperate to kill, just two hours, will kill all the rout!
JiFan also see something, the black dress person just killed thousands of people, more is dead in JiFan hands! I’m afraid if there are a few more people. . .