"It seems that you have made many enemies ~ ~" Xiang Yi Fei said.
"Some boring people." Zhuge didn’t light the pie mouth.
Two people were walking on an ancient road, and there were few people around them. At this moment, a sword rainbow flew from the air. The man was dressed in white and had Gu Jian on his back. He was Su Xiaobai.
"Xiao Bai, I’m here." Zhuge didn’t light the sound channel.
Su Xiaobai was one leng, and immediately the imperial sword swooped down and landed beside Zhuge.
"I finally found you." Su Xiaobai said.
"You wanted to see me?"
Su Xiaobai nodded: "You are a woman chasing me."
Zhuge laughed before dawn and said, "This is a good thing. It’s your blessing to be chased by a woman."
Su Xiaobai snorted and said, "It’s all because of you. Look, here she comes!"
Su Xiaobai pointed to the sky and saw a sword light coming quickly. It was a woman, white and beautiful, and she was out of touch.
Zhuge was shocked when he was not bright, but it was her, Yin Mengli! !
Yin Meng glass is still sacred, graceful and graceful, graceful and graceful, as clean as a lotus, with a beautiful charming face and unsmiling face, and there seems to be a faint water wave in her eyes.
"I don’t want to embarrass you. Tell me where he is?" Yin Mengli looked at Su Xiaobai.
Su Xiaobai pointed to Zhuge Buliang and said, "Here’s the man you are looking for."
Yin Mengli was stunned and looked at Zhuge, who was dressed in a black robe. He was surprised and said, "You are him."
Chapter one hundred and eighty-six The coast of the East China Sea
Zhuge took the hat off his head before dawn and said, "Sister, long time no see, are you all right?"
The beautiful face of Yin Mengli, the "younger brother", finally moved, her eyes fluctuated and her unsmiling face finally showed Poland.
Xiang Yifei looked at Yin Mengli. This is also a beautiful woman. Her temperament of Yin Mengli is in sharp contrast, one is sacred and the other is charming.
"Xiang Yi Fei!" When Yin Mengli saw this charming and colorful woman next to her, she suddenly exclaimed that others didn’t know Xiang Yi Fei, but Yin Mengli remembered it vividly.
Because Zhuge Liang and Xiang Yi Fei appeared in Yaohai School almost at the same time.
It was just at the dawn of Zhuge’s introduction that Xiang Yi Fei and Qian Mo Cheng came to Yaohai School to kick the pavilion.
"Why are you with her?" A complicated color flashed in Yin Mengli’s eyes.
Zhuge smiled and said, "Nothing, she is my ally now."
YanMeng glass eyes fluctuate, look at Xiang Yifei, smoke eyebrows puckered slightly, as long as it’s not a fool or an ordinary person, you can see at a glance that Xiang Yifei has been sealed off for cultivation. However, Yin Mengli didn’t say anything, glanced at Zhuge Liang and said, "I want to talk to you alone."
Zhuge didn’t nod, let Su Xiaobai watch Xiang Yi Fei, and followed Yin Mengli to a place thousands of meters away.
"Sister, how have you been recently?" Zhuge Buliang stood beside Yin Mengli, looking at the sacred out-of-touch woman in front of him, and sighed.
Yin Mengli nodded and said, "After hearing your latest news, I am worried about everything for you."
Zhuge smiled bitterly and said, "Thank you."
The atmosphere seemed awkward, and Zhuge didn’t know what to say until he was bright. In the past, in the Yaohai school, he was not very close to Yin Mengli, but he was also a close confidante. Since that night under the phoenix tree, the relationship between the two has become subtle. Coupled with the experience over the past few years, Zhuge did not realize that he and Yin Mengli were gradually estranged.
"The master wants to see you." Yin Mengli suddenly said, turning to Zhuge Buliang, "Come back to the sect with me. Everyone misses you very much."
Zhuge, with a dim expression, sighed and said, "Now all the major schools in Kyushu are looking for me. If I go back, it will inevitably bring unnecessary trouble to the Yaohai school."
"But" Yin Mengli opened her mouth, but she didn’t say anything.
"I understand the elder martial sister’s mind, and everything has been solved. I’ll go back and apologize to the master, and then you and I can go back to the way we used to be." Zhuge said not bright and faint.
Yin Mengli nodded, with a hint of complexity on his face. Immediately, he seemed to think of something. He said, "What happened in Fengman Mountain that year? Is it true that Jin Yao said that you were demon fairy Jr.?"
Speaking of Jin Yao, Zhuge took a deep breath and said, "I will handle these things myself."
Yin Mengli said: "Kyushu, which has been silent for many years, is beginning to be in turmoil. Recently, many disciples in the faction have gone out to experience, and so have the major factions. I am very worried about you."
"Elder martial sister, don’t worry, I will take care."
Yin Mengli nodded: "So I will go back. If there is any difficulty, I will go home."
Zhuge Buliang’s heart is full of infinite warmth. How long has it been since I heard the name "home"? I’m afraid he can’t even remember it clearly.
Yin Mengli left, looking at the figure that drifted away, Zhuge Buliang suddenly felt a little satisfied.
If you can look at her forever.
At this time, another beautiful image came to my mind, and I was fascinated by the country, wearing purple clothes, embracing the guqin, elegant and generous, and Zhuge was not bright, showing complex colors, and turned back to Su Xiaobai.
"The recent turmoil in Kyushu seems to be surging." Zhuge said without light.
Su Xiaobai nodded: "But this is also an era when talents are multiplied. Kyushu is going to change, full of anxiety. Recently, I heard that the black coffin in the Kunlun wonderland appeared in the cultivation alliance. A bloody man defeated the masters of the cultivation alliance and even killed two masters of the deification period. "
Zhuge was not bright and moved, and the man in bloody clothes really took action. What on earth is he going to do?
"I heard some news." Su Xiaobai suddenly said: "The Dugu family, the alliance of cultivating immortals, and even a mysterious organization in Kyushu, Jue, seem to be looking for something."
"Looking for something?"
Zhuge’s pupil contraction is not bright.
Su Xiaobai nodded: "Do you remember the incident we met at the Tongzhou border some time ago?"