Chu Yun, who would have expected this woman to say that? When she said angry words, she said that she would get pregnant, but … Why is this so strange when she said it?
Before paying the money, it seems not bad for Chu Yun to be her minion behind the fairy and be her minion.
"Why do you want to eat?" ChuYun see Song Ning frost staring at those street snacks curious and said
"If I had known, I wouldn’t have eaten so full," Song Ning Frost regretted.
Chu Yun was struck by the fairy’s words. Is this still the fairy? Is this a common girl?
Chu Yun can’t help but feel a little proud because this fairy is likely to be pulled by herself.
Like ordinary people, Chu Yun stayed with her for an afternoon, but fortunately she didn’t meet the killer, otherwise it would be thrilling.
"Have you had enough fun?" Chu Yun laughed.
"Are you worried?" Song condensate cream light say with smile
"Yes, I’m worried." Chu Yun is really worried about what if he meets a killer suddenly?
"Then you can leave me alone." Song Ning Frost Jade pointed to one direction. "If you don’t want to accompany me, you can go at any time."
"Well, you win." Chu Yun thought to herself that no matter how she played, she couldn’t beat the fairy.
"I’m going to the cold lake …" Song Ning frost looked at Chu Yun like this.
"Cold Lake …" Speaking of these two words, Chu Yun couldn’t help but think of Koizumi Yuxu, who was at the cold lake respectively.
I wonder if she is doing well or not.
"Are you thinking about people?" Who is Song Ning Frost? Naturally, you can see that Chu Yun is abnormal.
"Yes, I’m thinking about people" knows that there is nothing to hide from this Uber-like woman.
"Female" Song Ning frost Gherardini said.
"But also a beauty?" Chu Yun direct way.
"Is it as beautiful as me?" When it comes to this sentence, Song Ning Frost is confident and smiles.
"Not as beautiful as you, but people are gentler than you and more approachable than you." Chu Yun thought that Koizumi Yuxu is not as beautiful as you, but in many places you can’t compare.
"am I as bad as you say?" Song Ning frost couldn’t help laughing.
"Don’t you think so yourself?" Chu Yun felt that what he said was very reasonable.
"No" Song Ningshuang directly said "I think I am a perfect woman"
ChuYunLei pour her how can narcissism to this extent?
For Song Ningshuang, Chu Yun admits that she is a perfect woman, but even if she is perfect, you don’t say it directly, which will make people feel narcissistic, so it is not perfect, you know?
"You haven’t answered whether I will take me to Cold Lake or not?"
Song Ningshuang has never been to Cold Lake, but she has heard that this place is famous, beautiful and beautiful, and the most important thing is that it is not far from here.
"What are you doing in Cold Lake?" Chu Yun supercilious look said.
"Play, such as boating" Song Ning cream is a natural way for people to try new things again.
"Do you want to go boating?" Chu Yun eyes stare big for a few minutes.
"That’s right. Don’t you want to?" Song Ning frost’s faint smile gives people an inscrutable feeling.
"Don’t you know that boating in a cold lake is usually a lover?" In fact, Chu Yun would like to go boating around the lake with Song Ningshuang.
"Then I’ll be your girlfriend for a day." Song Ningshuang smiled. No girl should be reserved.
“! #¥%……”
Chu Yun was shocked by Song Ningshuang’s words again. "Are you sure you want to be my girlfriend for a day?"
It’s false to let the fairy be your girlfriend and say she’s not excited
"Do I look like that kind of liar?" Song Ning frost looked directly at Chu Yun and said
"Like" Chu Yun consciousness said.
"You beg for a fight." Song Ning Frost didn’t expect it this time.
See Song Ning frost stretched out her hand as white as jade, but she didn’t call. It’s just an act.
"How can you be so cute?" Chu Yun thinks that Song Ning Cream is particularly cute today.
"Isn’t it cute?" Song condensate cream will hand back way