"It’s almost time for the instant ice bomb to slow her down," Ye Feng shouted
Deborah’s speed is actually very fast, almost floating around without touching her feet, but it can be faster and faster. However, once Ye Feng is approached by Ye Feng, unless she flashes and teleports, she will be chased by Ye Feng for up to five positions.
"Small skills are boring, and my IQ is not as incomplete as BOSS."
Tang Weiwei calmly walked to the front of the fence and calmly put the element force field staves in through the gaps in the metal bars …
Ye Feng was dumbfounded, which also hurt.
The staves are all in, so naturally they won’t be blocked by the fence.
Magic sings ice imprisonment
Cold air gushed from the ground, freezing Deborah’s jade feet and then spreading rapidly, and suddenly the queen became an ice sculpture again.
Dragon beast also gather together to two small paws back and forth fierce rub road flash to sell out of the ling straight split Deborah.
The three-layer armor-piercing weakened Deborah’s defense by 3%. Although everyone was affected by the demon of death, the attack shrank, but after the three-layer armor-piercing was stacked, it was enough to offset the negative effect of the demon, and the damage of two people and one pet rose
The only regret is that the dragon-talking beast doesn’t have a staff to rub magic with its claws to avoid the same tragedy as Deborah. The magic form can go through the fence and attack it with small skills, which is a bit ineffective.
As a result, it goes without saying that Deborah was suppressed, and it was not easy to endure until the flash cooling ended. Just after flying out, she was chased by Ye Feng. Tang Weiwei was an ice bomb and an ice gun, which also greatly affected Deborah’s magic release speed.
In ten minutes, Deborah’s blood volume dropped to%, and she sang shadow binding to bind Ye Feng. As a result, Ye Feng broke the wall for three seconds and the enemy was resolved for her.
Fifteen minutes later, it was Ye Feng’s turn to show off. First, Hyperion cursed hanging blood and boiling tattoos-such as sweeping away the dragon’s teeth, and other high-injury combo skills were shot one after another
Tang Weiwei is more decisive. Even Tiffany’s magic device has reached in. It can be recorded in J and NG Eldar’s sacred skills. There is no doubt that J and NG Eldar’s fire and J and NG Eldar’s storm can destroy Deborah’s 50,000 blood points. However, the big sister’s head, right hand, staff, left hand magic device and two arms are stretched out horizontally, and her body is still clinging to the fence. This posture is really indecent. What do you think of it is like a beautiful zombie that has brought disaster to the country.
By the time the Hyperion curse disappeared in 20 seconds, Deborah’s blood volume had dropped by more than 300,000 2% …
"This plan is very good. It will take you two hours at most to knock down the poison that eats blood. You are getting smarter and smarter. You also want to figure out the damage …" Tang Weiwei praised her heart.
In fact, to put it bluntly, this is a BUG, but it is a legal BUG acquiesced by the unified god.
Hard shaking Deborah in a narrow tunnel before crushing Deborah or equalizing strength can be tragic.
It has always been regarded by players as the BOSS’s unique tactics. In the cave, the tunnel width is not wide enough for the team to show Deborah’s scope, and the scope of magic judgment is terrible. When Deborah’s death is released, another scope of magic will be added. One second is a big piece.
Besides, at this stage, it is estimated that few top tanks in China can withstand Deborah’s magical attack.
Count the smiling devil with your fingers, Indra Day, Passion Day and Qin Shiyue as half. The top two flying swords and silent lions who once occupied the tank list after the rainy night and the wind retired can also be counted as half each, plus five and a half Ye Feng.
Among them, four people who can stand alone are shanzhai m. I have to say that this is a very painful fact
To sum up, it is unrealistic to want to kill Deborah without these two rows of prisons and these metal fences with strong array. Even if you grind your teeth to death, the final result will not be worth the candle.
So Deborah can be put in prison. This is the so-called card BUG. All BOSS are pushable keys. Do you have the brains to find the push-down BOSS key?
This is also an indispensable factor to measure whether a player is a top player.
The process went smoothly. In the prison, Deborah really threatened Ye Feng. It was the ten-minute shadow binding of CD and the abnormal trick that was a flame demon’s dark skill. However, Ye Feng had two skills, Tianbi and J Ο ng Spirit King Guard, which cooled for fifteen minutes. When the tattoo was activated, the first two seconds were also the enemy state. The three skills alternated to make perfection turn danger into shape.
It’s not enough for Ye Feng to have a door when the charm control effect is not good in two seconds.
After an hour, Deborah’s blood bar fell to 42%, and after a quarter of an hour, 3% was one step away from red blood.
At this time, Tang Weiwei was a little worried and asked, "Will Deborah run away? There will be no super big moves."
"Elder sister, which one of us is a rookie? You ask me such a common sense question." Ye Feng taunted.
"Your aura is too strong for my old bird to get up …" Tang Weiwei vomited blood.
"There must be, but it takes a long time to sing without super tricks. If you can’t interrupt, you will flash away and leave the rest to me." Ye Feng replied so-called
Unconsciously, it ran away for another 20 minutes, and Deborah had only 17% blood, which was already red and purple.
Ye Feng swung behind Deborah with a broken spine and went to MISS.
"Be careful to have a cow" Ye Feng heavy shouted.
Deborah flashed and flew to the corner, and Tang Weiwei frozen the gun.
"Go to hell."
Deborah’s cold eyes stared at Ye Feng’s pretty face and suddenly became twisted and ferocious.
The staff held high and wrapped its arms in black gauze, and its shoulders were as white as lotus root and jade arm, and the obscure singing jumped out of her lips. If it was no longer pleasant this time, Hong Zhongzhen’s cave trembled violently.
"Go back quickly"
Ye Feng’s heart thumped into a claw, and a bully even took MISS every other time.
Guoranfa interrupt
Violent black flames sprang up on Deborah, and magical runes in the form of burning skeletons floated in front of her, and the heat was more intense than the heat wave.
Chapter 697 Lava Fire
One, two, three seconds …
As Deborah sang Ye Feng’s feet faster and faster, the rocky ground turned reddish, hot and thick, and the smoke and fire kept rising. At this moment, the prison has become a furnace, with heat waves and flames billowing.
But it’s a magic reading that produces skill effects and no harm, Deborah. This magic hasn’t been exerted yet.
Judging from the skill power alone, this magic power is less equivalent to the middle-level dragon language magic or the high-level templar magic.
Seven seconds of magic on Deborah’s chest
"Die my noble warrior … lava fire//"
Listening to a loud bang is like a volcanic eruption. The tunnel outside the prison collapsed and rolled. Black Se magma was raging like a hurricane. The sea surface surged and set off a lava fire wave more than five meters high …
This is the black flame that destroys everything. In addition to the black flame, Ye Feng turns into a number of demons and screams in his ears, which makes him feel trance and fear of being in purgatory.
Look at those metal fences that bend in succession for one second and then melt into molten iron and melt into the magma.
However, a green protective gas mask helped him cut off the magma black flame and activated the spell of J and NG Spirit King, which could not hurt him.
One second, two seconds
The gas cover collapses and is swallowed up by the black flame. Ye Feng Zheng, how many seconds does this lava fire skill time limit?
Dazed for a moment, the black flame has been like a huge wave from all around to instantly drown him.
"I’ll go …"
Ye Feng gasped in pain, and the idea swept away and quickly activated the hunter scarlet cloak to attach the enemy skill blood Se enchantment.
The damage of lava fire is beyond imagination. Ye Feng’s reaction is half a beat slower and he will be burned to ashes alive.
"Scared me to death."
Far away from the skill coverage, Tang Weiwei patted her half-exposed towering chest to dying.
Just now, with a blink of an eye, Ye Feng’s blood volume in the team has almost bottomed out, and it will be wasted.