You are afraid of Wei’s worry, aren’t you?
Yuan Rou smiled and said, Don’t worry. I’ll call Wei as soon as I wait, but you haven’t said what happened to you today. What will be the call from the police to inform the family?
Mo Yifan looked at the bed next to him and said indifferently that it was nothing but killing a few people.
Yuan Roulai didn’t care too much about hearing this, but he almost fell to the ground in shock.
You-you killed someone. Oh, my God. What about that?
When I saw Yuan Rou panicking, Mo Yifan laughed and said, "What are you afraid of?" I was killed as a defense, but it was because the case was serious that I couldn’t go home for the time being, and it should be all right after the case was tried.
Yuan Rou still has some laws. I believe that how many people did you kill?
Mo Yifan put on airs and pulled his fingers, and said, well, it seems to be nine. Yes, nine Vietnamese. What private mercenaries are they? They sneak into the country to be killers. The police can’t take them. If I didn’t happen to touch them, I don’t know what would happen. I think I will not only be fine, but I might even get some bonuses.
Mo Yifan didn’t want to tell these things to Yuan Rou, but he was worried that the bald man would really do something unwise tonight, and he didn’t want to cause more trouble before he deliberately told them to Yuan Rou, hoping that the bald man would be frightened and not provoke himself.
But his painstaking efforts were all wasted because when he said it, he stole a look at the bald head and saw a hint of disdain and sneer at the corners of his mouth. Obviously, Mo Yifan’s words were not accepted when Mo Yifan was talking nonsense.
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And Yuan’s soft reaction turned out to be a bald head with a fascinating smile on his mouth. Come on, if you don’t want to say it, you really flatter yourself. If you are so capable, why don’t you be a bodyguard in Zhongnanhai?
Mo Yifan sighed with words and said, "Don’t believe me." Well, when the day comes, you will accompany me to the sub-bureau, and then you will know.
Dude, don’t be too optimistic.
The bald man, who has been pretending, suddenly said in a low voice, maybe what you said is true, but it’s not your call to defend improperly. If you are so brave, you will crush Lei Weifeng. Hey, hey, they are afraid that they will buckle a stinky excrement basin on your head.
Mo Yifan listened to this bald head, although his tone was indifferent, but it didn’t seem to be malicious. He couldn’t help but slightly stunned for a while and then shook his head. He didn’t believe that the police would arbitrarily charge himself. He thought that there was nothing illegal to do today. From beginning to end, the people of the Black Sand Corps were attacking and they were forced to fight back, so they would fall all over. That’s really a shame.
What’s more, he still has another identity. From Yang’s side, he is also half a policeman. Therefore, he believes that even if what he did today really went too far, Yang will certainly deal with it and make it convenient for himself. Therefore, he doesn’t care about the bald head warning. I think this bald head is a recidivist with profound hatred for the police, so he will slander the police like this.
See Mo Yifan’s face, or else the bald head won’t say anything more. Tilt your head away and show a pair of dead virtues and continue to play dead.
By this time, the night was getting deeper and deeper. Mo Yifan advised Yuan Ruan to let her go home, but she refused to promise anything, saying that she was Mo Yifan’s intimate secret, and she should always be around Mo Yifan. Now Mo Yifan is more loyal to her duties when she is in hospital.
Mo Yifan advised her not to get past her.
Yuan Rou went to buy some water fast food for Mo Yifan, and he was also very happy to give Mo Yifan a bald head to his patient. He also took a bald head and took over the fast food sample. After that, his eyes never chased Yuan Rou’s plump pink buttocks, probably because he was ashamed.
Mo Yifan sighed in the heart and thought that this guy is not too bad.
Near midnight, Yuan Rou finally fell asleep next to Mo Yifan’s bed, and his bald head kept his eyes closed and snored evenly, but Mo Yifan could hear that his bald head had been pretending to sleep. At this time, he was as patient as a lurking hungry wolf and patiently waited for the best opportunity.
The policeman on duty at the gate will come into the room every half an hour or so. Because the bald man’s virtue is really miserable, the policeman on duty has almost no vigilance against him, so he puts most of his energy into preventing Mo Yifan every time.
Mo Yifan couldn’t help laughing, thinking that I was just defending myself and didn’t really commit any crime. Why did I escape to that guy? Hey, hey, don’t say that he pretended to be really like he had cheated all the doctors. Well, there are enough doctors in this hospital, but I bet this bald man is stronger than an ox. I wonder if his leg is really broken. It seems that doctors can’t even diagnose mistakes. Then they are not poor in level. They are simply idiots with big names.
Mo Yifan decided that his bald head would change tonight, so he didn’t dare to really fall asleep. He just lay there quietly in his head and looked at his medical skills to see what he could comb and teach others.
His power is too strange, but it is obviously far higher than the level of Chinese medicine. This power belongs to other aspects, and he may enjoy this unexpected talent alone, but his medical skills are different.
Even if he studies his medical skills to a higher level, after all, even if he really treats himself as a robot and can save people 24 hours a day, it is very limited for him to think about promoting his medical skills as much as possible. This is the most important way to be a doctor
At 2: 30 in the morning, the patrol police entered the room. After just five minutes, the bald brother was snoring. Suddenly, his eyes were half covered with gauze. His dark eyes were full of light in a dull atmosphere.
He still snores, with a gentle and steady rhythm, as if he were still asleep.
He gently uncovered himself and was turned to sit up. He quickly untied his left leg and carefully observed Mo Yifan’s gentle reaction. He felt that the two men were breathing without any disorder and their hearts were slightly safer.