"Sorry …"
Knowing that his words once again plunged Guleifia into sorrow, Yu apologized again with a wry smile.
"No, this time, it’s because Lord Sussex came to you on his own, so please don’t feel guilty and uncomfortable."
Barely smile from your face. A faint smile instantly melts the ice and snow, and at the same time deeply captures Ye Yuxin.
It’s really like … Gu Leifei’s smile is so gentle that it’s exactly like her … exactly like Riveria.
"No, no, don’t forget it. I’m a Jimongli family now."
Ye Yu said so lightly that GuLeiFei and slightly one leng was also nodded his head.
"Ah … yes, are you Miss Leah’s family or the Jimongli family?"
Laughter turns bitter, though, in fact, no one in the whole Jimongli family knows the secret.
This kind of pain has been borne by two people, Gu Leifei and Sasakers. They love each other, but they can’t even hug each other
Hundreds of years have passed so long that Guleifia almost forgot what it was like to love Sasakers.
Then whenever such thoughts arise in my heart, Guleifia will shrink into herself in pain, cry about her infidelity, and cry about her deep ethics. Even Gulefia can forgive herself for such thoughts, let alone let her really betray Sussex and be with another man.
Even if she and Sussex can always go to Gulefia in such a spirit of love, they will never agree with each other. This ridiculous decision is to let themselves enjoy women’s happiness with other men.
"That’s right, Sister Guleifia … can I call you that?"
Ye Yu so gentle openings GuLeiFei slightly leng immediately gently nodded his head.
"Because I’m a family member of Jimongli, a relative of Gureifia’s sister, I can’t ignore it even more after I know about it. I can’t watch adult Sussex continue to suffer like this, and I don’t want to watch Gureifia continue to suffer like this."
Ye Yu said with such deep affection that unconsciously he sat down beside Gu Leifeiya and leaned over gently to hug Gu Leifeiya in his arms.
For Ye Yu’s overstepping behavior, Gu Leifei seems to have struggled slightly, and then she just closed her eyes and stopped resisting.
"I … I’m a little tired."
What happened today seems to really make this strong and beautiful woman physically and mentally exhausted, with her eyes closed and her mouth so open, the girl doesn’t know what she wants to express.
Ye Yu also knows that it is impossible for Gu Leifei to accept herself directly. This kind of thing must be done slowly until the guilt in Gu Leifei’s heart disappears.
Now Ye Yuji has affirmed that the love for Sussex in Guleifia’s heart has long since disappeared, and now all that remains is responsibility.
The successor of Lucifer’s family must serve Lucifer, the devil.
The affection for Sasakers has long been lost by girls in their duties, just as the first thing Guleifia said not long ago was to make Sasakers think that Lucifer was majestic.
Obviously, in the eyes of Guleifia, the identity of Lucifer, the demon king, is more important than that of Sasakers.
It turns out that pure platonic spiritual love is not about loving each other. If two people can’t even touch each other and hug each other, it’s just painful to have it.
"Well, if you are tired, go to sleep. Today, my sister is no longer alone because I will stay with you until you close your eyes and fall asleep."
Ye Yu’s gentle words seemed to touch the softest place in Gu Leifei’s heart. Generally, this famous silver-haired annihilation queen in the underworld has the strongest. The queen said that a woman leaves a crystal tear and then she is so soft and weak that she relaxes in Ye Yu’s arms and doesn’t want to sleep.
Chapter 66 Cleaning the swimming pool
Ye Yu also lent his arms to Gu Leifei for a night as he said, and didn’t do anything beyond it.
And the next day, when Ye Yu woke up, the girl in her arms had disappeared.
Body, it seems, are still remaining GuLeiFei and leave a faint fragrance some intoxicated and take a deep breath immediately Ye Yu is slowly get up.
In the living room, Sasakes sat reading the newspaper, while Gulefia was busy in the kitchen as if preparing breakfast.
The two people are exactly the same as usual, so it’s unrealistic. Yuzryha Royal feels that what he experienced last night is a ridiculous dream.
But soon after he sat down, Sasakes said a word, Ye Yu knew that everything was true last night and never false.
"How did you feel last night?"
Sasakes, this sentence almost didn’t come out directly from Yuzryha. Did you say that? Give your wife to someone else, and then ask yourself how you feel the next day with a look of impatience.
"Don’t be kidding, Sussex’s adult. Do you think I can be charming enough to capture Gureifia’s sister at night? Last night, Sister Guleifia left the room with me. After all, I was still angry with you. "
"I’ve already called Sister Guleifia so close, but no matter what, it’s a good start. Come on, Ye Yu."
Although it is poking fun at, I can hear that there is not a trace of dissatisfaction in Sussex’s words, as if I were really blessing Gu Leifei and Ye Yu.
"In fact, you can’t talk about love for Gureifia’s sister Sussex, can you?"
Ye Yu sighed slightly, so Sasek nodded his head gently.
"You’re absolutely right. If I really love Gurefia as much as I did at the beginning, it’s absolutely impossible to endure such a thing. No man will be willing to give away the woman he loves deeply."
"Whether it’s me or Guleifia who no longer love each other, it turns out that our love will be firm enough and unshakable for hundreds of years, but we are all wrong. When strangers get along with each other for hundreds of years, our feelings gradually wear out, and all that remains is responsibility?"
Sazex said this at a loss. Even he doesn’t know what kind of feelings he has for Gurefia now. Perhaps it is said that not only his body but also his feelings have changed after this powerful force in the body has mutated.
"Anyway, Gu Leifei will please you, Ye Yu."
"I know"
Ye Yubi solemnly replied that Guleifia came up with breakfast, and the conversation between the two people was also here.
It seems that Guleifia was really possessed by too much mood swings last night, and Yuzryha Royal was able to take advantage of the breakfast period and then Ye Royal couldn’t even find a chance to look at each other once.
After that, Gu Leifei did not give Ye Yu a chance to find a reason to return to the underworld.
Sussex, on the other hand, said that she wanted to visit the city, but she couldn’t find anyone to lead her, so Lilias generously lent him Yuuto Kiba and played for days on end.
According to Yuuto Kiba dialect, it turns out that Lord Lucifer is also very approachable, such as playing against him in the game center (as if he wanted to open a game center in the underworld), making a set meal in a hamburger shop (as if he wanted to open a chain store in the underworld …), and going to a shrine (hey! You don’t want to open a shrine in the underworld! )