For a long time, she has always been protected by Ye Feng, and there are few opportunities for real masters to directly and positively shake her. Such an emergency as today is even more unique because of her inexperience and sudden slow response. The result is reasonable and tragic.
The thief stunned DOG with a sharp and vicious chisel. The natural method kept DOG from a semi-steep fall and beautiful as a wounded swan.
Landing was shocked, and the dizzy state was automatically relieved. However, at the moment when the dizziness was relieved, a mass of ice spread rapidly from the ground, making DOG ice solid.
Until now, the quality and excellent cooperation of these cargo experts have finally been fully reflected. In a short second, the player took his pet to control and output more than a dozen fires and exploded at DOG at the same time.
DOG’s life in Jiuyou Array is also barren, and the poor life bar immediately becomes crimson when it is attacked by this fierce fire.
Make up two more knives after the residual blood, and definitely lie flat.
Ye Feng Nai’s masters have already planned his rescue for everyone to keep, and they will save their preparations for the last time or save their lives or defeat the enemy.
The ghosting time and overlapping war circles were suddenly split by the roaring shock wave magic. Anyway, no one can lock Ye Feng. Everyone simply zooms in on the attack core or Ye Feng regardless of the target division of labor.
Ye Feng’s life is half left. This level of attack originally meant that he wouldn’t put his eyes on the abnormal defense and rush to the front. But this is a nine-deep array, and this attack array, which is interwoven with powerful skills, can’t make injuries, dodge and rush, which is even more unrealistic, deathless and disabled.
Ye Feng’s mind turned decisively to give up the rescue of the evil dragon shield in DOG. The big summer dragon finch instantly pulled the giant quiver, and the two shield sword walls soared in the wind like two cliffs around him.
Cover the sky wall!
Also fuck two ways to cover the sky wall?
The sword shield is terrible enough, which is far beyond their understanding of covering the sky wall, but this guy not only swords the shield, but also pulls out two sky walls at the same time with the left and right bows.
What is this concept? Don’t talk about it. I haven’t even heard of it.
Even the look in Indra’s eyes became more and more dim.
Shock to shock plan or to carry out the peripheral two masters in the ice into a big ice DOG body to fill the two knives.
"I’m sorry, less." DOG said in his mind that life was exhausted and white light flew out of the large array
The experts here look quite imposing. With one exception, they are blocked by the sky wall. Ye Feng is unscathed. His eyes are cold. The dragon sparrow blade shakes his body like a split … Everyone can’t tell the difference between how many steps he has taken and how many times his position has changed.
They know the mage in the team; Hunters, players with fragile skin and thin blood, covered their necks with blood and shot them soft.
All the suspense to kill DOG has exhausted the courage and talent of the experts. They can’t capture the figure of Ye Feng, and they can’t predict that Ye Feng will attack the damn array and seal all the wounds. The big move can lead the neck to be slaughtered like a lamb to be slaughtered
Then, the sword of the blood shadow tyrant is even more powerful, and these heavy armor have also rushed to the street.
Everyone’s souls are flying, and the bodies are still lying prostrate, which shows that the battle is bloody.
The bonfire is the last one to die, but it’s a little comforting to hang up at that moment. At a casual glance, he saw that Ye Feng’s body was shaking uncontrollably, and even the drop of blood was shaking slightly.
He knew that Ye Feng’s energy was almost exhausted, and it was a bit exaggerated to say that the oil was exhausted and the lamp was withered, but it was absolutely on the verge of collapse. If he stayed up for a few minutes, he would not need "B God" Indra Day to start work, and he would be forced by the Great God.
The bonfire was linked to the city, and it was malicious to ponder that everyone was not in the battlefield. When a large array was resurrected, it immediately reported this great news to the Lord, and by the way, it spit out Indra’s stupid behavior.
Chapter DiYiWuSi Peak (4)
Villa Ye Feng bedroom took a rain sleep, carrying a small hand and sweating all over, wearing a pair of boxer shorts. Ye Feng turned two laps and wowed, "Don’t say that you have a good eye and a dead mop. This figure is quite good."
Sitting on the edge of the bed, Luo Yunmeng said nothing. I didn’t expect this tough girl to take a private jet to directly kill the Beijing base area after she died heroically. This travel-stained person just took the door and immediately watched Ye Shaoshao finish commenting. She was in a good mood.
But at this time, it’s too inappropriate to behave like this. Anyway, the gods are dead without leaves, and they have been fighting without sleep for several days and nights, and seven towels are soaked. This spirit is worth encouraging and learning.
Just because you walk in the door doesn’t mean you’re just bent on it. It’s heartless to peep at people’s bodies with high spirits and interest.
"Oh, I’m so sweaty." Lan Yumian glanced at the pile of towels and exclaimed, "Lolo, how long do you think this product will last?"
"Half an hour at most," Luo Yunmeng asked. "Xiaoxi and Aji didn’t come back with you?"
"I was not confined by my grandfather. The master told me that Aji and Xiaoxi had wisdom roots, so they were taken to the Buddhist temple to eat fast and recite Buddha with the master every day."
Huigen, this thing is too mysterious. Goddess Luo doesn’t understand and just wants to change the subject. As soon as the bedroom door was hit with a thud, I saw a girl from DOG breaking in with two panda eyes and a worried face. When she saw Lan Yumin, she first said hello "Amien came back" and then noted that Ye Feng was disappointed and sad. She said to Luo Yunmeng, "I was trapped by the Indra Array Law, and I accidentally hung up, and then I was alone."
Say it, tell it, tell it again, and finally come to the conclusion that this is a tragedy.
Luo Yunmeng gave a cool way, "It’s okay. Vivian and the instructor are holding on. It’s no big deal to fight this defeat. It’s boring to start all over again and save the myth from falling down without a serious opponent."
"If you let the patter wind hear the old guy quite sad" LanYuMian hee hee laughed.
Summer rain foam four looked at it and suddenly found that his sister was not there, so he asked, "Where are Xiaoxi and Aji? Didn’t come back together "
Then Amian explained it again, and then the topic deviated. Three beautiful girls talked about whether life was happy recently from the rain sleep. The topic of Chanel’s latest handbag was jumping away from the eye, and the war was getting farther and farther away. A living person as big as Ye Feng was finished.
In fact, everyone knows very well how horrible Ye Feng’s physical quality is. It’s a fart to stay up for a few days and go back to sleep one day. If you are alive and kicking with the second Qin Mansion, you will be heartbroken. But it’s too melodramatic to cry even if you can’t get a rest after fighting for several days.
Ye Feng didn’t know that his three sisters had run into his bedroom and wiped his sweat for many times. He knew that this time he was really on the verge of collapse. The edge detection system had already turned on the yellow light. If he still insisted on not going online for half an hour, the second yellow light turned on, two yellow lights turned into one red card field, and he could not go online again for six hours if he was full of energy.
There’s nothing to regret about winning or losing, because he knows that the winner may not be the king and the loser may not be the coach!
He is convinced that if he wants to make a comeback and climb high, he will surely follow the cloud. Now the gods can afford to lose, even a fiasco can not completely destroy them.
Fuck the god of war! For the gods!
Ye Feng’s heart was half rampant and half gratified and scolded 1. He looked up and looked at Indra not far away with contempt and disdain.
It must be admitted that I had a little admiration for Indra’s superior demeanor. In the past national wars, regardless of personal grievances, Jingwumen made concerted efforts to resist foreign aggression. This position was simply to identify with Indra’s style of doing things.
It’s a pity that this guy is still a bitch in the end! What’s fair? I’m so tired of World War I, and you’re still cheating on my dad. Is that fair? What the hell!
This is also Ye Feng’s only regret. He is eager for a fair battle of Indra. If there is no restriction from Jiuyou Array, he may still have a 50% chance to kill Indra, but now his body is shaky and his head is dizzy from time to time. The most painful thing is that a lot of skills are sealed. It is almost impossible to win Indra.
Indra didn’t move. At this time, she was suffering from the monstrous anger of Big Uncle Qin Shiyue.
"Indra day, do you fucking know that you are making fun of Qin family’s basic industry with millions of people? Immediately, you took your ridiculous pride and killed Tuoba evil … immediately …"
Ear growling didn’t affect Indra’s mood at all. Indra looked as usual. You’re welcome. I raised my head and approached Ye Feng step by step.
What is the Qin family? What is Qin Shiyue? I never care about doing these things, Qin Yan
He said to himself in his mind
Although these things are not as ethereal as clouds to him, they are not as important as most people think. People say that he is a phoenix man who climbed the super plane tree of Qin family. In fact, he never valued the wealth of Qin family, but he valued Qin Yan, a little woman.
As long as the money is enough, he believes that even if there is no eternity, he can use his virtual world to make his women live a luxurious life with his ability. What’s the point of spending more than a dozen generations like the Qin family in life? People in this generation should not keep drawing numbers games after real numbers.
The pursuit of life by the Emperor God lies in the spiritual level. Ye Feng is a layman. It is said that Ye Shaoshao is not as free and easy as Indra. He can’t pursue personal spiritual sublimation like Indra and ignore millions of brothers of the gods.
To put it simply, if you put yourself in the other’s shoes, if Indra had been in the formation of the Nine Deep Array, he would have rushed to encircle it with a group of younger brothers, which doesn’t matter what manners he has.
This is a war. War does not allow personal pride!
Of course, Ye Feng won’t brag about fair World War I. Fair bullshit war isn’t a river’s lake vendetta.
Every forty yards Indra suddenly stopped. He looked at Ye Feng and Ye Feng, holding a sword in his right hand.
In the summer, the dragon finch’s blade hangs obliquely to the ground, and its edge is exhausted!
"I admit that you do have arrogant qualifications, and I also admit that it is ridiculous to talk about fairness in the first world war …" Indra Tian paused and smiled. "But it is ultimately necessary to find out that the second championship of kings is about to be played. Leave fairness in the ring."
"Don’t talk nonsense, hurry up and get some sleep after work. By the way, there’s something I’ve always wanted to say to you."
"You say!"
"I’m glad that you’re not as jerk as I thought, but Vivian’s blindness was acceptable to me."
"Ha ha Vivian! Blind should be me, she did so much and no matter how hard she tried, she still … "
Indra sighed lightly and pointed the golden epee at Ye Feng. "I don’t like memories very much. Come on, choose a middle way. I don’t have the skills to be worthy of myself, the myth and Yan Er!"
Ye Feng is very nai. He wants to say that in fact, everyone is sorry for what you did. My heart sighs and pretends to force this skill to be practiced, and it really becomes a demeanor.