Tan Gong Avenue "Joe Wang thinks twice before doing anything, but don’t act rashly. If Hu Han is provoked to fight for the heroes of the Central Plains, everyone is your enemy." Qiansun Zhao is his rival in love, but he exports help at this moment.
Crazy tut-tut "I didn’t expect this Tan Gong to be a’ feud’ master! Alas! What’s that letter about? "
Tang Tiandao: "How can I know that I am not a clairvoyant?"
Crazy disdain way "depend! Don’t you know everything? How can you forget such an important thing? "
Tang Tiandao: "I am not a fate system. Can I remember such details clearly?"
Crazy seriously asked, "Really don’t remember?"
Tang Tiandao "true ~ ~ ~ Let me think! It seems that I am really impressed! "
Come on, don’t hope, go crazy, look at the monster and look at him. Who the hell is this? He knows all the letters more than ten years ago! Crazy! What a world! I came to be angry. He didn’t expect this to be remembered!
Where did he know that Xiao Haotian’s information to Tang Tian was a direct way to directly enter the sea of his consciousness? Just like an engraving, Tang Tian closed his eyes and recalled that it was not surprising that he found it!
Tang Tian opened his eyes and saw the crazy eyes and smiled. "That letter may be like this. I told you the original! Sword beard My brother talked about my brother’s position for a long time, but he didn’t change his mind in the end. I thought about it for more than a few days. I still can’t think about it. Qiao Jun’s talent is outstanding, and he has made great contributions. Not only are the clumsy people in your gang seeing their peers in China’s Wulin, but few of them can inherit my brother’s position. One day, the beggar gang will become more and more arrogant.
However, the bloody battle outside the Wild Goose Gate was thrilling for the rest of the day. It was not my race. His father and mother died at my hands. If we don’t know their origins tomorrow, not only the Beggars’ Sect will be destroyed in its hands, but also the original Wulin will suffer a great disaster. This person is really rare, and it is beyond the reach of outsiders to help you. My friendship is unusual. This matter has been implicated again. Think twice. That’s it. You also saw that the letter was torn up by the old monk! "
When Tang Tian finished talking about madness, he didn’t believe in it, but he was magical to Tang Tian for a long time. He breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Wood, I have an inference to give you information. That person may be Tong!"
Tang Tian rolled his eyes. "Can Tong still be hunted down?" Crazy! That’s what he can’t figure out! What a headache! Tang days see crazy a depressed appearance said "hi! Why do you think so much? I’ve been through all these years. Don’t worry! Cross the bridge when you come to it! If you don’t want to be white, let go! " Gave him a crazy look and nai nodded! Look at Qiao Feng.
When Elder Xu saw that Qiao Feng stood still after reading this letter, he handed over a piece of stationery and said, "This is Wang Gang’s handwriting."
Crazy said, "You won’t tell me this! I guess I can guess. Isn’t it just an imperial edict? If Brother Joe does anything wrong, please come out and overwhelm him! This means is too common! " Tang Tian nodded by default.
Only to see Qiao Fengnuo’s big man shed tears! He knows these lines clearly in this letter. It is indeed the handwriting of Wang Jiantong, the teacher. So there is no doubt about his own life. However, I think that my teacher has always treated himself like a loving father, and I have to be strict and love myself. I know that I secretly wrote this legacy on the day when I took over the Beggars’ Sect, which made his heart ache and tears welled up in his eyes. Little by little, the tears were in Wang’s edict.
There is no doubt that the ewe licks the calf and the crow feeds back Qiao Feng, who is an affectionate person! Tang heavenly heart sighs but suffers from being an outsider to help! Although madness has temporarily raised the banner of tiger skin, it is not suitable to talk and sit tight!
But listen to the elder Xu said slowly, "Don’t blame us, Joe. Wang, this circular to Wang, the former deputy Wang Ma, knows that he has kept it strictly. He has never told anyone about the fact that Wang acted aboveboard over the past few years, and he never made up his mind until Wang, the deputy Wang, was suddenly killed by a groom. Everyone suspected that Ma, the former deputy Wang, was harmed by Gusu Mu Gong. If Wang Yuan, a brother, reported the origin of Wang’s life, the original revelation was revealed.
Here, he looked at Lady Ma and said, "First, Lady Ma can’t let Da Yuan’s brothers grieve and die unsatisfied. Second, Wang Joe defended what the conference semifinals had really helped …"
Qiao Feng said, "I’m defending the conference semifinals. What about this?"
Elder Xu said, "The word’ mu’ means that the Hu surname Mu is a descendant of Xianbei, and Qidan is generally the same as Hu Lu Yi Di." Qiao Feng said, "Well, I didn’t know that."
Elder Xu said, "The three Wang’s are the Khitans. Those who know the truth in one section of the gang have gone through a lot of trouble, and they have been born to hide and benefit themselves."
Qiao Feng looked up at the sky and hissed for a long time. At this time, he revealed to Guan Qing, "Guan Qing, do you know that I am a descendant of Qidan?" Guan Qingdao was "good" and Qiao Feng asked, "Is this why the four elders of Song Xi, Chen Wu listened to your words and wanted to kill me?" Guan Qing said, "It’s true that they are hesitant and timid at the last moment." Qiao Feng said, "Where did you learn about my life?" Guan Qingdao: "It’s hard to tell others about this matter. You can’t wrap it in paper. If you keep it secret, you will know it in the end, and the law enforcement elders will already know it."
The crazy fellow secretly asked Tang Tian in doubt, "You must know this little white face of Wood if you know such a secret!" Tang Tian glanced at him and said, "Crazy! I remember that you always stayed in your base together for several months and never liked to listen to these chores! How did it become so embarrassing! "
Crazy looked up and said in a tone of teaching, "Don’t you know that hexagrams are every otaku? Don’t be an otaku! "
Tang Tian’s eyes are looking at the sky!
Crazy pull pull him "say it!"
Tang Tianba pointed to Mrs. Ma and counted some crazy eyes at Elder Xu’s crown. After a while, she couldn’t help but shout, "Damn it! No wonder it turned out to be a threesome! "
Tang Tian fainted to the ground! But fortunately, people in the Song Dynasty didn’t know what a threesome was. They looked at this side and ignored it!
At this time, Qiao Feng’s mind was flooded with thoughts and thought, "It is these people who are jealous and fabricated all kinds of lies and framed me. Even if Qiao Feng is alone, he can’t fight in the end."
But then I thought, "Teacher Shouyu is absolutely true. Master Zhiguang is highly respected for my grievances and will set this up again." Elder Xu is my senior minister. How can you help me? Tough judges Shan Zheng, Tan Gong, Tan Po, etc. are all famous predecessors in Wulin. Although Qiansun Zhao is crazy, he is not an ordinary person. They all say so. Is there any fake? "
Chapter 20 Elder Xu’s mind
Chapter 20
Tang Tian saw Qiao Feng’s face was livid and didn’t say a word. He knew that he was still sighing in his heart and ignored it. "I sigh more today than in a month!" I glanced at the beggars and saw that they were also in various poses, with a fierce look, a tongue-tied look, a dismissive look and a sigh. Everyone had heard the words of Zhiguang and Elder Xu. Qiao Feng was a Khitan, and even Qiao Feng himself seemed to have believed it.
Qiao Feng has always belonged to the martial arts with great kindness and virtue. Everyone admires him. It was expected that he turned out to be the brother of the Beggars’ Sect who was deeply enmeshed in the Liao Dynasty and the Song Dynasty. Over the years, countless Khitans have been the leader of the Beggars’ Sect. However, no one can say that he will be expelled from the Beggars’ Sect. At that time, there was silence in the Xinglin and everyone was breathing heavily.
Suddenly, a clear female voice rang up. "It’s hard to assert that my uncles and uncles died unfortunately, but it’s hard to assert that my husband was really bad at words in his life. I really can’t think of anyone who wanted to take his life. However, as the saying goes, is it because my husband has something important in his hand that others want to be willing? Are others afraid that he will leak secrets and ruin the event, so they will kill him? " It is Ma Dayuan’s widow, Madam Ma, who said this. These words are no longer white, but point directly to the fact that Ma Dayuan’s murderer is Qiao Feng, and his main purpose is to cover up the evidence that he is a Khitan.
Crazy at this time also recognized the whole conspiracy at the end. He listened to Tang Tian and told the whole thing roughly, but he didn’t think that this woman was so vicious. When she couldn’t help it, she said, "Mrs. Ma, what a truth you said! My eldest brother Joe is a Khitan, and he just learned something more today ~ ~ ~ "
Qiao Feng stretched out his hand and interrupted the madness. He slowly turned to look at this delicate, timid, pretty and exquisite woman and said, "Do you suspect that I killed Mr. Ma?"
Mrs. Ma has been turning her back and her eyes turned to the ground. At this moment, she suddenly looked up and looked at Qiao Feng. But when she saw her eyes shining like jewels in the night, Qiao Feng listened to her and said, "My body is a knowledgeable woman. It is already wrong to dare to blame others." Is my husband died wronged and sorrowful. Many uncles and uncles read the old story, find out the truth and avenge my husband. "Yingying threw herself at Qiao Feng and started.
She didn’t say a word that Qiao Feng was the murderer, but every word pointed to his head. Qiao Feng saw her bow down to herself, angry but inconvenient to kneel down and reciprocate, saying, "Sister-in-law, please get up."
Crazy said, "Mrs. Ma, I have a puzzle in my heart. Can I ask you a word?"
Mrs. Ma asked, "What do you want to ask me?"
Crazy way: "I dare not listen to my wife’s statement that this legacy of Elder Ma was sealed with wax, but the seal was still intact when Elder Xu opened it. So who didn’t read the Chinese letter before Elder Xu opened it?"
Groom humanity is "good"
Crazy way: "Ha ha, that’s good. Since no one knows what’s in his heart, the leader Xia Xin and Wang Wang ordered that no one except Mr. Ma knew what to do, so he saidno."
Everyone felt that this statement was very reasonable.
Who is the groom’s humanitarian? But come to interfere with my help? "
Crazy way "ha ha! Who am I? You’re not the only woman who can ask! I am enough to intervene in this matter! " Mrs. Ma looked at him doubtfully and looked at Elder Xu, who nodded awkwardly.
At this moment, Qiao Feng said, "Don’t step in to help you with this little crazy thing. It’s always been a rule. Although you have a high status, you ask about the daily affairs of the Beggars’ Sect. If I make an exception and go back, your teachers will punish you! Stay out of all this! Am I afraid of people playing tricks when I am sitting upright? "
Mrs. Ma turned to the law enforcement elder and said, "Elder Bai has helped me with the rules like a mountain. What if the elder broke the rules?" Bai Shijing, a law enforcement elder, moved his muscles slightly, and said, "Knowing the law and breaking the law is one grade higher." The groom said, "What if he is superior to you?" Knowing what she meant, Bai Shijing couldn’t help but look at Qiao Feng and said, "Helping the rules is determined by our ancestors, regardless of seniority, and we must be an integral whole."
The groom said, "The man was very suspicious. I was just thinking at first, but the night before I received the bad news of my late husband, someone suddenly touched my house and stole it."
They were all surprised. Someone asked, "Stealing? Stole what? Did you hurt anyone? "
Groom humanitarian "didn’t hurt the thief. Three times of excessive incense poured my two maids and servants down. ransack boxes and chests searched for a round and stole a dozen pieces of silver. The next day, I received the bad news of my late husband’s misfortune. Where is the mind to pay attention to the thief stealing silver? Fortunately, the first person hid this letter in a very secret place before the thief searched it for destruction. "
These words are no longer white, but it is obvious that they are testifying against Qiao Feng himself or sending someone to Ma Dayuan’s house to steal him. It is no wonder that the section of killing people in the early knowledge legacy can be said to be obvious that he will know the legacy, but it may be leaked in the idea of the leading warrior, Wang Wang and Ma Fu Gang.
"Ha ha ha ha!" Crazy laugh "Mrs Ma, this joke is boring! Far-fetched attachment is not the way to do it! It’s unusual for a thief to steal a dozen taels of silver, but it’s just a coincidence. "
The groom said, "I thought so at first, but then I found something at the foot of the window where the little thief entered and left the house. It turned out that the little thief hurried to and from the place. When I saw it, I was dismayed and realized that it was serious."
Elder Song said, "What is that? What is serious? " Mrs. Ma slowly took out a nine-inch-long object from the baggage behind her and handed it to Elder Xu, saying, "Please, uncles and uncles." When Elder Xu took over the object, she threw herself on the ground and showed great sorrow.
Crazy frown, secret bah! Spit at the mouth and muttered, "Mom, just pretend!"