Yunfei and I slapped each other and smiled and said to me, "Of course, I can change my job now, so don’t dig a moat! Haha! "
"Come on, let! Yunfei, I’ll introduce you to this guy in the’ 30s. His name is Sirius. You can directly call him a pervert. His occupation is a priest. The girl behind me is Bao Er, a mage like me. She is my confidante. "I introduced Yunfei to the pervert and Bao Er.
Yunfei also smiled and introduced himself to Bao Er and the pervert, and quickly became friends with them. They chatted happily and forgot about me as an introducer. Now Yunfei has not changed. He is still that person with a long personality and a simple mind. He will not take more precautions against new friends. Just look pleasing to the eye. Bao Er and the pervert are not dressed like gentlemen and ladies, and they soon won his approval. Anyone who sees this Yunfei today will find it difficult to connect him with the cold-blooded and suspicious assassin Wang.
Smiling at these three good friends in front of me who have just met each other for a long time, I feel very happy to have friends. It’s good to see my friends so harmonious.
One thing I don’t know is that these three people are the most important people in the mainland in the future. They belong to the kind of people who love and hate each other. Yunfei became the most mysterious assassin. Wang is famous for his cold blood. The pervert became the leading summoner in the mainland in Bao Er … (Let’s not talk about Bao Er for the time being. Take your time.)
While everyone is happy, I sent a message to Xiao Pang and Dun, calling them all to my room to get together and get ready to have a big meal later. If Yunfei comes, it will prove that there is some money for dinner, so his card will not be banned, right?
As soon as Xiao Pang and the thin thief arrived at my room, they shouted that I left them alone to enjoy themselves and secretly met so many friends, but they still didn’t say a word. His eyes showed his friendship to me.
New friends soon get acquainted and fight like friends for many years, which may also have something to do with their personality. Yunfei is very simple, and friends from poor families like Xiao Pang have a natural affection for them. Bao Er and color are also very easy to get along with, and their personality is kind. It’s actually quite simple to make friends in groups. Since we are in this room, there is no sense of strangeness and disgust, so there is no status. Both high and low are a group of poor people without those status grades. Plus, we are all young people and become good friends. It’s not a complicated thing. Even Dun was attracted by this harmonious atmosphere. For the first time, I told you a few jokes that weren’t funny. Those jokes that weren’t very funny turned into a taste when they came out of Dun’s honest mouth, which provoked everyone to laugh. This was not a mockery of Dun, but another meaning.
I have a sudden idea to say to you, "since everyone is so congenial, how about we formally become good friends?" Everyone can have a care at school and then go out for trial practice and development opportunities are also much greater. "
Bao Er nodded and agreed with my idea. "I think Xiaohua’s idea is very good. The school encourages students to combine with each other to cope with the future team entrance examination. I have come up with a good name, which just fits our combination and is called" Seven Stars of Fire ".What do you say?" Every once in a while, the school will give students a team battle exam to cultivate students’ team cooperation ability. Students can freely combine. The school will not interfere with the school. Every test will record the usual results, and there will be a general test every six months, but they will all be re-read.
This name has always been approved by everyone. It is said that the name of this combination is very good. Yanhuo stands for Yanhuo College and Seven Stars stands for China’s most famous Big Dipper. Together, it means "The Big Dipper in Yanhuo College". It sounds a bit arrogant, but all seven of us are not those who like to haggle over every ounce, because we believe that we will not weaken the name of Seven Stars.
No swearing, no burning incense, no drinking blood wine, each reporting his age and occupation, holding hands together and shouting "seven stars are sworn to create the future"
This is different from being sworn as a combination. Anyone who is dissatisfied with this combination can blame you at any time. The only thing that must be observed is that you must never do anything harmful to the combination during the combination period, otherwise you will be kicked out of the combination by other members. Don’t underestimate this kicking out of the combination college, but the management of this kind of thing is very strict. Betraying the combination will be recorded, and the lucky value will be reduced to the lowest level. The player’s ability will always remain at the current level. These punishments will always be accompanied by the player even if you delete the number and practice again.
In fact, just hanging the word "traitor" on the top of your head is enough to ruin the player’s game career. No combination or territory will take the player, which will seriously affect the reputation of this combination territory. Besides, no one will take such a big risk to take him in.
"In order to celebrate the birth of our group, I invite you to drink. Brothers, don’t get drunk tonight. Let’s drink! Go! " After saying this, I was the first to sneak out of the room and limp outside.
The pervert found a small restaurant at the edge of the entertainment area, and seven people got into the box and continued to talk.
Xiao Pang suddenly said to me in a small talk, "Xiaohua heard that you are the first mage, God willing. Did you lose to your classmate frost wyrm four days ago?"
When I just hesitated to tell Xiao Pang about his true identity, Bao Er took Xiao Pang’s words and answered him for me with a smile. "Is it important who Xiaohua is? God’s will is, how can that high-ranking mage compare with a poor student? Hehe, yes and no, and everyone can do God’s will in the game. "
Bao Er said this very well, without directly referring to my God’s will or denying it. Besides, I don’t care about the title of the first master now. I just want to be able to be with my friends and try my best to play this game. There is no need to fight in vain.
I picked up my glass and stood up and said to everyone, "What is that pride from the will of the Great God? The first master is so high because of luck and the help of friends. I am Xiaohua, your friend Xiaohua. Just remember this. Let’s drink together first."
Six people also said to me with Xiao Pang, who was standing up, "I said, the first master God will not become a poor student and will still be with us. It is impossible that he can’t even afford to study with his status and identity. The rumor root is not believed by people, but he was scolded half to death. I also saw your curiosity and asked. Don’t take it amiss!" Xiao pang finished saying this and drank the wine in his hand.
Dun is the second speaker. "It doesn’t matter who is. I know who is good to Dun, so I will be friends with him. Anyone who looks down on Dun will look down on him."
It seems that on the contrary, it seems that Hanhou Dun realized my true identity, and he didn’t discover my true identity. Hanhou people generally ignore others’ kindness to him, and he will repay others ten times as much as he will treat him badly, and he will repay the bad guy who treats him badly in the same way.
Knowing my identity, they all smiled at me-they knew that the former one gradually became arrogant and liked to escape from the first master when things went wrong. Instead, it was a poor school Xiaohua who was able to withstand setbacks regardless of fame and fortune. Although I don’t know how difficult the future is, I can still return to the first master position, but everyone believes that I will not lose to others. This is the so-called trust to good friends.
Seven people stayed in that small hotel from five o’clock in the afternoon until twelve o’clock in the evening. Except Bao Er, who drank a little less and could walk, the rest of them were dizzy and unstable. The pervert was the worst or the shopkeeper in the restaurant was less. I didn’t know what the amount of alcohol in the game was and what I had. In reality, the amount of alcohol in the game was only three or two, but I could drink a whole bottle.
As a result, the drinking bill was Bao Er’s. She also spent money to help us buy a big room in the hotel next door and "throw" our six drunken men to bed one by one. After all this, Bao Er also got a room in that hotel and went in to rest alone.
Chapter one hundred and six Light recognition
I woke up early in the morning, but my chubby ass was stuck in my face, and my hands were all over my body, which made me breathless. I had a great effort to move all these guys, and then I got out of the room and gasped. In the game, I woke up drunk and didn’t have the headache and dry mouth reaction in reality. I wanted to sleep and wake up as before. I quite like this design, and I can drink as much as I want without the annoying sequelae.
Looking around at the strange environment, I feel very strange. It’s not that restaurant or our residence, but rather a hotel. I didn’t know that I and my friends were sent to the hotel until I saw the big words "Welcome to Yanhuo Hotel" written on the wall of the building.
At the front desk, I asked the boss to know that it was Bao Er who sent us here. After that, I scolded myself in my heart. I spent half a day eating and sleeping. All the money was paid by Bao Er. We six big men fell into a position of lying on the ground after drinking wine.
When I was ashamed, the boss told me that the girl had just gone out for a walk, so I quickly asked the boss for the direction of Bao Er’s going out, and I slowly shook out of the hotel to chat with Bao Er.
The direction pointed by the boss is the right side of the hotel, which is the edge of the entertainment area and dormitory area. It belongs to the scenic area with beautiful scenery and pleasant scenery. I slowly walk on the path and enjoy the game greedily. In reality, the root method enjoys the beautiful scenery. The sun is shining on the earth with the fragrance of the breeze and the earth, which is very intoxicating. I can’t help secretly feeling that if I can live in the game for a generation, there will be no industrial pollution, no real death and no aging. There are delicious food and beautiful scenery. Beautiful women can still ML. If the item of having children is added, it will be no different from the real society. I believe many people can’t tell which is the game and which is the reality just like me. If it weren’t for the need for diet in reality, I don’t think anyone would want to leave the game
I haven’t seen Bao Er after walking for a long time, so I gave up looking for Bao Er and found a dry grass to lie down and enjoy the rising sun and fresh air with my eyes closed, and feel everything that virtual nature has brought to my senses.
As my body and mind relax, I feel that I am back in the state of black and white, and I can "see" things around me. The sun, trees, flowing water and mountains are presented to my eyes one by one, but these scenery are very vague, and I can "see" a general picture. The only thing that is clear is that there is a door in the sun, which is half white and half black, which is quite like the Taiji diagram in the hexagrams.
Gazing at the door, I felt that something in the door was attracting me strongly. The feeling was very kind and warm, which made my body involuntarily approach the black-and-white door. As soon as I approached the door, the scenery in front of me suddenly changed. I was at the top of a mountain and the surrounding area became black and white. The white sun, black land and peaks were a bit like black and white.
An old male voice is ringing "Welcome to the game. I’m Kane, the director of the game. Please choose whether you want to change your job in the future."
I suppressed my ecstasy and answered Kane’s "I choose the light mage" without hesitation.
"Well, then answer me a question first. Why choose the light mage?" Kane asked me a question.
I thought for a while and slowly said to the sky, "I advocate light, and light magic is generally beautiful. Dark magic seems ugly."
"oh? That’s your reason? Hehe, then I’ll show you the real dark magic. As soon as Kane’s voice fell, the scenery in front of me changed back to that colorful game world, which was no longer monotonous black and white, and an old man dressed in black and white appeared beside me, smiling at me. He should be the man who claimed to be Kane.
Kane took out his staff and smiled and said to me, "I’ll take you back to the real world in the game. Only here can I see the magic effect. I’ll cast a beautiful and real spell in dark magic first, and then you can decide whether to choose light or dark."
Seeing Kane pointing his staff at the sky and inputting magic into it at one stroke, there are many monsters not far from where I stand. I have never seen monsters with sharp teeth and horrible mouths. There is also a huge monster with a hook and sickle gun in his hand. All the monsters are moving towards Kane and me quickly, waving their weapons and screaming.
With the dark light shining inside the staff, Kane and I appeared two huge phoenixes, one was white and gave off an oppressive chill, the other was red and hot, and the body seemed to burn everything. The two phoenixes were constantly waving their wings, and the strong cold and heat made me very uncomfortable.