It’s a pity that windson didn’t see anything from his parents’ and Yu Sun’s expressions in the end. He felt that when three people got together, their mood was very complicated.
The sun sets in the west, except for some things that can’t really go. Most of Sun Chen’s two offices have arrived at the Chen family compound to celebrate the smooth return of Lin Feng’s family. The crowded luxury compound is more lively than the Chinese New Year.
At the mother’s request, Lin Feng had to invite everyone in the "Crystal House" to give a brief introduction to everyone.
Fortunately, most of Sun Chen’s two offices present felt the disharmony between Lin Feng and that small place, so when Chen Ling introduced Lin Nianfeng, everyone was very polite and grateful to the little biological mother for taking care of Lin You and his wife, which made the little one feel like a spring breeze and integrated into the adoptive parents’ family in the earth.
Windson aside secretly sneer at his heart can be white, the Lins’ relatives and friends are present. Do you need to be polite? When you talk politely to that little boy, you don’t think of him as a family. It’s ridiculous. That little boy is still complacent.
"Xiao Feng, I think there is something wrong with you and that little one." Sun Yaoyang drew a glass of red wine and came to windson’s side, and she didn’t taboo the daughters around windson and said directly.
"Brother Yaoyang, I see that you have been living very well recently. When do you owe me that bottle of red wine?" Lin Fenggen didn’t think that the small direct bifurcation topic.
"Hey hey ….." Sun Yaoyang touched his head to be stupid. "What red wine? When do I owe you? "
Lin Feng carefully looked at Sun Yaoyang’s penetrating eyes and saw this fellow covered in hair. He couldn’t stand it. Nai said, "It’s been several years, and you have long forgotten me."
"I don’t think anyone owes me anything. I remember it best!"
"I can’t help it. There are often fewer things in my uncle’s house. When I go there, I’ll be guarded by him as a thief." Sun Yaoyang wry smile way.
"Haha, you deserve what you have today!" See brother beaten Sun Yaoyue immediately brazenly laughed at it.
"Smelly girl forgot my brother when she had Xiaofeng?" Sun Yaoyang’s counterattack made Sun Yaoyue blush and severely stepped on her brother’s foot.
Sun Yaoyang’s embrace of foot pain made Lin Feng’s bosom little dragon shine "giggle" and looked at Lin Feng gently, thinking that after she woke up, she would take her back to Kunlun Wonderland. Speaking of it, she is also an authentic fix true person, but she has never been exposed to the federal fix true world, which is really unreasonable.
"Xiao Feng, you are really marketer." Sun Yaoyang, who was playing with Blue Beibei, quietly hit a windson and whispered in his ear, "Even the top ten federal ace mecha manipulator Angel School has soaked up his brother, which is really admirable."
Windson shook his head with a wry smile and looked into the distance, surrounded by Sun Chen’s two younger generations, and there was an indescribable taste in Ann’s heart.
Looking for Lin Fengyi to go back to the meteorite desert in peace has won the favor of Sun Chen and her two families, which has legal benefits for her future. It may not be necessary for Lin Feng to say hello again, but she can also leave the Federal Central Military Academy and return to the battlefield that can best show her strength.
And windson now that you have found your parents.
There is no need to go back to the military school to continue studying, that is to say, from now on, it is possible to meet each other far apart.
Although the relationship with Ann has not been developed to the point of being inseparable from each other, it is undeniable that it is very easy to be with Ann, especially when fighting, which makes Lin Feng infatuated.
Seeing that Lin Feng is about to leave, he is still a little sad, but he also knows that an’s character can never be around him all the time like a little woman, and an’s dream is perhaps more important to her than her feelings.
"Forget it, don’t think about it." Windson threw away these puzzling ideas and turned to look at his mother. She saw that she was holding Qin Xinyu in one hand and pulling Chu Yu’s eyebrow eye smile in the other. I don’t know what to say. The blushing appearance of two stunning women attracted two young men from Sun Chen nearby to swallow their mouths.
"It must be your mother giving her kannika nimtragol lessons." Sun dazzling now windson eyes immediately made fun of it.
Windson will also smile without refuting that a woman’s mind is really interesting, and she is strict with her husband. She hopes that her husband’s eyes will always be on her, but the couple is wider than the more daughters-in-law she wants, the better.
The night is getting deeper and brighter, and the moonlight shines on Lin Feng through the window, casting a faint shadow behind him. The shadows in the distance are swaying, and a breeze blows through the "rustling", which makes the night more quiet.
Cheerfulness is more exciting than the family reunion finally coming to an end and returning to the earth.
Windson suddenly sigh a figure gently flash suddenly disappeared in the window.
Ann is still wearing a semi-transparent sexy nightgown, shining like a beautiful white marble statue in the moonlight. Lin Feng was not surprised at the sudden appearance behind her, but asked faintly, "Are you here?"
"Well …" Windson nodded his head to look over the tall, strong and handsome charming body in Ann and cast it out of the window.
"Come to say goodbye to me?" In peace suddenly turned his head and looked at windson handsome face complex.
"I …" Lin Fenggang wanted to talk, but Ann covered her mouth. "Kiss me!"
Cloves are secretly delivered with fragrant mouth …
Moonlight A pair of young men and women are madly kissing as if they want to rub each other into their bodies …
Inadvertently, the enchanter climbed Ann’s chest quietly, which was warm, smooth and tender, but full of elastic touch, so he couldn’t help but knead it vigorously. A pair of strong jade rabbits were constantly changing in various shapes in his hands …
"Well …" In peace, a groan like pain and joy came to the extreme, which immediately ignited the leaking point of Lin Fengti, and with the other hand, he did not hesitate to explore into a wet and greasy place along the flat abdomen in peace …
Ann with faded robe concave and convex charming body flush a large pink by windson wreaked havoc in her body …