Curious in my heart, I turned my head to see that they were absorbed. I didn’t adapt to such calm?
"Wow!" As soon as I was confused, I heard the excitement of sitting there for morning tea, and then I shook my arm and said, "Boss, will this dagger really be given to me?" So cool. "
The excitement of morning tea also aroused the interest of others.
The video was going on until the flame dagger changed to illuminate the whole cave, and the morning tea screamed when it saw such an unusual picture.
Because I said that the whole dagger will be given to her. Although she may have exceeded level 3 by the time I send it out, it is really hard to win a good weapon on this day. Even if she has exceeded a few levels, this flame can still meet her needs if she has not obtained a dagger.
And with the dark night, I want to upgrade to level 35 early to equip the first gold equipment in Breeze City.
Handsome! Pull the wind!
"Woo-hoo really tickles my heart." The sound of morning tea interrupted my thoughts.
This guy must have been watching me keep silent. I don’t agree to give her the dagger. When I recovered, I quickly explained to her, "The dagger will definitely send you away, but I still have to wait until I reach level 35." I added flatly, "Maybe you’ll have a dark dagger by then, and you won’t be able to see this flame."
Morning tea shook his head and said no, even if it is not equipped, it will definitely be collected.
"It’s just a level 3 silver weapon. There’s no need to collect it, right?" I asked a weak morning tea wittily and said, "Then leave it alone."
"That’s right. What do you care?" Xiaobai interrupted me and slapped him. "You have an egg."
Then there was a good tear, and finally I won.
At this time, the video progress brush is very fast. After all, all this way is in the cave. Seven Catharine encounters the same thing. Fast forward a little bit and soon see the hole in the road.
Yu Rang sound made several of them suddenly shudder. It’s a feeling of watching horror movies. Suddenly, a voice in the dark and humid cave called the protagonist to walk inside.
Then suddenly, a person pops out or a corpse flies out, which is beneficial to the scene and the sudden sound effect is frightening, but this is my formal roots, and there is no such bridge.
But when the picture jumped, everyone expressed great surprise except me.
"What is this?" Everyone doubts.
"It’s nothing, it’s just Yu Rang," I said calmly, and then told them the story of dog blood I heard in Yu Rang, including the fact that Yu Rang’s emotional twists and turns teacher made a seal
After listening to them, they all fell silent, but soon returned to normal. They expressed their shock a little and threw themselves into the video queue again.
And they all showed that they couldn’t bear to face their mentor later. After all, it was their own master who had to step on their bodies. After all, it was a bit awkward in the past
Of course, this is only when they face their mentor again, and they don’t forget to despise an assassin and satirize me by the way
"Did you see that the assassin’s tutor is actually in the lowest vice …" Xiao Bai and Xiao Li said.
I despise watching them, and I can’t wait to kick them aside, but because I’m not an opponent yet, I gave up the idea. I hate that my eyes are not sharp enough, or I definitely have to get some wounds on them.
However, what they saw lat changed their view.
Yes, it’s just a unified setting. At this time, the assistant boss is absolutely terrible for the players now, and at the same time, they are wondering how I came to life.
Yu Rang’s speed is also beyond their imagination. For me to evade the Yu Rang attack perfectly, it also makes them think that I must be a plug-in or a bug will be unified.
They dragged me and asked me to give a statement. I had to slobber and explain it again, but I got an unequal result. They all said "I don’t understand"
I have to say that this is just an ability to predict opponents’ moves, which belongs to a special perception that people suddenly shout "got it"
Really understand? I don’t know. Just think I understand.
At this time, the atmosphere has become a little tense. Seeing such a tight rhythm, everyone has lost. Just laughing and swearing, even breathing seems to have increased by one point.
Everyone clenched their fists and frowned when they saw Yu Rang’s skillful and rapid skills.
"ah! More than one point hurts the boss. You are so abnormal. "The fleeting picture still attracted the attention of Qingdeng. When the high number exceeding one jumped out, Qingdeng had screamed.
Pervert … This statement has also been unanimously recognized by others.
I don’t know whether I should take these two words as a compliment or a curse. I always have no choice but to be a pervert. It’s just a pervert in the game. It’s not a big deal.
However, my pervert angered Yu Rang, and he also succeeded in letting Chiba, Xiaobai, Xiao Li, Qingdeng and Zaocha see that he was a pervert.
Yeah, abnormal speed, abnormal attack, abnormal skills
After improving the hidden skills in Yu Rang, problems followed.
"Tianya … assassin hidden attack not in the sky? Is it changed after the update? " Small white looks like a black line, and at this time, it is also unbearable to ask 1.
"This is not an assassin’s hiding, and this foundation will not change," Chiba said with certainty.
Xiao Li attached and first agreed with Xiao Li’s words and expressed the same question, but when I heard Chiba’s statement, it was a face I had long known.
Blue lanterns and morning tea are relatively quiet, but when they look closely, they don’t care about this problem, staring at the screen with their mouths slightly open.
Looks like he was shocked and forgot to move.
However, after all, it doesn’t touch me. I feel much more nervous when I am there.
In the later video, Yu Rang also showed all his strengths.
The trigger of the snake trap caused two girls to scream and shuriken shot, which made several men exclaim. When I followed them to the tracking technique, they suddenly realized.
"Oh … turns out to be like this." The feelings revealed in the tone are definitely because I didn’t make it clear and then it was wonderful, but it didn’t surprise several people again.
It seems that they are quite used to it. Even when I got rid of Yu Rang, they didn’t show how magnificent it was. At most, it was just a ripple on the lake.