For a month, both of them kept creating miniature wormholes again and again, and occasionally stopped to rest when they were tired.
The efforts are naturally fruitful and the results are very remarkable.
The forest speed rose to ten minutes.
The speed of the dark king also rose to ten minutes.
Both of them know very well that the speed of progress is the fastest, and that is definitely not calculated by minutes, but by seconds. It is normal to say that a month can’t rise for a second.
Fortunately, both of them have data. In this virtual world, they don’t eat, drink, pull and worry.
A year later!
Lin speed rose to nine minutes.
The speed of the Dark King rose to 30 seconds, overtaking Lin by 30 seconds.
Chapter six hundred and thirty-three Game progress!
For a whole year, Lin and the Dark King were able to insist on such a boring thing and keep repeating it again and again … This kind of patience, perseverance and perseverance is absolutely rare in this whole human society.
But when translated into reality, it’s only less than ten hours … That’s why they insist on it, because it’s special training and it’s worthless here!
In this year, none of them went to np Lin to find np Guanyin through np Lin to get the memory of np Guanyin, because they all know that going to np Lin now is purely suicidal. Now the two of them have no way to fight with serious gods, no matter which god they are, they will not be rivals.
If you want to beat God, you must improve your strength … and in this virtual world, the most fundamental manifestation of strength is data creation, data and data response.
In terms of data response, both of them have self-knowledge of data response procedures, that is, data response skills, that is, mastery of technology … Now that God has mastered technology, they may not even imagine that they can do it now, that is, they are constantly increasing the speed of data creation.
They still have a huge rise. Unlike God, it is estimated that there are not many liters. Even if they can rise, I don’t know how many years it will take to rise a little. It is definitely not as fast as the two of them.
"Dark King, how long do you think that God will wait for np Dark King?" In the rest, Lin suddenly asked 1
"It’s great that God can stay for a year when he is idle," said the Dark King.
Lin and the Dark King still don’t know that there is more than one boss in this special training, and they don’t know whether it is the boss or the goddess Guanyin this time. For a goddess who is psychologically different from ordinary people, she can’t judge according to common sense.
A protolife planet in the universe!
Np Dark King is taking an expedition to explore this planet that has just been discovered and no human beings have set foot on life. It is found that np Dark King often does normal things once or twice in a hundred years.
Goddess Guanyin and Burger God are hiding in the dark and watching the np Dark King’s every move.
They didn’t interfere with the normal life of the np dark king, because they knew very well that once they interfered with the np dark king, what the np dark king did would break away from the normal history and take a new path. Once the np dark king broke away from the normal track of history, the dark king would find himself by relying on his own memory … of course, it is not impossible but difficult to find.
The burger god glanced at the np dark king and then turned to the goddess Guanyin and said, "So we’ve been following him?"
Goddess Guanyin quickly replied, "I stare at you and do whatever you want!" "
That’s the answer that Hamburg wants. Say, "Then contact me if you need anything!" "
Say that finish Hamburg god delimit a wormhole into the wormhole … This kind of opportunity, this kind of time comes to special training, how can you wait for it in vain? Do a few experiments to pay for the special training.
Lin and Guanyin, the goddess of the dark king, and the god of Hamburg lived a very boring life.
Compared with the two groups, they are still in the ghost king’s star face. Because of the forest, the goddess Guanyin and the burger god let go. Many players have had a wonderful life this year.
Today, there was an earth-shattering battle here, and there was a huge explosion there. The day after tomorrow, a city was razed … The ghost king star is not a special planet, but a planet belonging to the normal human society sequence.
There is no difference between a battle and a war. Superman appears one after another … which shocked the whole human society.
Goddess Guanyin and Burger God didn’t shoot at all the players, so the players solved it themselves.
If it was not forbidden to blow up the ghost king star in this special training, I am afraid that players who know computer programming would have made planet-class destructive weapons to destroy the real ghost king star.
But even so, the whole ghost king star is now in poverty, and there are wars everywhere, and it has been bombed to a thousand holes.
In order to prevent this from happening in human society, the government of other planets alliance blocked the whole ghost king star area.
Although there are players who know computer programming, it is not a short time for a few players to make a spaceship, or it should be said that they can do it, because those players who know computer programming have only mastered most of the computer technology, but they have not mastered other technologies, and the most wormhole technology of a spaceship is not mastered by these computer talents … Although they can learn temporarily, they still need a lot of time.
The current situation of Ghost King Star!
On the one hand, there are more than 1,000 troops of the Dark King’s Dark Legion. Because of the Dark King’s point, I learned about the infinite loop data early, and I should have made some preparations … So far, I have only lost dozens of troops.
The three powerful hands of the Dark King were killed by the goddess Guanyin, and the sinking demon was killed by the Hamburg God. There was still an evil Lord who commanded more than 1,000 troops of the Dark Legion in the evil Lord. That’s really God’s block to kill God and Buddha’s block to kill Buddha’s bullying in the face of the Ghost King … The key point is that their staffing is much more reasonable than other players because they know that the infinite loop data can be programmed to make realizable objects. Those members who have learned computer programming have learned the corresponding knowledge specially in special training.
The Dark Legion is a superman armed with high-tech weapons and energy armor … What is energy armor? The reason is very simple. It is impossible to build armor by relying on data. The required data is absolutely not much worse than that of making a planet. Even making a real general armor requires huge data, so you can choose to make energy armor and simulate the general armor to make more energy bars.
The dark legion is the strongest side, no doubt.
The second side is the ordinary player who has almost died. It is not clear that the ordinary player only heard Lin and the Dark King spread out the infinite loop thinking before the special training.
A large number of ordinary players have died, and a few are about to be eliminated.
The third party is the largest number of players, and other players’ alliance forces are very scattered. At the same time, their weapons and equipment are very poor, because they have not prepared in advance, and few players who know computer programming have entered the special training method, and other players have enough firepower support.
However, this side is a master, but it is still no problem to run.
Now the players’ alliance forces have been killed from more than 7 thousand people to more than 3 thousand people, and as time goes by, people are eliminated every day
Finally, the fourth party is not an ordinary player or a player league player, but a very powerful free player like Wang Dao, overbearing, and a mercenary expert who once learned his unforgettable memory from Lin He in the fourth special training, Bing Lian, and several others who once appeared but never fought Lin.
Ice Lotus is hiding in an extremely hidden cave with Wang Dao and bullying at this time.
Sitting cross-legged in the ground, the three of them were absorbed in watching their respective brains condense into a virtual screen. Bing Lian said, "Is bullying really going to learn this thing?"
Overbearing looked up at Binglian and then looked down at the screen in front of him. "Do you think it is more expensive to build a missile to attack yourself and the enemy or to directly fight the data?"
"…" Ice lotus didn’t answer because the answer was very clear.
Overbearing continued, "Nowadays, special training data means that life can only defeat the enemy if it saves more data, consumes the least data and consumes the most. After all, we players, whether you, me or the Dark King, should have similar data manufacturing speed … The main gap is data making! In addition to directly accumulating data in the body, the data method relies on computer programming to convert data into matter. Now, although learning computer knowledge is a bit of a last-minute cramming, even if it is not yet a special training, it will definitely be achieved. "
Ice lotus said with a wry smile, "I really can’t stand bullying … even if I can remember it after reading it, I won’t have it. It’s not something that can be remembered."
Bing Lian learned from Lin that she never forgets anything. Memory is not about learning any scientific knowledge, but learning martial arts …
Overbearing frowned and thought hard for a long time before looking up at Binglian and saying, "Then I’ll help you pick something you should be interested in studying!"
Bing Lian asked, "What is it?"
"Ice!" Overbearing said, "the limit is close to absolute ice!"
Chapter six hundred and thirty-four Genius girl!
Bing Lian’s eyes lit up and said, "Good!"
Overbearing continued, "I’ll sort out those materials later, so you can take a look at them first, but it may take a long time to turn those materials into programs. After all, I haven’t fully mastered the knowledge of turning materials and phenomena into programs yet."
Overbearing and Binglian have known each other for a long time. After all, they are all able to blend in with special training experts. They have met in several special trainings. They have all received special training awards and they can get along well because of Lin … Especially in recent special trainings, if they have not been together, they may not be able to participate in special trainings.
After a long time, you will know the nature of ice lotus and what ice lotus is interested in.
Wang Dao interrupted at this time and said, "Brother, what do you think I should learn?"
Overbearing took a look at Wang Dao and said, "It’s best to learn!"
"…" Wang Daonai said, "What do you think of my learning fire programming knowledge?"
"Whatever!" Bullying replied to his brother that he knew very well that his brother would learn everything in the end, but he was not proficient in anything.
Soon overbearing found the theoretical knowledge of absolute degree on the internet to forward to Binglian.