"Red blood magic sword? Your red blood sword was taken away by this man? " The old demon Qingyun didn’t immediately agree with Tongling’s request, but turned to Sophie Su with surprise in his eyes and seemed to be excited and greedy.
Su Yan also secretly looked at this handsome demon race and made insight into it.
Qingyun (demon race)
Unknown grade
Attack power unknown
Defense unknown
Life value unknown
Looking at that long list of unknown information, there is no doubt that Qingyun’s level and strength are all in Qing Mei.
"Qing Mei, what are you?" Seems to be to determine the Sophie Su strength is not strong that Qingyun old demon finally turned to the next green mei.
"Nothing is just that I just met him on the road, saying that I want to travel to Qingyun Mountain." Qing Mei looked at the surrounding situation and frowned slightly. What is a pair of Sophie Su?
"Hey, we signed a contract. I’m your master. Won’t you be affected if I die!" Sophie Su was immediately nasty. Once Qing Mei refused to help herself, it was impossible to escape in the encirclement of this group of players in the fog. Even if No.3 had been secretly protecting herself nearby, it was still difficult to resist the siege of so many people. Worse, the old demon Qingyun seemed to have some ideas about the red blood magic sword.
Green mei smell speech is a smile, "I really won’t be affected by what you can’t even tell the type of contract, little fool. I signed a contract with you, which is actually a special partner among the demon race. Although you can also summon me, I will be free if you die. I will advise you to let you surpass me and summon me again, otherwise … I will probably be tempted to kill you."
Sophie Su suddenly stayed there when Qing Mei took the initiative to sign the contract. He really didn’t know the contract, but he didn’t expect it to be such a cheating contract. No wonder Qing Mei has been reluctant to help.
"Of course, I won’t kill you when you call me to travel to the south, but I don’t want to get involved in your conflict." Qing Mei said and twisted her waist to get away from Qingyun together, but after two steps, she turned back and smiled at Sophie Su. "Money is a foreign object. If I were you, I wouldn’t offend everyone with a sword."
Sophie Su couldn’t help but slightly zheng. What is this fox demon showing himself in the dark? Look at the old demon Qingyun. It seems that he has some conation on the red blood magic sword. Maybe he can give this red blood magic sword to the old demon Qingyun to get away from the fog … But isn’t it too explicit to do so at present?
"I do have this red blood magic sword, but I keep it for generations. At present, the real owner of this sword is a noble demon family!" Sophie Su eyebrows a young took out the red blood magic sword.
"Nonsense, you took that sword from me by the strength of that little girl!" TongLing saw the red blood magic sword is particularly jealous immediately before robbing.
And the old demon Qingyun’s eyes also immediately fell on the blood-red sword eyes full of excitement.
"You’re right. This sword belongs to that lovely little beauty now." Sophie Su hurriedly rushed to Qing Mei’s side first. "That little beauty is your demon princess. I’m just keeping it for her for the time being. Now someone is going to rob you demon members, so at least do me a favor."
Qing mei wanted him to give the red blood magic sword to Qingyun to try to save his life, but she was startled by his words at the moment.
"What are you talking about this guy? How can we demon princess run here in Qingqiu? What precious things are there in the Princess Hall? How can we rob this broken sword?" The old demon Qingyun heard the news and jumped up at once. He was very angry and said, Look at his bash elbows and glare like the little girl’s most loyal admirer.
"Hum, this guy is trying to provoke a disagreement between you and my family. I have been getting along with Qingyun Mountain in the fog for a hundred years. How can this little trick of yours provoke me away from that red blood magic sword? It is a treasure that I have refined in the fog for many years. Naturally, it belongs to me. Today, it must be returned to its owner!" A blue girl in the group of players in the fog building said that her words immediately confirmed the possession of the red blood magic sword.
"That beautiful fly sword is me. Who dares to rob the princess? !” Just then, a crisp sound suddenly sounded, making the noisy hall suddenly become very quiet …
Sophie Su’s surprise turned out to be the little girl, and she was not far from herself, just beside a pillar. Obviously, she had been in a stealth state before she was discovered by others. At this moment, she suddenly appeared with her mouth full of oil, and her hand was still holding a chicken leg and a noble image of Princess Millie.
"It’s you, the little girl from Fuhumen, who just came to Qingyun Lich King. This little girl is very strong. Our two families work together …" At the sight of the little girl’s body, Tong Ling was surprised at first, but she immediately shook out her identity as Fuhumen and prepared to draw many demon families present to siege together.
However, before her words were finished, she saw that the momentum had been strong and Qingyun suddenly fell prostrate.
"It’s a visit to the Princess Hall in Qingyun. I don’t know if the princess is here. Qingyun is really guilty."
Next to Qing Mei, after looking at Sophie Su with complicated eyes, she also hurriedly bowed down to "Little Demon Qing Mei has seen the Princess Hall".
Hall of the people or the demon suddenly looked at each other soon is a large demon race and attached to the demon race humans have prostrated themselves on the ground …
The people in the fog are stunned.
"Demon princess? How is that possible … Where is this kind of princess … "One of them muttered.
"Dare to say that the princess is ugly?" The little girl eyebrows a wrinkly slightly turned out to be heard each other very low voice.
"Who dares to insult my princess!" The first to jump up is the little girl’s loyal admirer-Qingyun old demon looks gloomy at the man without saying anything, and then directly cuts it off at the man.
Although Tongling was surprised, she wanted to stop it, but she couldn’t help but hesitate at the sight of Qingyun’s old demon.
Although the player who passed the knife light hastily used his defense skills, his strength was obvious, and there was a big gap between Qingyun and his defense shield. When the knife light broke layer by layer, he was directly killed by a knife.
"The lich king Qingyun, what are you …" The blue girl frowned, but the situation changed too fast. Rao was always quick-witted and somewhat at a loss.
Qingyun held his head high and said, "Needless to say, my princess’s golden body is such a person. Anyone who dares to disrespect the princess hall is my enemy of hundreds of millions of demons!"
Sophie Su was quite surprised. I didn’t expect the little girl to look so high among the demon race. If I had known so, I should have shouted that the princess was here when I got lost in the mountains.
"But … this should be a misunderstanding. We didn’t know it was the Princess Hall …" The blue woman said hurriedly and made a worship of judo in front of the little girl. "Before Yilin Yang visited the Princess Hall, we misunderstood and hoped that the Princess Hall would forgive me for the red blood magic sword …"
"That sword is mine!" Before he finished, the little girl immediately reiterated all her own.
"This ….." Claiming to be Yilin Yang is still hesitant. After all, the red blood magic sword is an extremely rare growth artifact, and no one knows how strong its ultimate form will be.
"Didn’t you hear what our princess said? It’s a blessing that the sword can be taken a fancy to by our princess temple …" Next to it, several demon people shouted immediately.
Next to Sophie Su, I can’t help but say that there is a queen sister who leans over the sky and adds a group of people who belong to this little girl … To be continued.
Chapter two hundred and twenty-two Therapy
Originally, the banquet to welcome Qing Mei turned into a demon carnival feast because of the accident of Little Loli.
Qingyun clearly knows the little princess’s interests and hobbies, and directly changed this banquet with some human aristocratic style into a barbecue …
"You knew the Princess Hall was in the south and you never told me!" Green mei sat beside Sophie Su arch eyebrows blown.
"You didn’t tell me the secret of the contract, didn’t you?" Sophie Su shrugged. It seems that these advanced np are really difficult to get along with. I accidentally got cheated and didn’t know it.
"If you are stronger than me, the contract is naturally no different from the ordinary master-servant contract. Don’t worry, I am not malicious to you. Just now, I also hope that you can come to my cousin with the red blood magic sword. You know, I can’t resist your enemies alone, but my cousin has to make moves."
Banquet or barbecue party people in the fog didn’t leave immediately.
"The ancestors said that things in the game were handled by Miss Yang for the time being." When the little girl appeared in the backcourt and the situation suddenly changed, someone had already quit the game to report to the reality, and soon new instructions came.
"That’s up to you to deal with!" Tong Ling endured her anger and told Yang Yilin that although she had a very rare swordsmen career and a high position in the fog, she also knew that she was not good at dealing with this kind of emergency. What’s more, the demon princess was really in the fog, and now she is fighting by force.
But what puzzles everyone in the fog is how the demon princess in Sophie Su got together. You know, this demon princess can’t be a general boss, and there is a whole demon behind it besides its strength of the earth. That is definitely a lot of players who are currently provoking huge forces.
It’s extremely difficult for np players to meet this kind of boss-level game with high status, like building in the fog, and it took them a lot of thought and financial resources to get this kind of friendship today, but that’s Su Yanxiao, who is said to have been in the game for less than a few months, but he became intimate with the demon princess and even went to Fuhumen together, which led them to misunderstand the origin of the little girl.
And Su Yan also didn’t expect that the blue girl named Yang Yilin would give up the red blood magic sword very decisively and even took out a lot of rare things to coax the little girl’s heart.
Fortunately, those people in the fog building don’t know that the little girl is a foodie and isn’t very keen on those jewels, otherwise, maybe this little girl might really be wooed by the generous hand in the fog building.
However, the man in the fog compromised so quickly that his hope of taking advantage of the demon race to deal with the man in the fog was dashed.
Sophie Su looked at still sitting in XiTongLin only to find that the woman in black was also staring at him and her eyes were almost angry with fire.
This made him feel a cold in his heart. Obviously, his hatred in the fog didn’t seem to be alleviated at all, but it was deepened because the fog was forced to compromise. It is not an easy thing to be remembered by a group of high-level players. As far as my current strength is concerned, I still have to hold the little girl’s golden thigh tightly.
Sophie Su hurriedly looked nervously at the little girl not far away to see that she was in high spirits and personally baking a red peacock that is said to have phoenix descent, and Qingyun’s genus and fans were naturally loyal and served with a dish of soy sauce.
"Princess temple how can choose this human to do protector? If you want to go back to the Princess Hall, you are willing to lead all the demon families living in the south to defend the North of the Princess Hall to the death! " Qingyun still maintains a loyal fan’s enthusiasm and hospitality.
"Well, who said that the princess was going back to Qingqiu? I managed to escape … until I came out to experience a human life and didn’t take all the delicious food … Oh, the princess would never go back without collecting all the human information!" The little girl is wrinkled and pretty, and her small nose is very satisfied to smell the barbecue fragrance.
"It’s really a shame for the Princess Hall to care about the country and the people and to explore human intelligence in person. Please allow Qingyun to take care of it with you. What the Princess Hall wants must be taken from the Princess … not taken!"
"With the strength of the princess, what I want can’t be reached by that human … I always feel a little familiar with him, maybe I have seen it a long time ago …" To Su Yan’s little girl’s face, a strange look unexpectedly emerged.
"Familiar with the smell … Princess Hall, don’t be fooled by human rhetoric." Qingyun was busy waking up.
"Who can confuse me … you go and get a plate of oil and pepper …"