"We’re not other people. I’m Zhao Erhu, his sister. Don’t give me a long eye. Get out of the way. 341.
"It’s a sister but a stepmother, otherwise it won’t make means to frame our family. Zhao Lingxiang, you still have the face to come to our family." Lin Yue said and looked at Liu A Niu. "After Liu Dage did well, he saw that such people were not allowed to go near Fang. Who knows what bad idea they had."
After Zhao Erhu dismissed Li Changan, he asked Liu A Niu to help him manage some things. Liu Aniu is now more and more in charge, and he is loyal and reliable. Zhao Erhu and Lin Yue confessed to him that he never discounted things.
"The owner Niang assured that the owner also told me that no one was allowed to go in the Fang."
"Master Wei, I don’t want to talk too many times, otherwise it will be boring. You are not welcome in our family. Don’t force me to let people kick you out so that your face won’t look too good."
Master Wei was ridiculed by Lin Yue, and his face didn’t look very good. He really came to talk to Zhao Erhu. No one was at home, so he got up his mind and went to the Fang to see why. Unexpectedly, Zhao Erhu and his wife were not at home, but a long-term worker stopped him at the door of the Fang, just not letting him in.
Zhao Lingxiang saw that Master Wei’s face didn’t look very good, so she spoke quickly and Lin Yue was right. At the end of the day, Zhao Erhu was her brother. She was cheated because of her unfavorable work. Don’t look back. Master took it out on her head. "Sister-in-law’s speech will be so ugly. Our master is here to talk with his second brother. Only when you are not here will you come to Fang to see who your master is and who will be so aggressive."
"In that case, what are you doing here to see the scenery? It’s disgusting to think everyone else is stupid and look at what you’re doing behind your back. I don’t know. It’s disgusting to be a bitch and want to set up a memorial arch. Get out of here! Otherwise, I really let people kick you out. "Yue-lai Lin is in a bad mood because Zhao Erhu lied to her. People like Wei Master and Zhao Lingxiang don’t have to be polite. This will make it difficult to talk and bring some anger. Naturally, it won’t be nice.
Wei master was Zhao Lingxiang calm anger and began to dally up "hum! It’s hard to keep a woman, and master doesn’t care about things. We’ll talk about it when Zhao Erhu comes back. "
Master Wei left with Zhao Lingxiang when he left the sleeve, but his performance was car-scrapping. In fact, he was really worried that Lin Yue would let people drive him out like that, and now that Lin Yue is back, it is even more impossible to let him go into the workshop to talk about things or to find Zhao Erhu to stay here. However, there is nothing to do, but he left a page to spy around and let Zhao Erhu come back and report to Zhao’s old house.
Master Wei went directly to Zhao Erhu’s house, and now he has no place to stay before he went to Zhao’s old house. After he arrived at Zhao’s old house, it was another toss and turn.
Wei Shi also heard Zhao Lingxiang talk about it at this time before she realized that she had been cheated. Li Changan brought it, but the silver was not enough. Even if she went to settle accounts with Li Changan, people wouldn’t recognize it. In the end, it would ruin her own name. Maybe Zhao Erhu would come to her trouble if she knew.
Master Wei and his party are waiting at Zhao’s old house, and Zhao Erhu Lin Yue is also waiting at home to let Zhao Erhu give her an explanation that Zhao Erhu went out early and didn’t come back until evening. Master Wei was so anxious that he sent someone to ask several times to see this hour. If he didn’t return to the city, he would miss the gate and rest in Zhao Village.
Master Wei is naturally disgusted with Zhao’s old house. How can he live in such a crude place and plan to go back and wait until the next day? It happened that the page reported that Zhao Erhu had come back at this time.
"Master Zhao Erhu is back." Master Wei sent a page to watch Zhao Erhu outside the courtyard. When he saw Zhao Erhu coming back in a carriage, he hurriedly ran to Zhao’s old house to inform Master Wei that he had sent someone to ask him several times. He also waited for a long chat and finally waited for people to come back.
"Let’s go to Zhao Erhu’s house." Master Wei will go to Zhao Erhu’s house immediately when he is in a hurry.
"Daughter-in-law, I’m back." Zhao Erhu rushed around outside for a day, rushing slowly to catch up in the evening. As soon as he got home, he immediately went to his room to see his kannika nimtragol.
"Come back" to Zhao Erhu. Lin Yue is happy to meet today. The reaction is just a faint look at Zhao Erhu’s eyelids. "Didn’t you say that you came back so late to send ingredients to the government and Su Fu?"
Zhao Erhu saw that his kannika nimtragol reacted strangely, even though he was not happy when he came back too late. When he went out, he didn’t expect to be delayed for so long. "Oh, I was busy late because I went to do something else."
Yue Yue knows this, and Zhao Erhu is still lying to himself, but his face is motionless. "What did you do?"
"My daughter-in-law, don’t ask, it’s just business." Zhao Erhu didn’t want to lie to his daughter-in-law vaguely.
If you listen to Zhao Erhu in Lin Yue, you won’t bother to ask more questions. After all, a man can’t take care of everything outside. Today, she is going to ask what comes next. "Why can’t you ask Zhao Erhu if you have done something shameful to keep me from knowing, or that you have another woman outside? Are you really going to the government office and Su Fu to deliver food today?"
Zhao Erhu saw that Lin Yue’s reaction was so abnormal that he knew that Lin Yue might have noticed something or that Wu Qiang was so clever that it was not so easy for him to cheat her. He had made up such a reason temporarily, and there were too many flaws. Now he is worried about how to explain it to Kannika nimtragol.
"Why? There’s nothing to say. I won’t continue to make up Zhao Erhu. I never dreamed that you would lie to me. Is it because you have another woman outside? In fact, it’s nothing. It’s a good thing. What do you do without telling me? If there is another woman, you can come home. Can’t I abdicate for her and make way for her? " Lin Yue knew that this should not be the case, that is, he deliberately stabbed Zhao Erhu with words and lied to her. Even if he came back, he would continue to lie to her. If he didn’t teach her a good lesson, he would not be able to do it.
Zhao Erhu caressed her forehead. What does this mean? I knew that Kannika nimtragol would be paranoid if she knew that she had lied to her. Where could there be another woman? He was such a Kannika nimtragol. He was still in pain. He hated that he couldn’t hold it in his hand, but he couldn’t let Kannika nimtragol know that it was really a headache. Chapter 34
"Daughter-in-law, what are you thinking? What do I think? You don’t know that you are such a darling in this life. How can I express my love before you believe it?"
Yue Lin heard Zhao Erhu’s words, and his heart was a little better. Zhao Erhu’s coaxing kung fu became more and more severe, but it was impossible for her to let it go easily with such a few words. It was impossible to know that she was in such a mood when she first heard Zhao Erhu lie to her.
"What do you say? Who believes you! You men will say nice things with your bare mouth, and none of them are true. If I hadn’t found out about this today, I would have lied to me like this. "
Zhao Erhu grabbed kannika nimtragol’s slight struggle. "I don’t tell you some things because I’m afraid you think too much. Women don’t need to know."
In fact, there is not much anger in Lin Yue’s heart after being said by Zhao Erhu, but the more curious he is, the more annoyed he is. "Then tell me what you did today. If there are half sentences that are not true, you can’t expect me to believe you again."
"Do you really want to know?" Zhao Erhu doesn’t know her own kannika nimtragol. When she looks at her like this, she knows what’s on her mind, and she’s also weighing what to say.
Yue4 yuan4 eyes a stare "nonsense to say! Frankly, never resist. What the hell did you do today? What did you lie to me about? "
"Well, it’s nothing to tell you. It’s also a bit like Jiang Wen asked me to meet in a restaurant in the city, and then I went to do something. I didn’t want you to worry about it, so I just lied. I didn’t know my daughter-in-law was so clever that I caught my lie." Zhao Erhu said that he didn’t cheat kannika nimtragol. Jiang Wen did ask him to meet him, but it didn’t take long for him to send him away.
On hearing Zhao Erhu play Jiang Wen, Yueyue turned his attention to Jiang Wenshen. "What does Jiang Wen ask you to do? It’s really annoying that this man looks at decent people with bad things in his stomach."
Lin Yue frowned after the incident, and she really hated Jiang Wen. If there were not so many people present at that time, her name would have been ruined by Jiang Wen. Jiang Wen said that she liked her, but what she did was really vicious.
Zhao Erhu looked at Kannika nimtragol’s reaction and breathed a sigh of relief. "What else can I do? I just miss my daughter-in-law and want me to abdicate and let you out. This is of course impossible."
"This guy is still a wicked man. You don’t have to take a reason for people like him. The more you take a reason for him, the better he gets."
"Don’t worry, I’m measured. This is our man’s business, so you don’t have to worry about it. But if the daughter-in-law asks you out, you can’t go and meet him alone."
Lin Yue turned over a supercilious look. The old man said that he was jealous again. "Don’t worry, if there is something wrong with this kind of human brain, I will hide."
"That’s good, daughter-in-law. Now that you know the reason, don’t be angry with me. Look at your angry sample, but my daughter-in-law is beautiful whenever she is angry and looks better than others."
"Hum, I will forgive you this time. No matter what happens, don’t lie to me, otherwise I won’t forgive you so easily."