Guangdong Hongyuan Basketball Club was founded in 1993 by Guangdong Hongyuan Group Company. After more than ten years of hard work, the team has gradually developed and formed a relatively perfect training and training system for young athletes, which has continuously strengthened the team’s strength. In recent years, it has won three consecutive championships in 3-4, 4-5 and 5-6 BA leagues, runner-up in 6-7 seasons and champion in 7-9 seasons.
There are five league championship trophies, one for three consecutive championships and one for two consecutive championships. Except for one team, other teams can’t compete with Guangdong, which is also a star. Yi Jianlian, Zhu Fangyu, Du Feng and Wang Shipeng are all league players. The strength and reputation of the team can be seen. It should be said that Guangdong is old, but of course they are also expensive now.
Hubei team attaches great importance to this game and Guangdong team should be the biggest test of their team’s strength. Guangdong team is also the only one that has not met a strong team so far.
Hubei team needs to play against such a powerful team to prove that it is not lang’s reputation, but also to improve its strength. After all, it is just a year since it was established, and the team has won more by itself. Compared with these powerful teams, there are still some shortcomings.
After the Hubei team finished playing the Kyle Polo team in Dongguan, the team members and coaches had a good sleep in the hotel. "The body is revolutionary money." Only when you have a good rest can you have strength.
The next morning, the early morning training woke up the players. After eating the nutritionist, the players specially made breakfast. Everyone quickly came to Dongguan Gymnasium to practice and find a feel, so that the players would not be uncomfortable when they were out of shape, and it would be difficult to win.
The coach of Hubei team gave us guidance and analysis before the game.
He encouraged the center to tell him.
"You should first do a good job in defense, have confidence in yourself, have a chance to come out, catch the ball decisively and make a quick shot, and don’t worry about what the players need you to share the pressure with them," he said with a friendly pat on the shoulder.
Then he said to the players
"Everyone must go all out and take the greatest responsibility. Don’t be afraid of wolves and tigers. It is the root guarantee of our victory to play team work when there is an opportunity."
The coach went on to say, "Guangdong team is no better than other teams we have played. They have no weakness. They are very strong from No.1 position to No.5 position. It is impossible for Jason Chung to fight a group of them alone. I think it is just a fight. Everyone should actively move and make a decisive move."
"Jason Chung, when you play ball, you should pay due attention to your body. Don’t be too crazy. You are always flying around the field. When you are not injured, you can slow down and control the rhythm. It is best to assist the ball. We don’t care about winning or losing a game now. Of course, we can win or lose the best. We don’t blame you. Your body is in the best condition. We want to see you most. Our Hubei team has paid too much. To be honest, we are all a little uncomfortable now.
There is still half an hour before the game at seven o’clock in the afternoon.
The stadium is already full of people, even the seats and aisle are gone. This is a long-awaited competition, and the new rich are full of old ones.
I heard that 2 yuan couldn’t get the ticket even when the home ticket price of Guangdong team went up. Didn’t it say that it was impossible without money? Now there are, of course, dead-end guys coming out. They held their heads up and pursed their mouths and stared.
"Can’t I get a ticket for ten thousand dollars?"
This is also true. Indeed, if you are willing to spend 10 thousand yuan on a ticket, no one can stop you. Money is really omnipotent, and no money is absolutely impossible, especially for those stupid birds.
However, I also heard that some guys got a few front seats without spending a penny. Others worked hard for a few days and nights. A scalper heard that it was frozen with cold air. It is really unreasonable for those guys who don’t know what position to get something for nothing.
Later, I heard through the grapevine that they were so-and-so halls and so-and-so bureaus, so it’s no wonder that they have backgrounds and really can’t. Everyone knows it and shuts up.
Half an hour is sometimes difficult, just like a bubble of urine in the bladder during class. It’s really not good, but the old man on the podium keeps chattering and the bell will never ring.
Half an hour is sometimes too short and too fast, just like I can’t think of a few questions in the exam. I was so anxious that I thought about it for a few seconds, but the winding bell rang soon.
The game was finally in the audience’s fiery mood. After hearing the whistle, the whole arena was suddenly quiet.
If you want to know the funeral, please listen to the breakdown.
Chapter 62 Intentional killing
Chapter 62 Intentional killing
Zhang Xinsheng, a big center of Guangdong team, succeeded in jumping the ball. He is tall and burly, and he is the biggest in the whole China men’s basketball world. He is also Zhang Xinsheng’s teammate Zhong Daguo in the national team. Although he was later selected for the national team and played as a substitute, this does not prevent them from getting to know each other and getting familiar with each other.
The Guangdong team played very patiently and didn’t even act rashly on the first goal.
The ball goes from the outside line to the line, and the other players of the Hubei team used to help defend or prepare to dig out the Guangdong team line. When they attracted two or defended, they gave the ball to a player.
Catch the ball is Guangdong’s leading star, small forward big Z, and he is also a teammate of Zhong Daguo’s national team. He has been galloping in the league for more than ten seasons. His one-handed Ray Allen is as standard and accurate, and his opponents are always caught off guard and complain repeatedly. Of course, this is his famous stunt. He can’t break through sharply, but his body is second to none among the small forwards in China. Some people think he is a bit like a small LeBron James or an Asian emperor.
Seeing him firmly catching the ball, his eyes were firmly fixed on the basket, and his shooting posture was extremely standard. He drew a beautiful curve in the middle of the ball, and the ball should be in the net. There was a thunderous clap, and his popularity remained unchanged. Although he is now old and the popularity of Zhong Daguo is booming, many audiences still come to see him perform.
The Hubei team also cooperated with the coach’s instructions to play a smooth attack and avoid personal heroism.
The coach actually arranged for Zhong Daguo and Xiao D to be the shooting guards at the same time, and went straight to the bench. The coach of Hubei team arranged the double point guard tactics, which should be to share the pressure of Zhong Daguo and also to protect Zhong Daguo from holding the ball. When playing too much, the greater the chance of injury, the coach would rather lose and ensure Zhong Daguo’s national security.
Hubei’s two point guards turned the ball upside down on the perimeter, but the chance never came out. Guangdong’s defense is really strict, so it is difficult to have a flaw.
Center Xiao played very actively today, maybe it was the encouragement of the coach and teammates or it played a big role. He was a little smaller than Zhang Xinsheng, so he had to go around the previous one, which was a little less flexible, and there might be a little advantage, so he would not miss the clock. He immediately hanged the ball before seeing the small round.
He held the ball for a while, but after all, it was a small piece. He did not hold it. He practiced hook in private. Now the opponent is taller than him. He can just send a field, so he can avoid being blocked. The ball was thrown behind the backboard strangely. It seems that others are really not good enough
Guangdong team’s point guard quickly pushes the ball to the shooting guard. Big W is still the main force of the national team.
Big W is also a gold-lettered signboard of Guangdong team. It is needless to say that his physical advantage in the No.2 position is absolute that he can shoot accurately and break through the sharp ratio.
Seeing him catch the ball, he threw it without hesitation or even aiming at the basket, which shows his strength and confidence. Guangdong scored 5 points and Hubei was still a duck egg.
Although Zhong Daguo has been repeatedly told by the coach that he wants to protect himself, winning by professional players is the key. He is a positive and never-ending person. Now that he meets a strong team, his desire for victory is getting stronger and stronger.
He made a decisive shot and didn’t make any unnecessary moves. Although the Guangdong team was serious in defense, it didn’t leave the country every minute. His personal ability was superior, and his body advantage was extremely fast. The opportunity to make a shot was definitely available.
The ball bounced a few times in the basket, which seemed to keep people’s appetite. After a few seconds, the dust finally settled and two points were valid.
Guangdong team’s No.1 ball is given to center Zhang Xinsheng. Although he is a bit dignified and strong, his body is an advantage that cannot be ignored in basketball. Hubei center is small, but he is not as big as Zhang Xinsheng.
Zhang Xinsheng took the ball and squeezed it in. He always tried his best to get up a little. Zhang Xinsheng failed to reach the basket directly like a bulldozer. Zhang Xinsheng turned around, his right foot didn’t move, his left foot turned, and then he threw the ball into the box. He did have two brushes, but if he met this tall turn and then rough shooting, it was estimated that he would be covered.
The situation of Hubei team is a little embarrassing. Although it is 5 points behind and played for 6 minutes in the first quarter, the strength comparison shows that it is a matter of winning or losing the game. What can it change even if it takes a long time?
The coach of Hubei team called a time-out, and he saw that the team was difficult to attack, difficult to defend.
He told the team
"When the other side eats alone, you can properly help each other to prevent a small person from being able to carry each other."
He changed into a small D and a younger, more flexible and faster shooting guard, a small S.
The coach continued
"Small S, you should have speed advantage, run more, cooperate more, and be able to defend quickly. You should be positive, do your own defense well, and help others defend before it’s over." Small S’s physical advantage is better than small D’s, and he is young. Many coaches think he can beat the defensive burden better.
Of course, the small S should be actively displayed when it is opened.
He clung to the opponent’s big W and gave the big W ball to Zhang Xinsheng. He ran over to help interfere with Zhang Xinsheng and Zhang Xinsheng gave the big W. He also rushed back to the defense. He did his duty and completed the coach’s explanation.
Unfortunately, he is also an ordinary person with limited strength.
After receiving the ball, the big W can complete a shot while the small S returns to the defense. Of course, the big W can also directly and quickly push the three-step basket to the low position. If the small S returns to the defense because of the speed of the big W, it is difficult for the small S to stabilize a position. Most of the time, he will have to pay for blocking the gauge.
When the coach of Hubei team saw that the substitution had little effect, he also called for a time-out to change the offensive ability and point guard D to form a double defender in the backcourt again.
At the end of the first quarter, the Hubei team was more than ten points behind, and the teammates led 14 times to release the rules, while the Guangdong side only made three comparisons. It was very obvious that the desire to kill the big country was awakened and he needed to make a killing.