He never knew that Pan Hui had such an avatar, and now he can’t even notice the slightest breath of her, which is not only hiding his figure, but also disappearing completely after moving quickly.
A living person completely disappeared in front of him, which made him accept it!
He used to have to practice again by himself, and one day he will be able to catch up with Pan Huixiu, the first brother in the 127th generation of the growth porch, and the gap will become bigger and bigger as he practices, so that everyone will fall behind. In this way, if you want to get rid of Duane and get rid of Fengqing Yixuan, it will be him.
But he never thought that this growing gap would be Pan Hui dumping him!
What secret cultivation techniques did Pan Hui get after becoming a "Yu Niang"? ! Or is it that in fact, Changxuan not only has a "Diandian", but the master also gave it to her in private? !
Thinking about this official Yuchen’s hatred in his heart has added another point.
What! What? Everyone seems to see Duane and Pan Hui. No one has ever really affirmed that he tried to make his head hold a genius Duane and a highly qualified Pan Hui. Then he is a star whose light is covered!
Chapter 299 Official Yuchen hates (2)
He has worked very hard, but no one has noticed his sweat.
In the past, when Duane was still in Changxuan, he could tell himself that the elder brother was a proud man, and no one could surpass his achievements.
But all this changed after he knew his life experience, especially when he heard Duane say to Pan Hui with his own ears that "Guan Yuchen’s qualification is not as good as that of you who are repairing, but you can be quite equal. You say yourself whether you are too lazy."
It turns out that Duane has been very strict with him because he is a shady illegitimate child. In Duane’s eyes, he Pan Huixiu is not because of his unremitting efforts, but because Pan Hui is lazy. It turns out that everyone has never cared about his feelings, so he must please others!
He remembers that once he accidentally broke Duane’s favorite amber, Pan Hui, and he took the initiative to help him recognize it. Duane discovered the fact through his embarrassment and scolded him unceremoniously, saying that he was a man but didn’t have the responsibility to do something wrong, but he didn’t take the initiative to admit it, and even let others take the lead.
It was the first time that he was punished. Duane punished him for kneeling in front of the ancestral tablets of Qingpingge. When did he realize that he was wrong and when did he get up? When did Pan Hui intercede? Duane didn’t let go.
At that time, he held his breath and knelt for three days and three nights until he finally fainted without saying a word. Unexpectedly, when he woke up, Duane looked at him coldly with an extremely disappointed expression. "Even the courage to admit his mistake is not difficult!"
Since then, Duane has been more and more strict with him and forbade Pan Hui to have more contact with him. Since then, he has been holding a breath in his heart. He must let Duane see clearly and make the arrogant arrogant man bow his head and apologize for humiliating him!
After Duane left, he saw Pan Hui abandoned and wanted to find the truth. In fact, he was secretly pleased. It was selfish for him to ask Du He to seal Pan Hui’s memory.
He selfishly wants Pan Hui to continue to neglect and practice, so he can catch up with Pan Hui more than he can one day surpass the third and second brothers to become the best. He will forget that Duane Pan Hui will one day be able to see him who has been with her.
But everything turned out to be just him
Pan Hui did hate Duane, but she also cut off all the other disciples. After a few years of practice, she left the second and third brothers behind, and he was once ill-spoken in front of Pan Hui, so Pan Hui refused to contact anyone. Maybe Pan Hui had forgotten it long ago, but his attitude towards him never improved and continued to deteriorate.
And he attributed all this to Du Ang-shen. He stubbornly believed that all the tragedies in his life were due to his having an outstanding eldest brother, and the situation that this eldest brother was confused by his name still affected his next life.
Therefore, he chose to join them when he found out that the punishment of Uncle Yi Xuan really colluded. Anyway, the ultimate goal is the same. In the end, whoever dies will have to be combined according to his own circumstances for the time being. He wants to kill Duane first and then let the former bully others pay the price.
He’s not just a long porch, he wants the whole day!
Soon there suddenly appeared a little distortion around Guan Yuchen, and his heart moved hurriedly to one side to hide his figure. Just when he would hide it, Pan Hui reappeared in the original place, and his face was still always cold.
Confirmed that the big brother was not in the prison, Pan Hui left without stopping.
She wants to be able to save the elder brother, but it will not be the ordinary people who will change people in the heavily guarded prison, and there is no trace left. I think the elder brother has been wandering outside these years and should have met many talented people.
Pan Hui suddenly felt frustrated and thought that no matter how hard she tried, the big brother didn’t need her help. Even today, she was one step behind the others, even if it was a night difference, she would let her big brother lose her arm again.
Suddenly, her mind suddenly turned to look at Guan Yuchen’s hiding place and turned and took a few steps towards that position.
Guan Yuchen quickly converges his mind and closes his eyes to prevent himself from thinking about it. He thinks that he is looking for this position very well. Unless Pan Huifang is in a trance, he will never find him with the naked eye. The only possibility is that he accidentally exposed his emotions and made Pan Hui perceive something.
Sure enough, Pan Hui stopped after taking a few steps. She looked thoughtfully at the shadow. People who cultivate immortals can see things in the dark, but after all, they are reluctant to go into the darkness from the sun. It looks like a dark place. Just now, I told him that someone over there was watching her, and she might not have noticed if there was a breath, but it disappeared in a flash.
It seems that she was careless
She had been preoccupied with the safety of the master elder brother before, but she didn’t notice that someone was tracking and monitoring behind her, and she couldn’t detect that someone was repairing it, even if it was lower than her. Just now, she should directly let Mu Cong catch that person into the trapped array, and now the breath is gone, and I don’t know whether that person is still hiding in the same place or has already fled.
Pan Hui thought about it, but decided not to pursue it. That person would follow and monitor her, even though she was afraid to see the situation of the master elder brother. Now that the master elder brother has been rescued, she can temporarily feel at ease. Where will she go?
She remembered that she had just seen the condemned man’s shoulders pierced through the pipa and decided that it was better to find a big brother.
Once upon a time, although the master elder brother was able to defend himself by martial arts, it took a long time to tell her that the master elder brother’s meridians had been repaired and the remaining abdomen was left. Now she has got the bad news that his pipa was destroyed, which makes her not worry about anxiety.
It’s heaven and earth, and where is she going to find the whereabouts of the master elder brother?
There is no clue left in the Heavenly Prison, so she can infer who the elder brother is. It seems that we can go to Liangcheng to find Du Ruo first. She believes that if the elder brother wants to heal his wounds, the only person to trust should be Du Ruo. This is her intuition, and she always trusts her intuition.
Chapter 3 official yuchen hate (3)
Pan Hui immediately walked in the direction of leaving the city. Since she chose the next place to go, she naturally didn’t want to delay any more. It would be best to find the master elder brother early.
When she was about to walk to the gate, she saw the yellow sand billowing outside the gate and riding a fast horse, and the people in the city evaded.
Pan Hui dodged the fast horse and heard the horseman shout, "A hundred miles is urgent!"
She glanced at it lightly, and one person and one horse had already run away. Although she didn’t know what this thyme rush was, she also knew that it should be a very urgent matter. Otherwise, how could she tolerate someone riding a horse wantonly? Besides, the man wearing a light armor was obviously a soldier.
There is an endless stream of comments around her so that she can hear clearly even if she doesn’t listen carefully.
"I heard that the victory of the emperor’s personal expedition flag has broken the border of Zhou State."
"It’s not that I heard the news from my nephew from the border town that the plague spread in the middle of the week before I was defeated again and again. Now my nephew has taken refuge from the border town with his family and is afraid of catching the plague. I heard him say that many people have died from the plague, even my DaSong people have died in several villages. Now all the villages infected with the plague are isolated and the neighboring towns are under martial law."
"So much! This week, the Chinese people must have offended God, and God will punish them with the plague. This is a natural punishment! It’ s really hateful to bring trouble to our Dasong! "
After that, the people are cursing Zhou Panhui, and I don’t want to listen to it anymore, but the plague spread in the Eastern Zhou army should not be there …
She remembered that the Second Martial Uncle said that the Eastern Zhou Dynasty was the largest country in the picture of the four countries, and the royal family name Ji was said to be the blood of the ancient Yellow Emperor, and it was also a punishment from heaven. You should know that Emperor Xuanyuan was a reincarnation of the divine god, and now he has already returned to the divine position. If there is a punishment from heaven, how can it be punished to this god’s grandson?