Yuan Gungun looked at him without speaking.
"Do you still want to avenge him?" Yan Yan mocked and threw away the ice towel in his hand.
Yuan Gungun bowed his head and said, "Young Master is the most unreasonable fool."
The atmosphere was silent. Yuan Gungun lowered his head and felt the chill he gave off.
After half a ring, the door slammed and Yuan Gungun looked up at the door and he left …
"Sheng rui, what’s wrong with you? Did you fight with someone? " Pang Dudu saw the corners of his mouth bruised and the sunseeker Sheng Rui shouted low.
"I’m all right, adoptive mother," said the sunseeker Sheng Rui gently pulling the corners of his mouth.
"That this is how to return a responsibility? Must have hurt, huh? Come on, I’ll give you the medicine. "Pang Dudu walked up to him with a distressed face and took his hand to take him to wipe the medicine.
"Sheng rui come with me" aside silent yuan net flow suddenly light mouth.
"Let’s talk about the net flow first." Pang Dudu disapproved of looking at her cold husband.
Yuan Jingliu walked over and rubbed her head. "I’m hungry to cook something and get it to the room."
"I am your servant!" Pang Dudu looked at him carelessly.
"Lovely and obedient" Yuan Jingliu kissed her forehead and saw that she immediately reached out and touched her forehead with a smirk and went to the kitchen.
Yuan net flow looked at her unswerving sample can’t help but pull up the corners of the mouth turned to look at the sunseeker sheng Rui went straight to the room.
Chapter 6
"If I remember correctly, did you go to see Gungun today?" Yuan Jingliu poured two glasses of red wine in front of the wine cabinet.
"Is adoptive father" that sunseeker Sheng Rui light answer tone is respectful.
"Where did the injury come from?" Yuan Jingliu handed the goblet to himself, picked up another one and sat down on the sofa not far away.
The sunseeker Sheng Rui also sat face to face with him.
"Is it rolling?" Yuan Jingliu looked at him with a calm face.
"Yes" that sunseeker Sheng Rui pulled the corners of his mouth.
"Shengrui, what are you to me?" Yuan Jingliu took a sip of red wine or the cool tone.
The sunseeker Sheng Rui whispered, "Friend Orphan"
"No, you are a son to me." Yuan Jingliu shook his head and corrected his mistake.
The sunseeker Sheng Rui looked at him without speaking.
"Sheng Rui Cong, how can you not see through it here? If it weren’t for the accident when I was a child, how much I wanted you to be my son-in-law, you know? At that time, I didn’t understand, and I don’t think even you understand that your feelings for rolling have already exceeded the boundary between brother and sister. Now you understand, and I understand, but Yan Yanche has stepped in. "Yuan Jingliu said that the tone is not ups and downs.
"Except for the gorgeous decoration you gave me, I am an orphan, so I am not qualified to give a rolling future." That sunseeker Sheng Rui caressed his forehead a bit like talking to himself.
Yuan Jingliu looked at him without speaking.
"The adoptive father company may want you to take over by yourself. I’m going to take off the identity of Sunseeker Sheng Rui that you gave me for a gorgeous coat to enrich my own wings." That Sunseeker Sheng Rui smiled and took off his glasses. Suddenly, a pair of wise and deep eyes covered up and exuded its own charm, so evil and so deep.
Yuan Jingliu quietly looked at him and spit out a word "good" after half a ring.
The sunseeker Sheng Rui apologized "I’m sorry, adoptive father"
"I have a condition" Yuan Jingliu sipped his red wine light way
"No matter after such as had I will take over" the sunseeker sheng rui smiled at him.
"Sheng Rui, you will also be a man overlooking the world." Yuan Jingliu pulled the corners of his mouth and made no secret of his appreciation for him.
"Is adoptive father Yan Yanche a normal person?" The sunseeker sheng Rui shook the goblet in his hand and seemed to ask casually
Yuan Jingliu leng leng "why do you ask?"
The sunseeker Sheng Rui looked at him without speaking.
"He is not a normal person" Yuan Jingliu gave him the answer.
The sunseeker Sheng Rui smiled and said nothing.
"If he were a normal person, you wouldn’t be hurt." Yuan Jingliu looked at his mouth bruised and low.
"Psychological balance" that sunseeker Sheng Rui touched his mouth and pulled out an evil smile.
At this moment Pang Dudu came in with a tray on the coffee table and took the sunseeker Sheng Rui’s hand unhappily and walked to the door. His mouth was still muttering, "What if you don’t take care of yourself and get infected?" What if it’s inflamed? What should I do if I leave a scar? It’s really … "
Yuan Jingliu looked at their backs, picked up chopsticks in the tray and put a mouthful of food in his mouth. His lips were slightly hooked, and his eyes were full of warmth. You will be as stupid as your mother.
Yuan Gungun lay in bed quietly looking at the ceiling and didn’t know what to think.
The white housekeeper came in and walked up to her and looked at her. She was in a trance and whispered, "Get out of here, little girl."