But there is no way he can. He is at this time.
So he gave him these soldiers to come to the front to do something that proves that he can bear a bigger burden and show it to Chen Senran.
He always said that he would dominate an era. Is his former ally still qualified to get along with Chen Senran now?
The answer is no doubt.
Drizzt has absolute confidence in himself.
It is said that many years ago, he had nothing, and he had a pair of dexterous hands and a smart mind to cheat in the casino.
Or when he walked through that door and experienced all the things imagined by human law?
He has his faith in him, but he is a man with a great mission.
He wants to dominate this era.
"Let’s go," twist suddenly said after a long observation.
"Ah?" Evelyn is a little puzzled. She wants to do something after such a long time of observation.
But …
"You don’t think I’m going to take this thousand people and fight them hard, do you?" Drizzt laughed in a low voice and said with some malicious intent, "Do you want to be widowed so much?"
"What are you talking about!" Evelyn rarely like a normal woman in front of a man she likes.
"Nothing," Drizzt continued, laughing at him as he walked. "If you want to make a big bet and you want to win something very important, such as a big bag of gold, a beloved woman, an opportunity to change your destiny or the whole continent, then what you have to do is not to rush to the cup to watch the color, but to take a good look at your opponent calmly and see how he will lose, especially when you can’t afford to lose when your chips are small."
After he finished this sentence, he disappeared completely into the night.
And in this corner where he is destined to dominate the mainland, men don’t know.
An extra significance that he would not even know about this operation is also happening quietly.
"Can you tell me now what must be done?"
A voice looked at the dark twist direction quietly sounded.
"No, not yet. We won’t tell you the truth until we confirm it with our own eyes." Another voice said slowly, looking at the darkness.
"What if it isn’t?" The first sound asked again
"Then we won’t say," the third voice said with a smile, "Is it not good to take it as a sincerity?"
The first sound of "good, very good" seems to be and is called stretching the tone and saying "then let’s just wipe our eyes and wait for him to perform" to be continued.
Ps death
On page three hundred and seventy.
The continental calendar is June 13th, 216.
The second day after the extermination coalition set foot in Noxas.
The speed of advance was not as fast as expected, but it was slowed down by twice at the request of the commander-in-chief Izriel.
By the evening of this day, they had traveled, and it would have taken them half a day to complete the journey.
Naturally, the whole Coalition forces in addition to magic have criticized this matter.
For a root like Izriel, there is no fame. At the level of the whole continent, his fame is not enough and there is no reason to assume the important position of the commander-in-chief of the exorcism Coalition. The criticism in the whole exorcism Coalition is enough.
Now, this incident makes everyone wonder whether the parliament deliberately wants to lose this war and sent such a person who doesn’t understand military strategy to take on such an important job as the overall planning bureau.
Because if a person with a little military knowledge should have clearly understood that at least he had done the most basic homework for the whole of Knox before marching.
I know that there is only one king city left in the whole country, and everyone else is dead.
It’s an isolated city. You have to take the soldiers to that isolated city with great enthusiasm, and then crush them directly to win in the case that it is impossible to recover a little vitality in Nokeshagen with absolute military superiority.
It should be said that this is a simpler expedition. If it weren’t for an idiot to lead the expedition, he would almost have won the honor of attacking the king city of Noxas, which is not peerless but rare enough.
His name can be easily imprint in history.
It is impossible for Enoch Sasgen to make sufficient preparations in such a short time. Almost all its elite troops have died in previous wars.
And even adding a newly crowned king of the East China Sea to transfer troops from the East China Sea can’t reverse the absolute gap of troops.
Because they have merged the elites of the whole mainland into an army.
There can’t be a strong army in this world.
So Izriel’s caution has to make people suspect that he is procrastinating or that he is an idiot and coward.
There is no doubt about what makes Izriel’s poor performance in the whole exorcism Coalition directly turn negative.
And when it comes to loyalty, God, there can’t be such a thing.
If it weren’t for the big mountain in parliament that was on everyone’s head, and if it weren’t for the day of the expedition, pulling Livache would be equivalent to giving Izriel Huogaote.
Someone will definitely rush into Izriel’s tent and scold him for being a fool who doesn’t know anything about the army.
And those who are grumpy in snowy mountains are more likely to directly cut off his head and seize his command.
But all that is impossible.
Because Izriel now represents Parliament or La Livache.
His presence here is like pulling Livache in person.
So he is still sitting safely in his tent.
Narrowing my eyes slightly, I appreciate the wonderful feeling of summer heat after I have the human body again.
He doesn’t care at all.
Isoriel doesn’t care what those outsiders are saying at all.
Because he knew they didn’t know what kind of opponent they were about to face.
That’s a formidable opponent who can’t be too cautious.
He has suffered too many losses from that man.
He doesn’t want to lose again.
Because he can’t afford to lose.
He has a fiancee now, and he is about to have a great feat of making a name for himself on the whole continent.
He was, is and should be a tianjiao.
He doesn’t want to lose again, to that hateful guy.
For once, he wants to win.
"Adult" dull voice sounded from the dark corner.