"Up to now, no company has asked this workshop to help enterprises complain about this. Before R&D, we also signed a patent confidentiality agreement. The most important thing is that the workshop owner is also from China. I don’t think he will tear down one of his own people," replied the head of R&D department.
"Oh, China people?" Li Ningshang immediately became interested when he heard that a China man led such a powerful workshop. "Is he in China now? Is there any chance to invite him over? I want to meet each other. "
"This should not be a big problem. Once one of their employees accidentally revealed that the headquarters of the workshop is in Nanjing, and I will go to them immediately. I believe that the boss will not refuse to invite the other party, and both parties feel very happy this time. Later, I believe that he will not refuse."
"Get in touch with you" temporarily suppressed his curiosity. Li Ning turned his attention to other things. After knowing that he was both from China, he found that the other party was probably also from Nanjing. Interesting coincidence and interesting story.
In the past six months, all the senior managers didn’t have a meeting face to face. It’s very rare for these executives to wait until the middle seat is filled with people. It’s a thrill. Although these senior managers usually do things in the office with five people and six people, they claim to be resolute, generous and decent. When they meet with Li Ning, the old and young suddenly become rough, and their mouths are like the flood discharge of the Three Gorges Dam. However, these guys have always grasped one center, that is, "We met the dear chairman in a thousand words."
From scratch, they have followed Li Ning’s business since they started their business. The company has developed Li Ning’s business, and Li Ning’s business has not given up their money. Don’t look at this group of people sitting together claiming to have master’s degrees, but they are all piled up by Li Ning’s business.
Of course, the best people are selected to sit here now, but Li Ning has not wronged those who can’t afford to help their old brothers and give them a leisure job to sit and support the elderly. You know, there are not a few young people who want to retire in their thirties these days
The meeting lasted from 9: 00 a.m. to 7: 00 p.m., so that everyone made an appointment with their families. After the meeting, Li Ning Shang took a group of people and felt that Xuanwu Lake Hotel had suffered a sea fall.
Hu Shiqin has never been formally introduced to everyone. Li Ning took this opportunity to call his fiancee and introduce the future boss of the group to everyone. At the same time, he also made a simple recommendation to Hu Shiqin, the most important manager of the group. Li Ning was not prepared to ask whether Hu Shiqin should follow him as a working wife or join the group to help his workers after he resigned. However, with the long-term contact, Li Ning’s understanding of Hu Shiqin has become more profound. Hu Shiqin will not be able to adapt to the comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle for a long time, and Li Ning is also prepared for Hu Shiqin’s ability to work.
"Does the chairman have any plans for tomorrow?" R&D department is responsible for gently walked beside Li Ningshang small asked
"I want to see the club. I heard that a group of young people have played well this year and have a good chance to get back to the first division. I want to cheer up." Li Ning said that Li Ning suddenly remembered those players who betrayed themselves regardless of professional ethics
"It’s time to give those guys something to talk about," Li Ningshang thought.
"What’s the matter?" The other party asked himself that there must be something.
"The person in charge of the workshop has contacted the other party and said that the person is around Nanjing. He is very willing to meet you and said that he can arrive in Nanjing by noon."
"oh? What a coincidence? It seems that this workshop headquarters is in Nanjing, which is highly credible. "Li Ning Shang smiled at the head of the R&D department." He will wait for him in the group office at regular intervals. "
"Then I’ll arrange it." The head of the R&D department leaned slightly and walked out of the bag.
At this time, the curiosity about the person in charge of the mysterious workshop has completely surpassed Li Ning’s interest in other things. This kind of thing rarely happens in Li Ning’s business, but it is a very surprising thing to think that a China person leads the workshop to help large enterprises solve technical problems at a high speed, and according to the concept of normal people, he should have fought for a name before others, which is more profitable than secretly developing technology for others, but the other party has not done so.
What? What? What? Question marks are circling in Li Ning’s mind. Li Ning doesn’t like this feeling. He needs answers to calm himself down.
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How can you stay in the flowers without touching your body?
Chapter two hundred and thirty-one Accidental meeting
"I don’t want to sleep at night and refuse to get up during the day" is my mother’s evaluation of Li Ning’s business hours, but it can’t be blamed that Li Ning’s busy entertainment often makes him come home after 1 o’clock. Just like yesterday, a group of leaders of the company had dinner until 1 o’clock in the morning, but fortunately he didn’t come home, otherwise Hu Shiqin would have to work hard. My aunt told herself that Li Ning told her to wake herself up at 7: 59, when her mother appeared at the door of Li Ning’s business room, she gently knocked on the door and there was no movement, so
Mother, who was spread out on the bed, shook her head and walked over to clean up the whole bed. Li Ning Shang always showed so mature and capable in front of outsiders, but in the eyes of her mother, he was always a child who could not even take care of himself.
Knock on the door of washing hands and no one responded. Mother pushed the door open and toured it again, then just visible walked out of the room.
In the building, my mother asked her aunt, "Xiao Zhao, have you seen Ningshang?"
"No," aunt replied. She was just about to say something, when a voice interrupted her.
"Ma Ningshang has gone to work, and he said that he would meet an important guest today". On the first day of his arrival in Nanjing, Li Ningshang’s parents expected Hu Shiqin to start calling the two old people "mom and dad" with Li Ningshang. Li Ningshang’s mother was happy and took out her most precious jade bracelet and handed it to Hu Shiqin. It was said that it had been more than years since this jade bracelet was found in her mother’s genealogy.
Hearing the future daughter-in-law laughing, she immediately spread her mother’s cheek. "It seems that the guest is really important. Don’t even think about pulling him out of bed if it thunders." Seeing the daughter-in-law laughing at her own words, her mother was a little worried and asked, "Did he have breakfast? If you don’t watch Ningshang breakfast, he won’t eat it. "
"Yes," Hu Shiqin hurriedly replied, "When he saw the fried pie on the dining table, he said that it must have been cooked by his mother herself before he left." Hu Shiqin deliberately emphasized the tone when he appealed to Li Ning’s business, fully imitating Li Ning’s expression at that time, and this move immediately got his mother’s response.
"Really? That’s Ningshang’s favorite breakfast. If he is at home, I will definitely cook it for him. Have you tried it?"
"It’s delicious. Before, Ningshang always told me that your pasta cooking skill was a must. Today, it tasted really good. If you have something to say, Mom will teach me how to make it taste. I want to cook it for Ningshang later."
Everyone is willing to listen to the fact that the special daughter-in-law is willing to learn cooking skills from herself. That’s the happiest thing for every mother-in-law. "Good," said the mother happily. "Do you have it now? It’s easy to teach you in ten minutes and you can learn it."
Picking up two aprons, the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law walked to the kitchen with laughter.
The only thing that Li Ning, a shopkeeper of cutting, needs to do when he returns to the regiment is to encourage all the regiment executives. This matter has been completed the day after he arrived in Nanjing. At this time, he is opening his mind and leafing through the staff posts in the company forum. This is a place for employees to exchange and vent their opinions freely in the forum. If there is any dissatisfaction, Li Ning can also vent his emotions as a tourist. When he is abroad, he often understands the development of the regiment through the forum.
In the technical recruitment block, Li Ning found the recruitment post for the solution of acoustic reflection technology, and he also found the British staff and talked to them in detail, but the result made Li Ning more confused.
A working group that publishes information through the internet and is willing to help various groups solve technical problems did not get the attention of the group at the beginning. Think about those international giants who invest hundreds of millions of dollars every time they develop a new product. Who would believe that their business can be the latest method of commercial espionage?
However, all this ended in an accident. Due to the lack of R&D funds, a small emerging enterprise promised to replace the R&D results with shares of the company, and the working group handed over its achievements in three months, which helped the company beat all its competitors in one fell swoop and firmly seized the high point of the market. Since then, more and more invitations have been invited by the working group. First, some small enterprises have developed to the top five enterprises in the world.
At this time, the working group suddenly withdrew from the network world and closed all the networks. In secret, several familiar and powerful enterprises merged. This time, the Tang Group was able to contact the working group through a joint enterprise contact. It is said that when the other enterprise was close to bankruptcy, the British investment company did not press the debt tightly, but the other party formulated a mortgage loan plan. It was through this loan that the other party solved the key technical problem in the workshop and thus came back to life.