"Flying is true," said the sweet potato. "But now the seven of us can definitely kill the Wan Qing scale beast. Even if we can attract and kill them one by one, it will be killed. Besides, if we kill this shining star and five stars, is it possible to kill five kinds of stars to give birth to monsters?"
When he said this, he said that it was a factual method to refute the seven steps into a corpse. Suddenly, he smiled, "If everyone insists on not retreating, then I have a method."
"Say …" All together HeWen.
An hour later, the treasure-hunting team returned to the entrance of the thick earth and seven steps into a corpse. On the side of the sacred boat, the other party’s chief told him, "Yin Song, you can tell Tang chop about this law. This law can definitely make his troops attack several times and will make him believe this."
Fang Da’s chief replied, "Don’t worry, Tang, I’m sure that with the attraction of Xuanyuanling, I can definitely make him tempted and make you forgive and forget."
"Let bygones be bygones, that’s impossible, and I don’t expect you to convince him to agree to this joint action." Seven steps into a corpse smiled at him. Tang cut another connection and could eliminate the contradiction at one time. That’s impossible, but it would be easier for each other to unite once.
The white light flashed, and the chief course of the hexagrams returned to Wudang Xuandu. At the same time, there was a sword light flying out of this underground passage, which was a seven-step flying sword.
Just now, the seven-step method of getting a corpse out is to let everyone call for people. Since the method eats this thick soil alone, there will be external forces to break it. Let everyone call for friends. This call for people must also be kept in a small range.
Not a few players, or dozens of players, can kill the treasure-hunting team members. None of them have the kind of fate. Friends have a large team. It’s confidential and they can command the team in a unified way. Players must be in a formal organization, so this can fall on Wu Chi.
Falling flowers and flowing water are the organizations of big and small Luo Tian, but they are not the core components. It is really difficult to drive a large army to come. Sweet potatoes have no organization and no hope, and the wind is flying, so it is not ruled out.
Seven steps into a corpse is a member of the explorer, and it is not a core point. Besides, the explorer organization is a small organization. Although the members are not weak, there are too few people, and all of them are traveling around. Seven steps students are not expected.
Well-organized chief is the core of Shennong Alliance, so it’s easier to mobilize organizational strength, but to mobilize, we must go through the other four core points, that is, one Tang chop and seven steps to become a corpse, which requires the chief to speak, but the principle of Tang Dali’s long-term behavior should not be difficult.
XuanYuanLing will make him and his Shennong alliance get a lot of benefits. Fang Da, the chief of the Party, knows the degree of Tang Dali’s affairs, and he can still say that he has succeeded. The success rate of this matter has reached 10%, and he has guaranteed it.
Tang, on the fifth floor of Shennong Pavilion in Yuncheng, Shennong, was surprised and said, "You didn’t say anything wrong about Xuanyuanling’s obscene songs. Did you find Xuanyuanling, the Yellow Emperor?"
Party chief turned over their "Tang, do you think my attitude is joking with you? I just ran from northwest Baba to tell you this joke? I am full? "
"It’s a big deal. I can’t let Purple Clothes, Amei and Xiaolai discuss together at once." Tang chop and meditate for a while, and the other big chief said.
Half an hour later, all five core points arrived in Qifang, and the chief executive said again, "How about this is a good thing? My alliance wants to promise it immediately and come back from the northwest immediately. Don’t miss this opportunity. Don’t come again when it’s now or never."
"I haven’t settled this account with him yet." Tang Dali chief suddenly said, "Tang Da, how many people beheaded our Shenmu? Do you remember how many people you are going to get revenge for if you really want to settle accounts?"
After hearing what the chief said, Tang chop also smiled. "Forget it, don’t care about it, but does that guy really have a group attack circle?"
Fang Da’s chief primly said, "This is not false at all. He is not only a master of Yi Zhou, but also a member of the Zhongtian crew in the forum. Otherwise, this person will not boast about this array to me. This is really doubtful. You don’t have to worry."
"Since you are so sure, let’s discuss it." Tang chop reached out a finger and shot out a ray of blue light. In an instant, this huge conference room with a depth of 20 feet and a width of 15 feet fell into the blue world. The blue ripples on the top of the stone wall were covered with soft light from two relief turtles.
The five-story core of Shennong Pavilion is divided into various kinds of small protective arrays. For example, the conference room named Xuanjitang not only has a closed access array, but also has a special sound insulation array. The blue ripple is that the six-covering technique can isolate the outside world.
After an emergency discussion, the five core points decided to participate in the XuanYuanLing treasure-hunting action alliance and dispatched two major battle flag teams-the first battle flag team-the Fuehrer’s flag team, the fifth battle flag team-and the leader of the black skull flag team.
Purple clothes sit in Yuncheng and raise eyebrows and swords to assist them. Both of them are ingenious and decisive. Excellent talents give the camp to them. Tang chop is safe to join the treasure hunt. Seven, the first core is Tang chop, and there is Fangda Chief.
At present, the second, third and fourth battle flag teams are stationed in the communication areas of Badong, Sanshui and Jiudao Shennong District on a regular basis to deter the affiliated branch fighting forces, and once the branch areas are changed, they can go in and suppress them.
The head of the first combat flag team, the flag team, has the strongest combat power and the largest number of people. The responsibility is to station troops in Yuncheng, Yuncheng, and the first-level combat establishment of the troops in various defense zones. At present, due to the organization of wars, this powerful army base has nothing to do. It is said that it is the ultimate to pick up girls and gamble every day except for leveling.
The black skull flag of the Fifth Combat Flag Team has been trained several times under the leadership of the flag captain Yan Shisan, but the Supreme Council of the League has not assigned them specific responsibilities, and the troops often return to Yuncheng when they have plenty of leisure.
It’s hard for two combat troops to get together in Yuncheng. Although there is help and deterrence, it’s inevitable that they will be in a hurry. According to the statistics of the General Administration of Supervision, there have been 163 provocative incidents between the two sides these days, and there have been more than 23 serious cases of direct use of flying swords and magic weapons.
In terms of the total winning rate of fighting, Wudang Black Skull Flag won nine times, but there were two five-class people in the black Skull Flag, one more than the Fuehrer Flag Team, and the nine-headed bird deputy flag-bearer, according to the class discipline and regulations, made those opponents suffer a lot.
This fine is big. Although Yan Shisan doesn’t want to cause trouble, the first officer of the flag team can’t stay out of it. Two five-class people go to the fighting field, and the players of the flag team have to weigh how much money it will cost to fly this sword.
The five core points decided to pull these full-bodied guys out. Since there is so much energy, let’s cut monsters. It’s also a contribution of the alliance to pull out Cloud City, so that the General Supervision Department can relieve some pressure.
It took three hours to inform the joint forces to wait for the player’s line. The line rate of the two big flags is 90%, which adds up to more than 4,000 combat power. It is almost the same to let these guys out and bite those green scales beasts and add seven steps to help each other.
In view of the confidentiality of things, five core points have temporarily established a regulation, and insiders are not allowed to disclose Xuanyuanling’s affairs. Violators are no exception. With this most stringent regulation, I think this matter can be concealed for a long time.
In the evening, the Shennong allied forces set out unobtrusively in the thick night, divided into ten marching columns at half an hour’s interval, and all the allied forces arrived at 2: 30 in the morning. For various reasons, 200 to 300 people fell behind halfway, but the overall combat power was damaged.
When we arrived at Qiaoshan site, Fang Da, the chief of Fangda, led Qi and Tang chop to the tunnel to meet the original treasure team to meet them. There were not only seven steps to become a corpse, flying in the wind, falling flowers, flowing water, sweet potatoes, and people who had compassion on flowers, but also several players who were members of the Seven Steps to Recruit Explorers.
For example, the explorer’s organizational rank is one step higher than that of the mountain gods’ mission. Although there are more than 170 people in the whole organization, few of them have been stationed for a long time. They are all looking for adventures everywhere, looking for immortals and caves, and excavating all kinds of treasures. However, although the organization is loose, the strength is good.
Three of the five core points of the explorer have positions in the longevity list, although the ranking is relatively low, but it is also very amazing. You know, now there is no one in Shennong Alliance, and the family ranks fifth in the evaluation of the Nineteenth Order of Qing Dynasty, with a total ranking of 221.
An organization with more than 100 players can rank fifth and surpass many thousands of organizations. Although the decree of the 19 th history of history is not a fraction, the general strength of each organization is almost true, which has proved the strength of the explorer from one aspect
Seven steps to attract these people have a good friendship with him. Plus, the members of the Explorer organization are not talkative people. Wu Chi, sweet potato and other talents agreed to take seven steps to recruit people. These masters are to deal with powerful monsters and are the main attack force.
Sweet potato, flying wind, falling flowers and flowing water have not been recruited. Probably, people are tight-lipped, kind, strong and nice, and there are few people. The explorer organizes the highest position among the people, which is the fifth core of the explorer-water shines in the sun.
Knowing this person’s identity, people in the alliance dare not neglect. After a while, Tang Jian asked, "Brother Shui dares to ask if there are people in the forum?"
The water shines on Yang’s handsome face without saying a word. At first glance, he looks like a good young man. At first sight, he knows that he is a relatively easy-going figure. He laughs, "I’m Xuantai Pingyutian and Tang Dage. That’s a thousand miles away. I’m a pawn this time. I’ll obey Tang Dage’s command."
"Xuan fetal flat education day … water shines in the sun …" One side of seven muttered suddenly exclaimed, "Water shines in the sun … water strikes three thousand miles, sunshine is ninety thousand feet, water brother, but you are the water shines in the sun."
Shuizhaoyang laughed. "It’s just that Bucai didn’t think that I, the last pawn, was not worth a damn. Seven brothers have heard of it."
Seven wry smiles: "If you are a middleman or a pawn in the blue sky, then what kind of water am I, man? I can’t get away with it if you talk like that."
Next to the seven-step corpse, Fang Da, the chief executive, told him that the "Blue Sky Fu" was a property of the special title of "Xuan Bei Ping Yu Tian" and "Danshui Tsing Yi Qing 17 San Ren".
The poem "Blue Sky Fu" is a few lyrics, in which the lyrics are either harmonious or moral, which refer to some strongmen. For example, the sentence "Water strikes three thousand miles and the sun shines 90 thousand feet" means that the water shines on the sun.
Another awesome person. Not only is the forum doing well, but the game is also good. Like himself, it is a core party. The chief stared at the water shining in the sun, and the water shining in the sun even said that he didn’t dare to see the ceremony again. This brought a lot closer. The interests of the forum’s strong people were not balanced, so he naturally got along well.
Several other explorers have passed the level 50, which seems to be very strong, but in the end, the actual combat power has to be seen before they know that there is no powerful skill, no powerful magic weapon, and flying sword. Your level 50 is not as good as your level 30, and you are not as polite as everyone.
Tang chop secretly lose when the ear has heard a voice "Tang Xiong BBS system is about to re-transport the position of the Executive Committee of the Arbitration Commission. I don’t know if Tang Xiong has considered it, but if Tang Shao is interested in it, I can …
Just as the two strongmen were negotiating the transaction in the dark, Fang Da’s chief called the seven-step-into-a-corpse divine boat to prepare to go to the ground to inject a little magic into several senior and middle-level commanders of the flag team so that they could see that the construction site was in the ordinary flag team members, so there would be no such treatment.
The Mitian Daoism is nothing but a blind trick, not actually changing the shape of things. It is necessary to enter the circle area, where the scenery naturally appears. Ordinary members of the flag team should follow the commander’s direction and enter the underground cave safely.
When the two flag team sites of Shennong Alliance entered the thick soil, it was already in Lebanon. At this time, the project of Lishan Mountain, which is far away from Chang ‘an, was completed. At the entrance of the passage, President Yanchi heaved a sigh of relief and looked at the vast yellow fog. "Finally, Miss Feng Feng came to see us."
Two people a moment in a black cassock wind fierce way "Qi Xin together to give through the six days also don’t waste our hard work a XuanYuanLing six days must have a lot of good things, two then still hope don’t have a contradiction, make us white kung fu these six days hard".
Members of the joint engineering command team of the three organizations, i.e., the Long March, the Sword Seeking and the Fairy Way, and the Good Morning Women’s Group, won the acquisition of equipment, magic weapons, flying swords and roads in these six days, which were all negotiated and distributed by the three of them and contested by other high-level organizations.