I nodded gratefully at them and said, "Thank you, you are our brothers! However, since we are brothers, some words have to be made clear. Brothers who can help will definitely let you help. If you can’t help, let me bear it alone. "
"Crazy, when we are brothers, we can’t say such things. If you are brothers, help if you can, and help if you can’t. This is the brother who lives and dies together! "
"Yes!" The three wolves echoed: "We will go wherever the boss goes, and we will never back down!" "
"I …"
"All right, don’t talk so much nonsense. I know you mean well, and I might listen to you in reality, but this is a game. If you don’t even have the courage to sacrifice the first level, the old thief is not worthy to be your brother! Honey, give that thing to the madman. "
The thief took out the little skin from her bag and handed it to me without hesitation.
I took it and saw that I didn’t know those symbols at all. I returned it to the thief’s hand and said, "You’d better take this thing. It’s useless for me to bring it."
The thief woman took a chuckle and said, "Crazy people also have problems that can’t be solved. It seems that we also have strengths!" So he pretended to pick up Xiao Pi-nian and said, "I have been guarding the nameless island for more than a thousand years, and I found an ancient god hidden somewhere in the island. After unremitting exploration, I finally got a glimpse of where it is. ……”
It’s all some ancient prose, and I heard three wolves one leng one leng, and I only heard a general idea. When the thief finished reading, with a hard hand, the skin immediately turned into powder, and the breeze blew and flew around.
"Sister in law, what are you doing?"
"Crazy, this is the rule of our line. Don’t worry, my wife’s unforgettable kung fu is better than mine, and she won’t forget anything on the skin. "
The thief nodded at me at the words of the black thief.
"Actually, it’s good to destroy it. Anyway, we can’t find it for a while."
"No, you can understand such ugly ancient prose?" The black thief’s surprised expression is exaggerated.
"Yes, we don’t understand at all." The three wolves are all confused.
"You don’t forget, I am a doctor. Most of the essence of Chinese medicine is recorded in ancient Chinese. How can I not understand what my sister-in-law just read? Well, as long as she can write down the specific location, it’s not too late for us to look for it then. You have to understand that the original intention of the walker was to set up these sacred objects. Therefore, we are determined to win it. "
"All right, we understand. Go find Hei Hu! When we get to his site, we have to cheat him into something. Let’s go! "
"Stop! What person? " Just out of the forest, an orc dressed in women’s clothes appeared in front of him.
"Who do you care who we are?" The black thief walked ahead and he got into a conversation.
"Hey hey, you don’t say, do you?" With a long whistle, he turned into a beast. It turned out to be a panther. His claws had already crossed the beautiful face of Zhang Jun, and deep red blood was dripping down his cheeks.
"Ha ha ha ha, dare to disrespect me, this is an example!" The orc burst out laughing proudly.
Distressed, the thief stepped forward and pressed the black thief’s wound, and tears flashed in her eyes.
The black thief said nothing, pushed the thief woman gently and scolded, "What an asshole! Dare to do it to your uncle, look at it! "
No one expected that the orc would suddenly start work. Although the black thief’s injury was not heavy, it did make us all have a fire in our stomachs. There should not be many people who don’t know me in this Hei Hu territory. The black thief once stayed in Hei Hu for a while. Supposedly, there should be few people who don’t know him. But this female orc just started to make moves. How can people not be angry? Therefore, the thieves fought back, and I didn’t stop them.
The speed of orcs is naturally faster than that of humans. But black thieves are not equal to ordinary human beings. This orc obviously can’t catch up with the black thief in speed. With only a few efforts, the black thief used the short dagger in his hand to transform several claws of the orc woman into an animal.
This time, the female orcs have lost their previous arrogance, and the whole person has become nervous. The Black Thief can see clearly that the unique Hei Hu sign on the female orc indicates that she belongs to the Hei Hu gang. In order not to embarrass Hei Hu, the thief returned after he succeeded. As soon as the black thief retreated, the female orc launched a tiger again: "Well, I actually bullied my mother. Let’s see how I can clean you up!" " Say that finish face upwards whistling, sound travels dozens of miles away.
After a while, waves of roar came from the forest not far away, which sounded like the sound of troops marching. Sure enough, hundreds of orcs rushed to the back of the female orcs. Those people, impressively, including Hei Hu.
"Wife? What’s the matter? Who bullied you? I will avenge you! " Hei Hu said as he looked at the injuries of the orcs.
This dead guy, with so many people, didn’t even look at the enemy. When did Hei Hu become so hoes before bros? I’m not coming out to say hello, but I want to see how this guy wants revenge.
"Husband, look!" The orc showed Hei Hu the injured broken claw and cried, "You must avenge me!"
"Oh, this is great! I ….. "Hei Hu next to a familiar figure is vigorously tearing his robe, I looked intently, turned out to be the Wolf evil.
"Hey hey, you? How do you want to avenge your wife? " The black thief’s smile is fascinating and does not pay for it.
"ah! This, this, this, how can it be you, you? " Hei Hu saw the black thief’s face clearly, and his speech was a little incoherent.
Three wolves helped me out from behind the bushes.
"ah! Brother Xiao! You, are you here? " Hei Hu exclaim 1 again.
When the orc saw Hei Hu’s face when she saw us, she was puzzled. She shouted, "Husband, it’s them, you are quick to avenge me!"
"Xiaoya, I’m afraid this revenge can’t be reported!"
"Why? Can’t you beat them? "
"Yes, I can’t beat your husband."
"Can’t we beat so many people?"
"Xiaoya, listen to me. This is not a question of whether we can fight or not, but that we can’t fight. Do you know who they are?"
The orc shook her head and said, "I don’t know. I asked them, but they didn’t say anything, so they fought."
"Well, you ah, what can I say? Come, let me introduce you. " Hei Hu pointed to the black thief: "This is a famous old thief and black thief. He was an elder of our Hei Hu Sect a month ago. The thief beside him is called Lan Xinhui, and he was also an elder of our Sect a month ago."
"ah!" The orc exclaimed, shyly hid behind Hei Hu, pointed her finger at me and asked softly, "Well, who is that?"
"Well, who else? There is only such a big red man in the world! "
"Xiao Hou? He is Xiao Hou? Impossible? " Said unexpectedly jumped out from behind Hei Hu.
Wolf evil stood in stitches and had to cover his mouth and smile.
I broke free from the help of the three wolves, walked up to them and asked, "What’s so outrageous?"
"I thought that Xiao Hou should be a tall and powerful man. How can he be like a consumption ghost like you?"
"Xiao ya! He is really Xiao Hou. How can you talk to him like that? He is injured now, and of course he is not brave. " Hei Hu pulled the orc to her side and said to me, "Brother Xiao, this is my wife, Sylvia. She is like a child. Don’t take it amiss."
"I’m all right. Look at what the old thief says." When I met my friends, I couldn’t even get up if I wanted to.