Xia Yu smiled and shook the child’s shoulder. "How do you know my name is Yu Yu?"
But the child gave her a confused look, and his head tilted and he fainted.
Xia Yu herself is predestined friends with this child and has made up her mind to save this child. Yu Pei, the only valuable symbol of her identity as a village head daughter, pawned it and invited a doctor.
After three days, the child still didn’t wake up
First she suffocated, then she was flooded. It’s not bad that she managed to get her life back.
Xia Yu decided to take the poor child back to her village to see the only doctor in their village.
She really can’t afford to spend it outside, and there is no silver to spend.
Blue Snow Palace Ruan Li has been preoccupied for three days and there is still no news of the fruit. She doesn’t know who ordered Abortion to take the fruit away.
Thinking about it, she thinks Bai Jin is the most suspicious
Because there is no reason for anyone else to take the fruit except her.
She was restless in the palace, and it was not easy for Xiao Liancheng to investigate for several days. He found that the maid-in-waiting of Abortion had cut off contact with outsiders before she entered the palace.
Why should such a person take away the fruit?
There is one reason, that is, being instructed, but the person who instructed her has no other choice but Bai Jin.
Besides, this abortion always listens to Bai Jin’s orders, and Bai Jin’s confidant claims to be outside.
After investigating these Xiao Liancheng dialogues, he was simply disappointed. He made up his mind to save the fruit even if he was fighting with Bai Jin on the hostile side.
These days, Bai Jin found that many puzzling people appeared outside the palace, one after another secretly surrounded it.
She frowns and sighs. It’s really a big deal. This flute is priceless. Did you start to doubt her because of Ruan Li’s words?
Does she need these dirty tricks if she wants to deal with Ruan Li?
Bai Jin disconsolate unceasingly cups of tea beside mammy looked distressed "empress, what can I do for you? Why don’t you tell grandpa four? He is your own son! "
Bai Jin cold hum "pro-son? An outsider said that he turned against me directly, and now people are secretly surrounding the whole palace. If I really do something, will he kill me with a knife? "
Bai Jin put the teacup in anger and frowned. "Still no trace of abortion and fruit?"
Mammy nodded and stood up angrily. "This dead girl has always been brave. If I catch her this time, I won’t skin her!"
Mammy sighed, "At that time, when the little princess cried, I felt wrong. I wanted to go out and see Nai Niangniang’s discomfort without people. After a while, the little princess stopped crying and I was fine. Who knows … Chapter 4 Fruit is gone."
Chapter 4 Fruit is gone
Mammy nodded and stood up angrily. "This dead girl has always been brave. If I catch her this time, I won’t skin her!"
Mammy sighed, "I felt wrong when the little princess cried. I wanted to go out and see if Nai Niangniang was unwell without people. After a while, the little princess stopped crying and I was fine. Who knows …"
Bai Jin face a shock at mammy voice trembling way "what did you say? Did you hear the little princess crying? "
Mammy nodded and almost fell down. Mammy gave her a hand. "What’s wrong with you, Empress? But what’s wrong with you? The handmaiden will go and help you to invite the accompanying physician! "
Bai Jin caressed his forehead and whispered, "Even the little princess is running …"
Mammy didn’t know what to do to comfort the little eunuch coming outside. "Grandpa Four is here-"
Bai Jin looked even uglier. Mammy wanted to help her, but she pushed her backhand away and strode to meet her. She just walked to the door and Xiao Liancheng came in cold and murderous.
Bai Jin frowned. "Is there any fruit news in Chengcheng?"
Xiao Liancheng glanced at Bai Jin with an expression on his face. "I came to ask you a word. Is the fruit in your hand?"
Bai Jin’s face was ugly, and she had been shaking her head slowly. "I don’t have the fruit. I’m afraid that the girl who did abortion took the fruit away because she was afraid that I would punish her!"
Xiao Liancheng looked at her tired face and looked like a fake knife-shaped eyebrows. "You’d better pray that the fruit is okay or I will never forgive you for a generation!"
Say that finish, he turned to leave for Bai Jin is a cold figure.
Bai Jin felt uncomfortable as if a big stone was pressing on his chest.
She held the table with one hand and covered her chest with the other. Mammy advised her before she saw it. She opened her mouth and coughed up one mouthful blood.
The mother was frightened to disgrace, called the physician and helped her caress her back. It took half a ring for Bai Jin to say that her voice was hoarse. "Am I wrong? Small chu hatred I now Liancheng don’t believe me … "
Mammy sighed and helped her to rest on the bed, and whispered to her, "Empress, you are old and not old. As the saying goes, your children and grandchildren have sun fu, but the emperor and grandpa four think too much!"
Bai Jin shook his head and stopped talking because Mammy helped herself to the soft couch.
The palace Ruan Li is watering the flowers, and the beautiful blue leaves and the tail of Fanghua are flourishing, and the blue lake sets off her skin.
She looked at the round water drops at the end of the blue leaf and put the watering kettle behind her. Then the maid-in-waiting knelt down and said, "General Girl Blue asks for an audience. It is said that there is news of the little princess!"
Ruan Li looked pleased and quickly turned around and wore a cloak to look at Lanlin striding not far away.
Without waiting for Lan Lin to speak, she hurriedly asked, "General Lan has news of the fruit?"
Lanlin nodded and some couldn’t say it. It is better to have no news with the news.
At least there is hope without news …
He bowed his head there for a long time, and if there is no news, he can’t say anything.
Ruan Li and others frowned and reached for Lan Lin’s shoulder. "General Lan, what happened to Guoguo?"
Lanlin looked up at her eager eyes, and the words of death stuck in her throat and were endured by herself.
He couldn’t say Ruan Li and asked, "Is it not very good?"