Even Qin Shaojie, who was protected by Xuanyuan tactic’s protector, felt the surrounding temperature getting higher and higher.
"whoops." Maureen Sal seemed to feel something, shaking his head and whining, and generally surrounded himself with a thick layer of ice curtain with his own power.
"Ha ha, you are dead." Caesar suddenly burst into laughter, and the flames on his body became more and more dazzling.
"Not good."
Qin Shaojie was frightened. He found that as the flame became more and more dazzling, it had already penetrated the insulation of Xuanyuan tactic, and his clothes actually began to burn.
Without much thought, Qin Shaojie quickly threw Caesar aside, and came to Maureen Sal with a flicker, grabbed Maureen Sal and broke through the window directly.
Qin Shaojie grabbed Maureen Sal and just left, there was a loud explosion in the room, and then a flame came out of the window.
There was another sound, and this five-star hotel, which was twenty stories high, went up from the eighteenth floor and collapsed completely.
"My uncle." Qin Shaojie stepped on the amber sword, clutching Maureen Sal in his arms, and could not help swearing.
I hope no one lives on the third floor except these four people, otherwise the casualties will be too great.
He glanced at the hotel that was still burning, and Qin Shaojie grabbed Maureen Sal and left quickly.
Chapter 502 Whip candle handcuffs
"Last night, a five-star hotel in our city was violently exploded and collapsed. After on-site investigation, experts said that it was caused by the aging of the line. According to the current news, because it was not the tourist season, there were no people staying on the 18th to 20th floors where the explosion collapsed, and no casualties were caused. Please pay attention to our follow-up report for relevant information."
Underground in the Special Operations Department, Qin Shaojie is sitting in a chair, watching the news reported on TV, which happened last night.
At that time, the door was opened from the outside, and Kong Ming came in from the outside with a straight face.
"How about it?" Qin Shaojie asked in a hurry.
"Just like what I said on TV, the top three floors, except those four people, no one else is staying, but." Paused, Kong Mingcai said. "The waiter on three floors died."
"Bastard." Qin Shaojie smashed it on the table next to him. The news annoyed him greatly.
He didn’t think that Caesar’s flame would be so fierce that his protective body was penetrated by it, and even his clothes were burnt black. If he hadn’t flashed fast, I’m afraid even he would have been burnt to coke.
"Mama of, careless." Qin Shaojie dark scold, looking at Kong Ming asked. "I caught a, the other three? Didn’t find it? "
"No." Kong Ming shook his head and said. "We sent people to investigate in the explosion center, and there was no body. Except for three waiters who were killed, even a piece of meat was not found."
"No one?" Qin Shaojie said in surprise. "How is it possible, even if that Caesar was killed by himself, what about the other two? By the way, one is Rogge, a wind power, and the other is Joseph. I don’t know what power it is. Are they not there at all? "
I don’t know. Kong Ming shook his head and said. "This matter has a great influence, but it has been suppressed. Now, it’s up to you By the way, do you want to inform the people in your bureau to help? "
"no need." Qin Shaojie immediately denied Kong Ming’s idea.
"According to the present situation, that Caesar is certainly not dead. Even if they come, they will die. "
"But." Kong Ming hesitated and said. "Are you all right? Now it seems that you have suffered. "
"Shit." Qin Shaojie wasn’t so happy, looking at Kong Ming shouted. "Hole bureau, how can a man say no? I was just careless. I didn’t expect this guy to play with me to blow himself up. Don’t let me catch him, or I’ll castrate him. "
"All right, don’t use it." When something went wrong, Kong Ming didn’t bother to listen to Qin Shaojie complaining.
"What about the woman you brought back?"
"You take it for questioning." Qin Shaojie asked doubtfully. "Yuan Qingfei is not going to study? Interrogate and interrogate first, and then hand it over to Yuan Qingfei. "
"no way." Kong Ming shook his head with a wry smile and said. "Our people can’t get close to her at all. The room where she is now closed has been turned into a fairy tale world by her, and no one can get close to it. None of us could have stopped her if you hadn’t tied her with that rope. Therefore, you have to ask questions. "
"good." Qin Shaojie promised to come down without saying anything, and turned to the door.
Damn it, it’s your red-haired ghost captain who made you so embarrassed. Hum, your captain has run away now, so I’ll take your knife.
Don’t you want to play? I’ll give you a set of whip, candle and handcuffs to have a good time with you.
When Qin Shaojie came to Molinsar’s room, he realized what the fairy tale world in Kong Ming’s mouth meant.
I saw that the walls of the whole room were wrapped in a thick layer of ice, and the ground was thick, and there was no ankle-deep snow, and there were fingernail-sized snowflakes falling from the air.
This room has been turned into a world of ice and snow by Maureen Sal with her powers.
Different from winter, Moline Sal’s snow with power is even colder. If it weren’t for Qin Shaojie’s practice, ordinary people really couldn’t get close. I’m afraid I just entered the room and was frozen to death.
"It’s very emotional." Qin Shaojie gave me a crooked smile and said. "I’ll count to three. If you don’t put away your stuff, we have nothing to talk about."
"One" said, and Qin Shaojie counted up.
Before Qin Shaojie could count to two, the ice and snowflakes in the room slowly subsided at the speed visible to the naked eye, and soon they all disappeared.
"Oooo" Maureen Sal stared at Qin Shaojie bitterly, but he couldn’t say a word.
"Very obedient." Qin Shaojie smiled and waved his hand, then he took back the real yuan that sealed Maureen Sal’s mouth.
"Bastard, you are an asshole. You killed Captain Caesar." As soon as he recovered, Maureen Sal looked at Qin Shaojie with hatred in his eyes and cursed him.
"That’s interesting, you said I killed the red hair ghost? Hum. " Qin Shaojie said with a snort of cold. "Do you want him to play with fire and set himself on fire?"
"You killed it, you killed it." Maureen sal shouted angrily. "I will kill you, and I will kill you to avenge the captain."
"Good good." Qin Shaojie said. "You can kill me if you want. Let’s talk about it when you are free. Now, you are the meat in my pot. As for stewing you or cooking you, it’s up to me."
Qin Shaojie said, and put his hand into his pocket, and then took out a pile of things and threw them on the ground.
"Well, whip, candle and handcuffs, choose one." Qin Shaojie picked his chin at a pile of objects on the ground.
"You …" Molinsar saw this pile of things and knew what it was for, but he was helpless.
"Why? Don’t want to choose? " Qin Shaojie laughed and said. "Don’t choose, just tell me what I want to know."
"Hum." Maureen Sal snorted, and simply turned her head away from the face that made her hate and angry.