"Is this guy crazy to kill people?" Hua Yao murmured. Although he usually opposes these great teachings, he will never kill like Zhuge Liang.
"It’s terrible …" Feng Wu’s charming face was slightly pale, and she made up her mind that even if she offended anyone, she could not offend this malefic in the future.
Compared with the wind dance, Han Yue’s face is equally pale, pale without a trace of blood. With the concerted efforts of so many descendants, Zhuge’s lackluster footwork has not been stopped.
Han Yue looked at the South Emperor with a complicated face and looked forward to the South Emperor’s help. Just at the moment, I don’t know how. The South Emperor just stood in the distance with a cold face, and didn’t mean to make moves. His eyes stared unblinkingly at Zhuge and his Qinglong broadsword.
Zhuge Liang once again cut off the head of a great master and forced him to come to Korea step by step. Tsing lung broadsword raised, sharp knife mans as to tear the sky.
"psst ~ ~"
The voice of the frequent breath of air conditioning sounded in the crowd, and everyone showed the color of fear. Did he want to wave a butcher knife at Han Yuexian? Such a stunning woman, he should also go to hand?
Zhuge didn’t light up and directly answered the crowd with actions, and the knife pointed to Han Yue. So what if it’s a truly beautiful country? Isn’t the original Zhu Yan fairy also a rare beauty? Even in terms of beauty, it is even better than Han Yuexian, but the final end is also a pile of bones.
"Uncle Nan Huang ~ ~" Han Yue’s beautiful eyes turned pale with panic and looked at Nan Huang for help.
At that time, the silent South Emperor finally couldn’t help it. His blood-stained palm has once again regained its glittering and translucent brilliance. A big handprint went hard towards Zhuge’s unlit seal, and the place where the big handprint passed, the space fractured and the void collapsed, just like the palm of an extinct god.
"Break it for me!"
Zhuge turned around and cut a knife when he was not bright. At this moment, two threatening rainbows were shot out of Zhuge’s unlit eyes. Behind him, a huge blue figure appeared. This blue figure seems to be integrated with Zhuge’s lack of light, and heavy coercion is rolling in. Everyone feels suffocated under this coercion.
"The power of the immortal!" South emperor is also a facial expression.
The knife-awn smashed the palm of the god of extinction played by the Southern Emperor, and Zhuge jumped on Han Yue with his Qinglong broadsword at dawn, and the amazing knife-awn cut out horizontally, almost drowning the whole sky.
"no!" Korea month mournful screams, and his face was completely scared, and she even felt the death beckoning to her. The spiritual force in the body gathered crazily, and Han Yueyu’s palm jerked forward, and the spiritual force surged out like a torrent, trying to stop this amazing knife.
The place where Dao Mang passed destroyed everything, and the attack of Han Yue was so vulnerable under this amazing Dao Mang. Blue knife mans flooded heaven and earth, accompanied by a mournful scream, Han Yue’s body and Yuan Shen turned into a blood fog under this knife mans.
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Chapter 605 GuXing
Chapter 615 GuXing
"Kill … kill, kill again."
"After Zhu Yan’s fairy son, Han Yue’s fairy son also died in the hands of this perverted murderer. God, who can stop this man’s devil’s move?"
"The devil, this guy is definitely the reincarnation of the devil!"
Zhuge stood in midair, bloodied, clutching Qinglong broadsword, with a ferocious smile on his mouth.
"You …" The Southern Emperor glared at Zhuge Liang, who was a half-step immortal. I didn’t expect Zhuge Liang to dare to kill people under his nose.
"You what you!" Zhuge grunted softly before it lit up, and Qinglong broadsword pointed to the South Emperor: "Don’t play in front of me.
The majesty of the emperor is useless! "
"Psst ~ ~ Hehehehehehe ~ ~" The South Emperor took a deep breath and smiled coldly, saying, "It seems that it is really difficult to give an account to the three domains if I don’t kill you today!"
As he spoke, there was a sudden sound of thunder and wind in the south emperor’s body, as if there were a storm brewing in his body, and a monstrous momentum shook the sky with it. The body of the Southern Emperor is filled with fairy light, which seems to be the return of the Archaean Great Fairy.
Zhuge’s dim eyebrows are gradually locked up, and his eyes are dignified. He knows that he will face an angry fairy, which will be a fierce battle for life and death!
"That weapon in your hand should be a fairy treasure. You, a junior, are not qualified to use such fairy treasures!" South emperor cold drink a way, some hot eyes staring at the various ge is not bright in the hands of tsing lung sword.
"Xianbao! What! Zhuge Buliang’s hand turned out to be a fairy’s treasure! "
"No way, the magic weapon of the immortal. It’s hard to find a second one in the whole world. How did this guy get it?"
South emperor’s words immediately caused a sensation in the crowd, and many people were staring at the Qinglong broadsword in Zhuge’s hand.
"Come on!"
Zhuge grasped the Qinglong broadsword before dawn, and the momentum suddenly climbed to a peak, shooting two substantial iridescent lights in his pupil. And the blue figure behind him also opened his eyes, also shot two threatening rainbow light, let out a deep muffled roar.
Roar shook the heavens and the earth, like a heavenly drum thundering, like a heavy hammer knocking in people’s hearts, making everyone tremble with Yuan Shen. Even the South Emperor’s face changed and his eyes became dignified.
The passionate dragons sounded, and Zhuge turned into a dragon and went straight to the South Emperor. The dragon broadsword was unstoppable.
"Hum!" The South Emperor snorted, and I don’t know when a halberd made of perfect crystal appeared in his hand.
The halberd pointed to the sky, and the bright light broke out from the halberd, and it was at loggerheads with the Qinglong broadsword, and the sound of the symphony was harsh, as if it could directly penetrate people’s minds.
"Ahhh! !” Zhuge danced wildly without bright and thick black hair, and his eyes were full of madness. Qinglong broadsword was cut horizontally and vertically, and the knife awn tore nothingness and collided with the light of halberd.
This piece of heaven and earth was completely turned upside down because of the battle between two people. The mountains collapsed and Gangfeng swept through, and even in this Gangfeng there was a terrible mountain of destruction.
"Back! Stand back! " Some descendants of the Great Religion shouted, their faces changed greatly.
But it was too late. Under this terrible fluctuation, countless disciples of the Great Sect were involved on the spot, and even the bones were not left and turned into a mass of blood.
Everyone falls back crazily, and this mountain range has completely collapsed and turned into a desert, and the space has been broken into a void. However, only the location of Suzaku Xianjun’s tomb is still intact, and there seems to be an invisible force guarding Suzaku Xianjun’s tomb.
Zhuge danced wildly without lighting his broadsword, and swept out, with his knife and awn traversing all directions.