"Well done, Kota Duck, speed up!" Aaron said that Aaron is practicing surfing on the back of the Kota Duck. Aaron knows what will be better than water skills in the summer trunk road pavilion. In the original animation, it is better than water guns and water guns, which makes Slowking with super powers better. Aaron has water magic baby with fossil helmet, sickle helmet, ammonite beast, prickly ammonite beast, giant stinging jellyfish, water turtle, Kota Duck and hippopotamus wang qian. 4 He is not good at riding the waves and taking out giant stinging jellyfish. I am afraid it will destroy the seabed terrain around the island. Is Hippopotamus King also very good at riding the waves? And the arrow turtle, Aaron knows that the trainer in the opposite Dojo is also an arrow turtle. The arrow turtle is about 1.6 meters in normal height, but that Dojo trainer, the arrow turtle, thinks it is well developed. According to Aaron’s impression, the arrow turtle is less than one and a half meters tall! The body size is not comparable, but the opposite is the Taoist trainer. The level must be not low. In the case of similar level, Aaron knows how many advantages the body size meeting has. In this way, the Kota duck is very fast, but Aaron feels that it is not comparable to the Taoist trainer, the water turtle.
"Wait, the race is not just about riding the waves. I remember that the rule seems to be to get to the opposite side first, so there is a way!" Aaron thought he wouldn’t lose this time.
Aaron Xiao Xia Xiaojian and the Poké mon were having breakfast when Miss Joey came over.
"Aaron’s poké mon have all recovered," said Miss Joey. Suddenly, the poké mon appeared in the hall …
"Oh, it’s great that you’re all back." Aaron went forward and squatted and smiled and said to the Poké mon, and the Poké mon all cried with a smile.
"Well, now you are free. Go back to the place you want to go." Aaron said with a smile that the Poké mon cried happily for a while before they started to leave, but water sprite, who was saved by Aaron, still stayed where he was …
"What’s the matter? You can also go home." Aaron smiled and said to water sprite, but water sprite shook his head and called Aaron a few times.
"This little guy said he wanted to be your Poké mon," Super Dream said.
"water sprite, do you want to follow me?" Aaron asked water sprite nodded and called one with a smile
"Really? Then I’m going to accept you." Aaron squatted down and took out a Poké Ball from the waist. He pressed water sprite Mahua red light in water sprite and put it in Poké Ball. Aaron Ma didn’t struggle and let water sprite out. As soon as water sprite came out; The two Ibrahimovic played together, and Ibrahimovic was also very happy.
"Xiaojian, get me a Bobby Poké Ball first. I’m full of Poké mon here," Aaron said. He threw a Poké Ball to Xiaojian and Xiaojian took it.
"Hi Joey, my Poké mon, please!" A woman ran into the Poké mon Center and shouted that Aaron recognized it at a glance as a trainer in the summer trunk road pavilion.
"Oh, Western Star, you’re back. How was the hunt for poachers?" Miss Joey asked with a smile, taking over the female Poké Ball.
"Oh, don’t take the poaching boat to escape faster than anything, and also call out a lot of stinging jellyfish to put ultrasonic waves to interfere with us, so that my water turtle and I can’t catch up and they escape," the woman said with a sigh
"Well, forget it. It’s not the first time I failed anyway. There’s nothing to sigh about," said Miss Joy with a smile.
"aye? Joey, what do you mean? " The woman deliberately put on a very angry look and said
"Ha ha ha, I’m sorry, I’m sorry," said Miss Joy with a smile.
"By the way, that teenager over there wants to have a Dojo competition with you," said Miss Joey and pointed to Aaron.
"oh? Do you want to challenge me? " The woman walked up to Aaron and said
"Yes, I’m a Long from Zhenxin Town to challenge the Summer Road Pavilion." A Long got up and introduced himself first.
"Oh, it’s higher than I expected." The woman looked at Aaron. "Well, you challenged me. The Southern Cross and the Western Star accepted it. You can come when I get back to the Dojo later." The woman said that she got Poké Ball back from Miss Joey and left.
"All right, let’s go," Aaron said after breakfast.
"By the way, Aaron, how do you know that man is a trainer in the summer main road pavilion?" Xiao Xia suddenly asked.
"It’s simple. The brain saw the photo," Aaron replied with a smile.
"The Summer Trunk Road Pavilion is just a short walk from the seaside." Miss Joy pointed out and said, "There are western stars, but they are very strong. Be careful." Miss Joy told her.
"Yeah, but I’m not weak," Aaron said confidently, and then he went out. Ibrahimovic, water sprite and Bobby followed, and Xiao Xia and Xiaojian followed.
Aaron walked to the summer main road pavilion. On the roadside, Aaron saw a coconut.
"This western star just came back. How did her brother set a trap so quickly?" Aaron thought, looking up, and sure enough, as Aaron expected, there was a bucket rope hanging on the surface, which was tied to the coconut with the fishing line.
"Ah, so talk about traps" Aaron sighed "Ibrahimovic shadow ball! Attack coconut! " Aaron ordered
Two Ibrahimovic horses at Aaron’s feet jumped out of the shadow ball, and two black balls attacked the coconut together, which smashed the coconut, and then the bucket fell down and the water washed over the original coconut.
"Ah, hateful people actually broke my coconut!" A child ran out and shouted at Aaron.
"Oh, that coconut is you. That just means you set that trap, too," Aaron said.
"Hum, even if you can get away with that trap, you will never win our summer main road museum." The child shouted.
"That should be said by your sister, not you," Aaron said with a smile.
"what!" The boy’s momentum was pinned down by Aaron.
"He’s right, Ada. Now you’re going to clean up!" The western star came out of nowhere and said to the boy
"But sister, these people are here to kick the pavilion!" The boy named Ada said to the Western Star.
"I know, if I kick the pavilion, I should fight back instead of you cleaning it up!" The western star shouted at the boy.
"Hurry up and observe the record!" Xiaojian said on the side that the speed of hand and pen moving on paper is not generally fast.
"Hey Xiaojian, what are you observing?" Xiao Xia leaned over and met with contempt. The painting was a western star …
Xiaojian didn’t answer. When he didn’t hear it, he continued to do his "observation record"
Aaron Xiao Xia Xiaojian and Poké mon followed the Western Star into the Summer Road Pavilion, and Aaron and the Western Star stood on both sides of the venue respectively.
"Come on, I’ll accept your challenge at any time!" Western star took out Poké Ball shouted.
"Come on, duel, duel!" Ada doesn’t know when she ran in front of the western star.
"Ada, get out of my way and watch and learn!" Western star is a Ada away.
"By the way, what is the summer main road museum?" Aaron asked
"Well, let me think about it, so today is better than water cannon and riding the waves." The western star thought about it and said.