"Good" NingMengMeng wiped her.
"Where did the cotton in Mengmeng go?" Su Yuyao asked strangely because she saw it being blown in the rain.
"I lost my place before" Ning Mengmeng explained.
"What? He just heard it." Su Yu Yao was surprised.
"Maybe, teacher." Ning Mengmeng smiled sweetly. Su Yuyao was full of anger and had no place to scatter.
Ning Mengmeng pulled the blindfold cloth and Ma Liang changed her posture to hold her, while Su Yuyao’s face was red with anger and her beautiful eyes stared at him intensely.
"Ma Liang, this matter will not end until my body recovers."
Put her to bed and Su Yuyao happened to see that he didn’t have the soft crotch, but he was furious. It was so rogue.
"Mr. Su and Mr. Ma are very nice to hear what’s strange and didn’t see it." Ning Mengmeng wondered.
"Mengmeng, I’m angry with the teacher now. Don’t talk to me," Su Yuyao said disgruntled.
Ning Mengmeng touched his little head and really didn’t understand it, so he went to help Ma Liang cook pig’s trotters.
Burned hair, washed, cut into large pieces, put salt directly into the pot, which seems simple, but it tastes good when it is boiled.
When I was in a daze, Ma Liang remembered the feeling when I was in the mountains with vanilla. It was so wonderful that I could bite even if I held it myself.
23 great beauty diseases?
"Teacher Teacher" Ning Meng dreamed that Ma Liang was stunned and waved his hand in front of him.
"What" Ma Liangmeng woke up.
"Didn’t you say you could ask you anything?" Her big eyes were naive.
"Is to ask" Ma Liangxiao smiled and touched the Ni head.
"It’s strange to ask my mother something I secretly saw." She simply sat down in Ma Liang’s arms and her tone was full of doubts.
"Sometimes when I watch her take a shower, she always likes to touch herself, her chest and her face. Sometimes her hands are not idle, and her expression is very strange."
What Ma Liang was shocked at that time? I couldn’t help but react at the thought that such a great beauty as Xia Xue actually touched herself in the shower.
"What’s wrong with you, teacher?" Ning Mengmeng felt a little ashamed but didn’t leave.
"Nothing you continue to say" Ma Liang is very curious.
"Once she happened to face me, and I saw her rubbing her face and shaking her body. After a while, she almost fell to the ground."
"I’m curious about rubbing my face. It’s a little strange. I’m too scared to rub my mother. Is she sick?" Ning Mengmeng asked back only to find that Ma Liang’s eyes were almost dull
Imagine a beautiful young woman who is slender, white and crystal clear in the shower, rubbing her private parts with her fingers, and her mouth is depressed and attractive, and she is happy and trembling when she breathes to the peak.
At the door, there is a little girl watching secretly and rubbing it.
Ma Liang is as hard as iron, and Ning Mengmeng is a little coquetry, calling him a little ass and rubbing it to make him feel comfortable. I wish it had been like this all the time and I really wanted to stick it tighter.
"Teacher" Mengmeng directly pinched Ma Liang’s thigh-she just came to her senses.
"What" Ma Liang woke up as soon as he ate the pain.
"I said, is my mother sick?"
Ma Liang thought for a moment and controlled the desire novel, "This is not a disease, but I can’t tell the specific teacher that you will grow up white."
"What grew up to be a white teacher? Tell me." She finally turned around instead of being next to Ma Liang.
"Ahem, this teacher is actually not white," Ma Hao said.
"Even the teacher is not white, then forget it, if it weren’t for illness."
The two men chatted intermittently, and it rained and stopped dinner. Ma Liang called Xianglan to eat pig’s trotters together.
This thing is much more expensive than pork, and it can be bought as a whole. Ma Liang hasn’t eaten it for a long time in his weekly salary.
Vanilla used to send money back from marijuana, but it was reluctant to buy it so expensive. It was also impolite to have an affair with Ma Liang, holding the baby.
Ning Mengmeng doesn’t like vanilla a little, but she goes to eat when she is called.
"Why isn’t the teacher from the county?" Vanilla wondered.
"I was bitten by a slacker when I was taking a bath in the river, and now I’m lying in bed and resting." Ma Liangduan brought a steaming pot of pork feet with rich meat flavor to make up for a woman.
"Sister Xianglan, Mengmeng, you eat first and I’ll go and see Teacher Su."
Su Yu Yao actually smelled the smell of meat long ago, and his stomach was glugging. He was really hungry, but he was angry at the thought of Ma Liang, especially when he came in with a smile and couldn’t wait to tear his mouth off.
"Teacher Su, do you want to eat something?" Ma Liang asked carefully. Su Yuyao looked very bad.
"Of course I do. Can’t you see I’m hungry?" She seized the opportunity to vent her anger.
"But you can’t move yet, or you can eat it when you recover."
"I want to eat now. I can’t move. You don’t know." You want me to wait for me, so you can’t eat Su Yuyao now.
"That line" Ma Liang was a little embarrassed and returned to the table with a rice clip to order.
"It’s really a big miss from the city who is so delicate." Vanilla sighed a.
Ning Mengmeng is chewing a big bone with a mouthful of oil. Anyway, you don’t need to be polite with Ma Liang. It feels good, just like being at home.
"Don’t say that. She can’t move."
"Yo love dearly" Vanilla charming look.
Ma Liang came to the room with a bowl, and Su Yuyao could hear the sound of vanilla in it, so he didn’t like that woman, and now he is even more disgusted.
"Teacher Su, how do you want to eat?" Ma Liang was at a loss.
"Help me up and feed me. I have to teach you this." She stared at her beautiful eyes.
Ma Liangen carefully lifted her up against herself and then bypassed her arm and carried the bowl.
Su Yuyao didn’t think much before coming, but when she actually fed it, she discovered how ambiguous it was, like lovers leaning together, and then my brother took chopsticks and fed it to my sister, nibbling at grace and love.