Thinking of this spring breeze, I felt that I was in a bad mood. I pouted and said, "Miss, it’s really too much to admire the side princess. Miss is a princess. It’s customary to admire the side princess every day, but she really regards herself as the Lord."
From Yun Qing’s face, he smiled shallowly. "I’m happy to be quiet if she doesn’t come."
Miss Chunfeng didn’t ask much, so she said that a handmaid couldn’t help it.
Walking all the way away from Yun Qing, I saw the so-called luxury acme.
Everywhere, you can see pavilions as exquisite as carved beams and painted buildings, making people feel like fairyland.
In the early spring, the garden has already blossomed and decorated the whole mansion.
It’s getting more and more remote all the way from Yun Qing’s cold face, and even ordinary cleaners are lazy to meet Yun Qing, who has not even been polite.
She also doesn’t care about the snobbery. She doesn’t get any benefit from how an imperial concubine who has fallen out of favor can curry favor with her.
I don’t know how long it took until the spring breeze called behind me, "Miss, it’s time to go back. I’m afraid it’s time for the temple to pick up Miss."
From Yun Qing, I stopped and raised my clear eyes and glanced at Wan Li Yuntian. "Let’s go back to Orchid Garden. If you keep the four emperors waiting for a long time, you have to look down."
She doesn’t want to cause too much trouble yet, so she wants to live in peace now.
The four emperors are quite shrewd and hide themselves too closely. She knows that the four emperors are not as simple as they seem.
I’m afraid it’s true ambition to fade away from that Chinese clothes and bones
Li Yunqing turned to go back along the road, but he heard a heartbreaking cry.
"My body is wrong. You can help my body plead with the temple. I will never dare again … just let my body go this time. Chapter 14 Let three points not be greedy for seven points ().
From the smell of Yunqing Jiuqu Corridor, I saw a young woman in rags and white face running forward, and all the maids behind her were panting.
Look farther away and you will see Mu Yue sitting at the Fiona Fang stone table with a seductive face.
There is a pot of tea with a book in her hand, and she suddenly kneels in front of her regardless of everyone’s obstruction.
From yun Qing leng for a while, what is this? Who is this crying girl?
"Miss, let’s go home. Don’t mind your own business and get yourself into trouble." Spring breeze woke up.
From Yun Qing thought that it was also her coming that provoked Mu Yue to get involved if things went wrong, and then she would be bored in the future.
Besides, she hasn’t learned the principle of drawing a sword to help each other when she sees rough roads.
It’s better to pretend not to see it
Thinking like this, she turned and prepared to leave.
Who knows that Mu Yue discovered the beautiful figure earlier and shouted "Yo! Isn’t this the imperial concubine’s sister? Where are you going in a hurry? See my sister incredibly don’t shout to let others look to say that my side princess has no statecraft. "
Mu Yue was followed by a servant girl who immediately called out "See the Four Empresses"
From say that clear figure slightly, slowly turned a little smile "what a coincidence! Desire for side princess also this this early in the morning to meet is really fate "
As he spoke, he moved the lotus step by step and stepped very steadily. When he came to the lotus pond, he took a look at the tearful eyes and kept kowtowing to the woman and asked, "What’s going on?"
Mu Yue snorted scornfully and glanced at the female talent. "This bitch called the temple’s heart. She came back from the drunken flower building last month, and my concubine got a little pampered. I don’t know what Ann’s heart is. She actually prepared a pot of white orchids for her sister on her wedding day. I ran into the temple and looked unlucky, so I let her stay in the cool pavilion."
Seeing Mu Yue smiling away from Yun Qing, I sighed in my heart. It’s really unlucky to send a pot of white orchids, but it happened that Mu Yue caught an excuse.
It’s not a taboo to give away nothing but red.
Besides, it’s bad luck to be in charge of the hundred-Li-Yi meeting. Maybe it’s because I’ve been pampered by my experience and longed for the moon. Seeing that there is resentment in my heart, Bai-Li-Yi’s nonsense just ended up like this.
I’m afraid I don’t want to deal with her now because I’m not favored and can’t stop her.
My heart suddenly climbed up and clutched tightly away from Yun Qing’s skirt. "The imperial concubine please help my body … I don’t want to go to a cool pavilion …"
Said again terrier pharynx for several times.
From Yun Qing thoughtfully, hold hands and sigh, "It’s not that the palace doesn’t save you, but it’s the palace that can’t help it."
Everyone is selfish.
There is no need for her to live in this place full of intrigue. Strangers should provoke Mu Yue and let Mu Yue plan herself.
Mu Yue’s face was smeared with smiles like poppies, and he said, "If I had known this, it would have been wrong. Sister Huang Fei wanted you to go to the cool platform to forgive me and go to the temple early in the morning, which really ruined my mood."