"Come here! You can see the spider army with less horses and less dragons! "
Beside GongLiang also follow the traditional broadcast live for you.
However-staring at the screen, people don’t need this at all!
Even just know that Aotian Long is gloomy and staring at this screen with great interest.
But in my heart, I am thinking about asking An Xiaoya where to buy this kind of monitoring head. It looks very awesome!
In particular, it is better to cooperate with various plug-ins of An Xiaoya system!
"Well, I turned the corner!" Gong Liangyin lowered his voice.
There is a feeling that wind and rain are coming.
Everyone is nervous.
And then—
"Less! Spider! "
"What spider?" I’m still wondering why the ground is shaking a little. Long Ao Tiangen didn’t look back and tried to attack the beauty spider.
"We are shooting spiders. What is it?" Dragon is a little surprised at what happened to his pastor.
"Small monster! Spider monster! " The priest felt his tongue was knotted.
However, the dragon is less satisfied. "Spider monster came and killed it just like before! What are you nervous about! "
The priest straightened his tongue just at this time. "Less! Exhausted spider mobs! Look back quickly! "
After finally telling the information, the priest felt that he was finally going to be liberated.
So many mobs, even if they are all level 1, they can’t beat them at all, okay?
It’s like ants are at the bottom of the forest, but the overwhelming tide of ants is that all living things can bypass terror.
There are spiders everywhere-they can’t beat them!
Die or go!
"go? It’s not that easy! " AnXiaoYa cold hum a hand-made video without slowing down is coldly looking at this group of people who are about to be swallowed up by spiders.
Long Shaoshao, since I know what you will do, I don’t want to spend my life as arrogant as I remember!
Then you will have endless disasters, and you will lose your money, your potential, your protection, your status and everything.
I’m the one who set the scene for you!
"Of course I can’t leave!" Xiaowan also clapped his hands and agreed with AnXiaoya’s idea.
"Let’s guess how long the dragons can resist?" AnXiaoYa suddenly revealed a nifty smile.
But there is a deep cruelty in this smile.
That’s cruel to a group of people like Long Aotian.
"Uh, half a minute?" Xiaowan guess
"I guess twenty seconds!" Xiaohu immediately followed up.
"I guess twenty seconds!" Gong Liang and Xiao Hu are together
"I don’t know, it’s estimated to be less than a minute." The gloomy car didn’t understand what these people were guessing casually.
"You all underestimate the dragon. I guess he can resist for at least ten minutes!"
An Xiaoya shook her hand and told an incredible story.
"How is it possible!" Xiaowan shook his head.
AnXiaoYa mysterious smile "I don’t know the dragon less rich? I don’t know if dragons are big or small? "
"No matter how long this team can last, at least the dragon will definitely last for a long time!"
An Xiaoya concluded
Yin Ming is also very clever. Judging from all kinds of clues, Aotian Long will definitely put his own protection first. He agrees with An Xiaoya’s idea that "I also think it should last for ten minutes."
"At the very least, the dragon is proud of heaven and man."