"Wait for a Winster to give you a necklace. You can try to contact him. He has spells. If he can come with Master stevo, we haven’t reached the end yet, and even if we want to leave, we can leave with him." From yesterday, a wave of blood eagles hit, and both of them were numb when they killed the blood eagle and killed their heads. At this time, when they were quiet, Ali woke up. He quickly thought of a way out.
"Winster" Krister breathed a sigh of relief and really forgot him. "I’ll contact him." After a few minutes, a door was sent in front of the two of them and Zhi Li came out. "How did this happen here?" Li Zhisi saw a mess at first sight. The original town full of vitality was like hell.
C? te d ‘Ivoire pointed to the gem and said, "Andariel has already called. We have done our best to stop Winster. Can you bring it to President stevo by sending goalkeeper President stevo? We still have some hope."
"Elder, I am a personal special power. Others are French. Elder stevo can’t get through. Christy quickly found that his feet were lying on the ground and he was not a group of girls. They were dressed. He was very familiar with" Ellie "and he was white in a moment.
"Didn’t you take Belle and them back?" C? te d ‘Ivoire puzzled and asked, "Elder, that’s because Belle’s breath has been consistent with mine." Zhi Li looked at Krister. "There are a few people in this world who I can change their breath in some ways to make the delivery door acceptable to them. Krister, your maid belongs to this kind of people, and it will take a long time for others to change." Krister and C? te d ‘Ivoire were disappointed.
Chapter seventy Mountain heavy water complex doubt road
The second volume Vertical cone Chapter seventy-one I have a dint to drop ten.
Chapter seventy-one I have a dint down ten will.
It’s disappointing to hear Zhi Li’s negative reply that it’s Crist or C? te d ‘Ivoire. stevo can’t come. Simply coming to Winster won’t help. "This gem is also interesting. It seems that it is similar to the Lord’s field, and it is necessary to go further and penetrate the whole field. If so, the whole region can cast spells remotely to combat such treasures. How did you end up like this?"
"Andariel can destroy the will power in the spell structure through the will. Although I will be able to mobilize the source of the torrent of heaven and earth to cast spells, it is not a mixture of the torrent of heaven and earth. Andariel can find out which will be attacked. If I really mean the field, Andariel will perceive it and there will be a vast source of the torrent of heaven and earth …" C? te d ‘Ivoire sighed.
"Is that so? Then I’ll give it a try. "Zhi Li roughly perceived it for a while, but at this time it was the soldiers who were guarding the Knights. The will was condensed into a whole, which made him grow stronger before putting it in the banner. Ordinary soldiers had been able to condense a master force. By now, they have merged the fallen magic elite, the fallen magic wizard, the sword magic wizard, and some of them are tenacious and have merged the elite force in the sword magic. By this time, their will is condensed, which is almost the fifth-order force.
"Winster, you?" C? te d ‘Ivoire can’t believe it. Looking at Zhi Li, he can’t even do it. Winster wants to try the situation. He suddenly noticed that Zhi Li’s skin "perfect blood" set foot on it and said that the body would reach the limit of extraordinary power, and the whole body would undergo a transformation. Since then, it has been a perfect human being. He has also experienced this process in C? te d ‘Ivoire. If he didn’t know that Winster would be a strong man? Thought of here, he was relieved to say that the strong will go to Andariel to try after listening to his words. What does this mean?
"This group of strange birds is really annoying." Zhi Li sensed that these birds were looking at him recklessly. Obviously, someone was watching him through the blood eagle. He was about to start work to eliminate the strange birds, but he did not prevent them from dissipating in the air one by one. It turned out that these blood eagle projections had been unable to resist and gradually dissipated.
Zhi Li mobilized the will of the guarded knights to unite, and it was almost instantaneous. Before his will, it was huge for a while, as if he had returned to the moment of saving refugees that day. But at that time, he couldn’t pack that force, but now he has the bearing capacity. As soon as his will was integrated, he was immediately perceived by the soldiers who were doing cohesion training. "I am very happy to see your performance, and now you really have the ability to protect yourself in this world. You need to have the strength."
Li Zhiyin reached the hearts of all soldiers by mistake through his will, and heard Zhi Li admire a sense of pride. "I feel your pride, but it’s not the time to be proud yet. An army is not a real army unless it has been on the battlefield. Now an opportunity is in front of you. I will fight the devil. I need your strength. Knights tell me, do you have the courage to face the devil with me?"
All soldiers can feel their own strength when they are United. This is not an individual, but a thousand companions. They gather their will and devour the evil forces. They already know that their own strong will is combined with a thousand wills. Which one is strong and gives orders? It is their Lord. Their hearts are like gods. When Li Zhiyi gives orders, they immediately get their response.
"Well, let me see your strength and let the devil see your strength and light your will." With the support of the soldiers of the Guardian Order, Zhi Li’s mana jumped directly from the third order to the fifth order. During this period, he studied Hirayama Seal’s many methods and various flexible movements. It was because his physical strength was limited and the soldiers’ will could not gather the minimum strength at any time to exert the maximum effect. At this time, he had enough strength and at this time, it was full of confidence to study Zhi Li.
With the knowledge that Phoenix often communicates with stevo about the rules, Zhi Li found that the field contest is actually a rule contest, and his reference printed by the sky is a relatively perfect product of the combination of the earth rules and conventional rules. When hundreds of thousands of tons of force are transported, a single force will be enough to drop ten, and a simple quality theory will make Hirayama prints wander casually-that is a poor force.
Zhi Li still doesn’t believe that anyone in this world can resist ten thousand tons of juli and the highest ten times of the earth’s rules. It’s no joke that there are rules and enough mana to protect the knights. Even the demon king Zhi Li dares to touch the real power. It is better for Zhi Li to make improvements if it is reflected and tested in actual combat.
"Winster, can you really do it? There is a demon king and three Defense of the Ancients opposite?" Crystal’s eyes are also on his skin. What if she doesn’t know? "Try it again," Zhi Li replied. He locked his will here through the miniature topographic map. He doesn’t even need coordinates because his will can run through the whole rune field through this topographic map
A delivery door opened Zhi Li’s escape robe near the Andariel Legion, and a small seal was thrown into the delivery door. The delivery door appeared opposite the delivery door for a moment and then disappeared. "You are such a convenient gem." Zhi Li sighed with emotion that if there is no miniature map of this gem, he would have to find another way to extend and manipulate Hirayama Seal beyond his own will.
Hirayama Yingen is an inexhaustible magic weapon. This magic weapon is not long-sighted. Zhi Li will be able to manipulate it freely, but he can see the spiritual world and can’t perceive the outside world. This magic weapon is not like people or other creatures. If they are people or other creatures, they all have their own sensory system.
If Zhi Li’s will is strong enough to forcibly occupy their will temporarily, then we can see the world through their senses, and project the will from the mental deficiency to the material world through their senses. Hirayama Seal lacks this sense. His will is rooted in blindness, and his recent research has made the method want Hirayama Seal to extend beyond his will and strike a blow. Then we can send crows to the sky before, and now with this miniature map, he even saves crows.
"What’s that? A stone? " Andariel, the demon king, has keen senses. Hirayama Yin knew "the power of saying fields and rules" as soon as she got close to her legion. Andariel immediately associated with seeing the other tower coming by sending spells through the blood eagle projection. A human couldn’t think of being a strong man in saying fields.
"Guardian knights knights see? That’s the Devil’s Legion, a demon king and three Defense of the Ancients. Today I will take you to fight with them. "Zhi Li shared the senses through the will connection and handed all the scenes he saw through the miniature topographic map to every guardian order soldier. With the senses sharing, Zhi Li clearly felt that each of them seemed to be ignited than the excited blood, so that he could move more powerfully.
Krister and C? te d ‘Ivoire nervously looked at Zhi Li’s flying stone. What happened when a piece of clothing turned into a stone? Soon the stone changed. It flew high, flying extremely fast, and flying higher than the sky was dark and a blood eagle. "See these strange birds?" We kill them with one blow. "
As Li Zhiyin sounded in the connection, the high school Hirayama seal exploded violently, and a huge net actually covered all the blood eagles. This is the new change that Zhi Li studied Hirayama seal. Since Hirayama seal can be turned into a dress, it must have enough mana to promote it to change into other things as needed, but it can also be "just a group of ordinary birds with strength."
Zhi Li clearly felt that the strength of this group of blood eagles is too weak to consume mana by a large number, but if it touches the targeted power, it will be a dish, and Zhi Li’s transportation at this time is to mobilize hundreds of thousands of tons of earth and stone to build Pingshan Seal and change hundreds of thousands of tons of earth and stone. If it is unfolded, it will be a mountain, but it will be impossible to maintain its relative density to give enough damage to the opponent. Although this big net is large, it is actually not even unfolded.
_ ____w_ w_ w___ _8_ __
With the opening of the net, the whole net pounced on Zhi Li, speeding up the speed. I really don’t hesitate to mobilize the mana, correct the conventional gravity rules, increase the gravity acceleration of the net by ten times, and increase the speed of a cover by 100 meters per second. The blood eagle is a group of ordinary birds. If you can avoid it? The birds all over the sky were captured by Li Zhi, and the net shrank while falling to restore its original state.
Andariel and directly spilled a mass of green poisonous fog to attack the net. Naida’s net body was earth and stone, and it regularly condensed her poisonous fog. Although it was strong, it also corroded a piece. With the contraction of the net, the whole net was "sparse" and there was a burst of noise. A piece of blood eagle with a number as high as 100,000 was squeezed in it, and it was getting tighter and tighter. When the net became a fully developed seal, the blood eagle in C? te d ‘Ivoire and Krister’s eyes was almost wiped out by Zhi Li, and hundreds of blood eagles escaped from the big hole corroded by Andariel.
"Damn" Andariel cursed a hundred thousand blood eagle Defense of the Ancients. I don’t know how much mana it took to be born, but it was destroyed by the opponent’s blow. It’s even more terrible that the hill is as big as the seal, and it’s just that the three Defense of the Ancients of the blood eagle nest are tied by the roots of the nest. Andariel doesn’t even think about this hill. Even if it’s an ordinary stone, it’s a terrible thing. What’s more, it contains the power of rules. This power can be avoided but not resisted hard.
Defense of the Ancients people feel that the mountains are getting bigger and bigger in a dark day overhead, and the acceleration speed of gravity is getting faster and faster at ten times. The whole gas is condensed into a solid in a small print, and the white gas is printed in a big print. Before the whistling gas, it has pushed the gas to be as thick as it is.
How can a paladin like Griswold be short of life-saving skills? He violently broke free from the blood eagle’s nest and bound a charge, bringing up a white tail wave, and the body impact gas burst into a thunder. After rolling through a breath, he rushed out of the coverage of the seal, and the skeleton mage of the ashes Lord also had the ability to save his life, and he was already out of Lacani Hugh. He also quickly flashed a person away and had a blacksmith. His strength was particularly strong, but Defense of the Ancients’s rule was to strengthen his body but he did not have the ability to move quickly and teleport.
See hill coping blacksmith roar loud, condense the regular surface to strengthen his body and swell violently. People have turned into monsters, and he is printing like a hill. He actually wants to seal the earth with a hard top, and the whole earth seems to be boiled, and it is like a big stone entering the water. The earth waves sweep around like ripples, and the earth contact instantly explodes, and the earth and stone fly high for dozens of meters.
The earth waves rolled around, causing several skeleton warriors and skeleton mages to be buried in the ground by the earth waves. Their strength may not die, but it is difficult to move. They can withstand the wave after wave, and the earth waves are repeatedly covered. With the earth waves covering the top, skeleton mages and skeleton warriors can’t resist the pressure brought by earth and stone, and the soul fire will be broken. Then more skeleton warriors and skeleton mages are buried in the ground, which can consume their own strength to strengthen themselves and wait for rescue. If the strength is exhausted, it will be difficult to be crushed to death by earth and stone.
Whether Krister, C? te d ‘Ivoire or the guardian knight who shared their vision and watched the battle through Zhi Li were all destroyed by this, and then the strange birds all over the sky were destroyed, and then the blood eagle nest was destroyed, which caused a wave of soil and buried hundreds of meters of skeletons around. Even several lords on the Andariel side wondered if the blacksmith could live.
Before the shock subsided, Zhi Li manipulated gravity to let Dayin slowly rise to the ground. Suddenly, the horizontal gravity suddenly rushed to the direction where Andariel was. Dayin rolled faster and faster, but there were obstacles. No matter how high the regional level was, skeleton soldiers and skeleton wizards could not live, but they all rushed to pieces.
Several people are either Defense of the Ancients or Devil, and their speed and reaction are far from blacksmiths. There is a foolish force. People get out of the way one after another in the face of the great seal. As soon as the great seal passes by, they start to turn to the direction of gravity and change the direction of transverse gravity again. Andariel suddenly condenses a cloud of dark green poison gas. This time, she is highly condensed and the poison gas hits the seal while avoiding the attack of the great seal. This corrosion rule is enough to corrode everything, but touching the great seal also makes the seal disappear.
Seeing that the seal was damaged, Li Zhigen brought up a large piece of earth and stone to repair the seal, and then continued to roll to them. So it rolled sideways several times in a row. The surrounding necromancer corps turned out to be alive. Andariel had a genial smile that it was nothing to go to them, but her necromancer corps flew away and could not immediately expand the field. A green ball in her center expanded to the limit of her will, and all the skeleton soldiers and wizards on the ground, together with two Defense of the Ancients, were instantly collected.
At this time, the first strike of Dayin went to the place and suddenly exploded all over the sky. The earth and stone lifted and flew. A fat man up to three meters jumped out of the pit. Zhi Li’s previous powerful blow turned out to be unable to bring him enough harm. It really shocked everyone to hit him in the soil. When the physical strength reached this level, Zhi Li knew that his body was strong and the earth density was not enough. Otherwise, the earth density was as high as Dayin’s, Hirayama Seal needed a blow to crush him into a paste.
"It’s you." Zhi Li manipulated the seal to get smaller and smaller, returned to its original state and flew away from the scene at a high speed, but he didn’t take it back. The seal flew all the way to 10,000 meters away before staying. As soon as the blacksmith jumped out of the pit, he sat down on the ground and gasped. Just now, whether the heresy was a rule or the physical force was running to the limit, otherwise he really couldn’t carry it.
Zhi Li, the blacksmith, had a rest, but he didn’t intend to let go of his other opponents. Hirayama Seal was fast and difficult to kill, but the blacksmith was relatively slow to respond. If he would let Hirayama Seal go, he would change his shape and become a shovel. Then Zhi Li would tightly lock the direction of gravity around Hirayama Seal, and began to change the direction of gravity. The shovel was fifty centimeters wide, and the shovel surface was just facing the blacksmith. Ten times the horizontal gravity Hirayama Seal began to rush at the blacksmith with an average acceleration of about 100 meters.
Because the volume is reduced, the air resistance is greatly reduced, but its mass will not be reduced, and the instantaneous impact surface will also be reduced. The pressure per unit area will be so strong that hundreds of thousands of tons of small prints will be added and ten times the acceleration of gravity will fly towards the blacksmith.
At this time, the blacksmith didn’t know that he was sitting on the ground to rest. Even Andariel was relieved to see the strange stone leave. Zhi Li saw that there was no target left, and the target was hurt to have left, but he didn’t want a crescent shovel to break at a high speed of 100 meters per second.
Chapter seventy-one I have a strength to drop ten
The second volume Vertical cone Chapter seventy-two Another village has a bright future.
Chapter seventy-two Another village
"Get out of the way." When Andariel discovered that the preparation field had taken the blacksmith in, crescent shovel took up a virtual white aerosol and condensed it on the surface. A shovel was extremely powerful in the blacksmith’s chest. The blacksmith’s reaction was relatively slow. After more than ten seconds of acceleration, the shovel was almost kilometers per second, and the distance of kilometers was instantaneous. He was even unlucky when he was shoveled from his neck. He saw a white light flying over the blacksmith and fell to the ground with a faint head.