"Besides, I’m pushing other cinemas to the limit. I have to leave a line. It’s always right to sell Chinese cinemas. Maybe we can meet organically after that."
"Hey, hey, okay, just count it. I’m waiting for you to achieve your little goal."
Can the small goal of "Su Cannon" 300 million box office be achieved? Anyway, people in the media and film industry are in decline. Although DreamWorks has a strong appeal, its fans are fiercer than others.
However, it is still a question of the amount of investment. If DreamWorks invests one billion yuan and says that it will collect 300 million box office to earn three times, then the film company will earn hundreds of millions of dollars in all aspects of the cinema. It is reasonable to take one billion yuan to earn 100 million and 200 million yuan. After all, you will not come without this amount, right?
But now you’re talking about taking a million-dollar movie to win a three-billion-dollar box office. Wow, you’re not kidding me. Then how much money do you have to make? You can do this. We’re still mixed up.
Is it the psychological dark side of human nature or something else? Anyway, unanimous ridicule is right and singing will ruin you.
It’s no fun bickering. We’ll see.
Less than three days after suluo negotiated with the cinema, when the cinema posted a poster quickly, the cinema announced that my savage girlfriend was pre-sold, "Pa" was a loud slap.
"My savage girlfriend premiered in Japan, and the Chinese film arrangement rate reached 92, setting a new record for domestic film arrangement. The first film arrangement rate exceeded 9, which was a Hollywood blockbuster."
"My savage girlfriend’s premiere pre-sale ticket is tight, and the new cinema price of the cinema leader is still difficult to stop the enthusiasm of fans."
"Too fierce, the digital price of the earth is sold out on the 15 th line."
"It’s hard to find a ticket for ten thousand people’s lanes, and the pre-sale tickets for Xingmei Cinema are also tight. The theater owner said that he couldn’t hold back the fans’ enthusiasm to consider increasing the film rate."
Hands-on crazy dreamer powder teaches you to be a man
The news that "the pre-sale amount has broken 100 million" has not been edited yet. Here comes the news that the pre-sale amount has broken 200 million.
"Are you crazy?"
"The pre-sale amount is 200 million, which is impossible."
Even as the sound of one’s voice died away
One day before the release of my savage girlfriend, the pre-sale has reached a record of 300 million.
"My God, how much do 300 million fans buy suluo?"
"Well, 300 million is ancient. That was yesterday’s data. Now it’s 400 million."
What’s the pre-sale record of the film arrangement rate? DreamWorks has been knocked over and rubbed. If this momentum is to premiere, word of mouth will not collapse.
Is 3 billion a small goal?
Chapter seven hundred and thirty-nine Film premiere day
DreamWorks’ new movie, my savage girlfriend, keeps rolling the screen, and behind this rolling screen, it is also stimulating people who are not interested in watching movies. I usually don’t watch movies. At that time, I saw that this movie was so cruel, so I also wanted to see it.
On the last day before the premiere, the pre-sale amount of the film rushed to 600 million, which brought down all the films in the country this year, which is so unreasonable
"600 million is nothing but a fan economy."
"That’s right. It’s only a hot day to build momentum by speculating in DreamWorks for a short time. After the premiere, there will definitely be an avalanche, but this fuck I do."
"Well, if the quality of the film is very good, it is absolutely the most correct to point out the word-of-mouth first. On the other hand, DreamWorks is covered with shame. It takes less than a week from the announcement to the screening, and its appeal is quickly sizzled when fans are excited. Hehe, if there are 100 million pre-sales after this cooling-off period, I will lose."
Scold and scold, and then I silently paid for a ticket in line.
Spray people expect it to be worth the fare, or the avalanche collapses in the end, which makes people happy, or the "Soviet cannon" will stop screaming, otherwise the pit owner’s character will definitely go back to face.
Fan economy is fan economy. Now we have to face the reality. People’s shadows are so fierce now. Now it’s just that Chinese fans are waiting for the premiere. Whoever they love in People’s Lane, DreamWorks is not afraid of no one watching fans. It’s as simple as not being able to buy tickets for the premiere day.
In a small county in Guizhou
A young man in the distribution department of Xia’s beverage group branch sent an invitation shyly.
"Little summer, let’s go to the movies together. The most recent fire shadow is my savage girlfriend’s premiere ticket. I grabbed two hey hey premiere tickets."
Xiao Xia is the super goddess of the department. No, that man has no illusions about her. She is eager to enter the distribution department from her shyness.
At that time, the manager looked straight. On the first day, he asked her to go to the office to talk about life. Everyone sighed and knew what it was like for the manager to talk about life.
Thirty seconds later, a scream came out and Xiao Xia was wronged. Baba, fifteen minutes later, the ambulance came and the former manager was taken away. The police station came and Xiao Xia was taken away.
In the end, Xiao Xia came back to punch the class the next day without anything. A female manager was sent over. There was nothing in secret. Everyone knew that the new manager was respectful to Xiao Xia.
"Little summer has a great background."