Is so far JiLan also didn’t take out a few bottles.
See who every bottle loud gurgling is a few mouth can move but let JiLan somewhat strange JiLan sure who drank half.
Then he satisfied himself with a hiccup, but instead of continuing to drink, he handed the cork to Wei Wu, who didn’t refuse.
But after he took it, he didn’t drink it, but put it in his arms
Qi Lan blinked. I don’t know if he is too sensitive or what’s going on. Why do you feel that these two people seem a little strange?
Satisfied, Wei wiped his mouth. "By the way, we found a lot of Ganoderma lucidum before. Just now, it was the biggest one. There are still many young men and husbands around. Do you want to go and see it?"
JiLan looked at the Soviet Union and nodded when he saw Xiaofulang was very interested. "Anyway, there’s nothing else. Just go and have a look."
Said who took the lead who five patrol followed several imperial went toward the mountain.
JiLan’s previous trips to the mountain were the one behind Zhuang or the one next to Chashan.
This time, however, they walked diagonally across the street from Zhuang, and it is not surprising that there is no obvious path in this mountain, because it is not far from Zhuang to hunt, and generally they will not come here to hunt.
"there are not many prey in other places because of hunting all the year round, but few people come to these mountains
So we have been in these mountains recently, and we found traces of wolves in the mountains. Wolves are social animals, and we had no hands when there were few people. "
As soon as Wei said, he frowned. This kind of thing, the wolf, will either be provoked or provoked, and will directly end the whole ethnic group, otherwise it will be poor in the future.
"There are wolves." JiLan was surprised, and then thought of this mountain. I don’t know how many wolves there are. It’s not surprising. "What you did was that if there are so many ordinary people in the Valley of the King of Medicine, they will even be shot as casualties."
"Then what should I do, husband? I’m reading that wolves eat people, too."
Sudan some afraid afraid can’t help to husband side by the by.
"Don’t worry" JiLan tight tight little husband’s hand and then look at the side of WeiWu "I remember WeiSi said WeiSan hidden and qigong best you see let him to find out the bottom of these wolves?
When we find out the number of these wolves, we will ask more people to catch them directly. If the imperial army is not enough, we can go outside and find someone. "
Wei Wu wanted to think, "But I asked Cang Steward to help me prepare some medicine that can confuse the smell and then let San go to the mountains to see."
"It’s a pity that the wolf meat can’t eat a wolf, but it’s a hundred pounds of meat." Who else can say this except Wei Yi?
Wolf meat is too rough and has a strange smell, which can’t be suppressed by cooking, frying, stewing and roasting. Even if occasionally a wolf is hunted alone, it will be skinned and left. Wolf meat is directly thrown into the forest to feed other wild animals.
JiLan hesitated for a moment "is not can’t eat"
"Really? Do you know how to cook wolf meat? " Who a surprise immediately to lead the way in front directly to JiLan next to at the moment and then conveniently by who five digress some JiLan glanced at two people didn’t say much "common practice I don’t know if I can give down the wolf meat that smell.
But if it’s made into jerky, it’s definitely not a problem, and jerky also has various flavors, spicy and spicy, and so on. "Said JiLan himself, and his saliva began to flood.
When he was in Qijia Village, he kept a few cows at home for a long time, but cows can’t be slaughtered at will. Even if he has Qiao Yue’s golden thigh to protect him, he can still be greedy. Now think about the wolf jerky. In fact, it will taste good, it will definitely not be too bad to eat, and the brighter his eyes will be. "Yes, yes, it is made into jerky, which is not only delicious, but also easy to ensure that it doesn’t take up space. Even when marching and fighting, carrying a few jerkies in your arms is better than carrying steamed bread, and it doesn
JiLan probably never imagined that just because he said these words, he became a victim of wolves. At that time, even wolves could not see one end.
"Great!" Wei Yi suddenly cheered up and grabbed Wei Wu’s arm and shook with excitement. "You should inform San to come and let him go to the wolves. Everyone said that delicious food must be very delicious!"
Then JiLan saw who took out a strange whistle and blew it up, but it didn’t make a tinkle.
However, it is not surprising that Sanwei appeared in front of them soon. They did not go too far, and Sanwei was claimed to be the fastest among the five guards.
Looking at Wei Wu talking to Wei San Jilan touched Ba, he felt more and more that Wei Yi and Wei Wu must have a problem.
Then JiLan sleeve was pulled back to see Xiaofulang pouting and looking at himself unhappily. "Husband, what are you looking at? I didn’t hear you talking."
"I’m sorry, Xiao Fang, but I found an interesting thing and I’ll tell you when I get back."
JiLan rubbed his little husband’s head and continued along the mountain road.
After the third disappeared from before them again, the party continued to move forward. This mountain is steep. In some places, Qi Lan had to rely on the strength of others, and the Soviet side was even more taken away by Qi Lan. Even so, the two of them were not discouraged, but their interest was getting higher and higher.
After more than half an hour, JiLan finally climbed a relatively gentle place.
Although I haven’t climbed the mountain like today for a long time, both of them are still breathing a little.
"You see, from here, cross a cliff and in front of it is where we found Ganoderma lucidum."
Who gave JiLan pointed to the direction is in the direction of their left hand side and go to the back.
JiLan a little rest at the side of the little husband lang "? Are you okay? "
Su Fang shook his head and his eyes were bright. It seemed that he was in a good mood. "I’m all right, husband. Let’s keep walking. Isn’t that to say that there is still a big movie?"
Compared with a big ganoderma lucidum, Su Fang is more curious about how much is a large piece in Wei’s mouth.
So the group continued to set out and turned a corner. Qi Lan found that the field of vision in front of them was instantly broadened. A slightly flat valley appeared in front of them, with steep cliffs on both sides and stars on the cliffs. Several big trees grew out of cracks in the rocks, and almost all other places were covered with moss.
JiLan conveniently pressed a moss, and a little water was squeezed out. Looking up at the cliff, it was about fifty or sixty meters high, and human beings looked particularly small in front of it, which also proved that nature was huge.
But at the moment JiLan didn’t mind these he think is another thing.
"Husband, what are you looking at? There is nothing on this side except moss."
Su Fang also learned from her husband, but unfortunately she found nothing.
JiLan is a mysterious smile turned to WeiYi and WeiWu "your eyesight is good to help me see if this cliff moss grows well? Is there a place where the heel protrudes? "
Although I don’t know what JiLan really wants to do, the two of them carefully observed it according to JiLan’s words. The defender nodded at five o’clock. "It’s fair to say that there are many protruding places on this cliff, but there are many weeds, and the moss grows well everywhere. Where there is no moss, it is also wet, just like there is water leaching from the stone."