In the end, the kite simply picked her up behind Su Dye’s pupil and walked towards the room.
Su Rantong immediately shouted, "You let me go!"
She doesn’t want to do anything to this guilty person!
129. Chapter 129 incorrigible
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Su Dye Pupil is one-track-minded, and he doesn’t want to let Su Dye Pupil go. He has no choice but to take Su Dye Pupil.
At the beginning, what the cloud made him see was an illusion, but now it is so real and more cruel than the illusion.
Looking for someone who has loved others for many years and is still married.
Is he in love? How can you be indifferent?
His efforts, his sacrifice and his infatuation were rejected by Su Ran’s pupil.
At this time, he was so sad that the kite was holding Su Dye’s pupil on the roof, and his heart was slightly cold.
Face-to-face is Su Ran’s pupil, not Yun Zui.
Well, what he likes best is that Yun, who has the same nature as him, is drunk.
Chi Nie Yi punched the roof so hard that kite immediately noticed HeWen "Who?"
And Sue dyed the pupil also found someone on the roof, and she immediately looked at the roof.
Make the kite protect Su Dye’s pupil behind him, and the roof suddenly clattered, and the man jumped directly from the roof.
Tiles crashed to the ground, which made the kite’s eyes narrow.
In this way, the martial arts of the players must be no weaker.
When people see ChuFei, they find it’s ChiMi.
When I saw Chi Miu Dye Pupil, I immediately cried with joy, "It’s you!"
She was thinking of meeting Chi Mi again soon, but she didn’t expect Chi Mi to come so soon.
Su Dye Pupil was very surprised.
But Chi Mi’s expression is faint because she is not drunk and can’t give him that feeling.
"Did you come here alone?" The kite was sending out the cold chill to ask.
Chi Mi looked at Ling Yuan with a cold sneer. "I’ll let you go this time. You dare to take Princess Mi away this time. Do you want the whole Lingyou Hall to be razed?"
Although Yun didn’t say that he wanted to let people go, Chi Mi had guessed that Yun deliberately let people go, and he didn’t ask anything.
If the cloud wants to release it, he can release it.
But how can kite let him go again after repeated education?
So today, Chi Mi is going to teach a kite a good lesson and make it disappear from the Jianghu!
"What a big breath! Now there are not a thousand killers in the secluded hall. Do you think you can handle more than a thousand killers by yourself?"
Besides, he can almost draw with Chi Mi, and with more than 1,000 people, Chi Mi will lose.
And there’s no one around Chi Mi to follow, so there’s no one to help. Doesn’t that mean he can do whatever Chi Mi wants today?
Seeing that the situation was wrong, Su Dye immediately said, "Don’t fight at every turn. I have nothing to do. I’ll go back with you!"
One side is her husband, and the other side is someone who has felt guilty for many years. She doesn’t want them to hurt her feelings.
But Chi Mi still looked indifferent and looked at the kite without moving her face.
Make the kite look at Chi Mi with fear, and neither of them will let him.
Su Dye Pupil also found that his words didn’t seem to work, so he immediately walked towards Chi Mi, but the kite immediately grabbed Su Dye Pupil’s arm.
Sue dyed the pupil can’t help but frown gently and say to the kite, "Let go, I don’t like you."
She was afraid that Chi Mi would misunderstand, so she just said what she thought whether it would hurt the kite or not.
Smell speech immediately surprised the kite pain looked at Sue dye pupil.
Finally say this sentence. In fact, Su Dye pupil has never liked him, right?
13 chapter 13 well.
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Chi Mi’s face is still cold and Su dyed the pupil, so I wonder if he didn’t feel concerned.
But very calm, as if someone he didn’t care about said something, and he didn’t feel concerned about the mood.
Is it because he is so indifferent to Su Dye’s pupil that he doesn’t love him?
Su Yan’s words seemed to make Kite endure for a long time and suddenly asked, "What is he?"
If it is someone else, maybe he can accept that Chi Yi and Yun Zui are extraordinary, and now he has Su Dye Pupil and pursues Su Dye Pupil in this way. Is this a Chi Yi playboy?
Sue dyed pupil is not startled. How does she feel that kite and Chi Mi seem to have a holiday?
But now the two of them are fighting against Chi Mie, so that you can make the kite fight with Chi Mie again, okay?
"It’s fate that he is nothing. Please don’t look for what I saved you at the beginning. It’s not because of you that I saved you. If that person was not you, I would have saved you!"
Su Dye Pupil’s words are very rude. In the past, Su Dye Pupil’s words were very euphemistic, but now she is so rude without scruple.
What does this say?
"Ha ha ….." I don’t know what makes the kite want to laugh very much at this time. "Good …" After making the kite say two good words in a row, slowly let go of Su Dye’s pupil and say "You go"
Sue dyed the pupil is not in my mind immediately breathed a sigh of relief.
Let them go so that there is no need to use force.
Sue dye pupil just breathe a sigh of relief, there was a killer footsteps outside this hall, and then she saw the killer come in with a weapon, but when they saw the friendly scene clearly, they were not surprised.
It also made the kite fight with Chi Mi, but it didn’t, but it was kind.
"Departure" made the kite frown.
Those killers also have ashes to retreat, but their hearts are not white. Why don’t Chi Mi go back and forth?
But kite said that they dare not disobey.
Su Dye’s pupil let go of his hand and said, "Let’s go home."