What will it be like to continue the second watch in the afternoon and play cousin and warm son?
☆ Er Geng sent my cousin to express his confession.
Wen Lan asked angrily at Jinfeng, "Where’s your brother?"
Jinfeng is not a good temper. Besides, she is not afraid of Wen Lan immediately topping back. "How should I know? He was taken away by the warmth when he entered the door. Who knows what the two of them did? "
Hearing this, Wen Lan looked at Jin Meilin. "Sister-in-law, do you know?"
Jin Meilin didn’t look very optimistic. She almost guessed what it was to find Jinlong with warmth. It was definitely not asking him for help. It was a man. She was so angry that she didn’t let her worry one by one. Luo Xu talked to the second young master of the Liu family before it was broken. After a few days, she suddenly broke up and broke up. She also thought it was white and didn’t take marriage seriously …
"Sister-in-law?" Wen Lan was impatient and urged a curl of his mouth and muttered, "What are you thinking? Why are you sitting here and your soul still running away?"
Jin Meilin’s tone during the period is not good. "I don’t know if I have been sitting in the hall since I picked you up. Where do you know about the outside? It’s Jinlong who likes to play, but don’t make fun with his feelings. "
"You …"
"All right, say less." Jiang Yunxiu said with a straight face and a cold voice.
Looked at Wen Lan hum bowed their heads and ke melon ke is very fierce, like the anger on this side.
Han Shuiyue, who has been quietly watching the play, has seen a few unseen scenes and evoked a sneer. She is just not allowed to be a mesa, and even if she marries a flying branch, she is not a phoenix or a native.
Having children and daughters is not a success, and Xiao’s second house is also a common costume. It looks like it, but it’s too narrow-minded and self-absorbed. Others don’t know, hehe
She was amused at watching a play from the sidelines.
Section 225
The only thing that made her spend some time was warmth and Fu Yunyi. She took out her mobile phone by chatting and fiddled with it for a while, then sent a message and waited for good news.
Besides, you can’t see A Dai leaning against a tree and looking down at his mobile phone. It’s still weird. Say excited, say disgusted, and look focused.
When the warmth approached, he found that the first reaction was that the eyes of the mobile phone flashed, like being caught by an adult after doing something bad, but he just pretended to be a koo. "What are you looking at?"
A Dai pretended to be at a loss. "I didn’t see anything. I just browsed the web to pass the chat."
Warm hum a cheat him "pretend I heard the sound"
"Ah?" A Dai when touching his head hey hey smiled "so you have heard? Is it obscene to scream? But I’m not as rippling as Dagong … "
Warm frown asked, "You don’t think it’s another … love movie, do you?"
Even if the child is young, it’s too much to watch in broad daylight. Her mouth is drawn to show that she can accept it
A Dai waved his hand. "Hey, hey, I’m so impure, aren’t I?"
Warm Gherardini
A Dai just took out his mobile phone and clicked the screen to interrupt the video and played it again. Then he heard exaggerated moans and vicious movements before watching the warmth.
She suddenly blushed and guessed what it was even if she hadn’t eaten pork. She waved and pushed A Dai to hand me the mobile phone and said, "Hurry up."
"Hey hey little lady don’t watch, don’t get me wrong, it’s not a love movie, it’s two videos put on the net. Oh, it’s colourful and intense. The pattern moves in various combinations. Hey hey, the hostess keeps changing …"
"Shut up" is warm and my face is red.
A Dai injustice mumbled a "how do you teach Er Gong? These videos are all found by him, and he must have watched them. Maybe he has studied them many times …"
Smell warm face becomes really beautiful.
A Dai Wu mouth obscene laughed again.
Warm rubbed his forehead and asked, "Is the video click-through rate high?"
A Dai excitedly said, "The high headline position is extremely hot."
The warmth is a little puzzled. "There is still no movement in the Kim family?"
"Why not? They paid a lot of money to hire a master to delete the video, but no matter how bad the master is, he is not an opponent of Er Gong, but a great god … "
"That shouldn’t be. Don’t say that the Kim family is in a hurry. Is there a department that wants to block it? Still didn’t hear the wind? " Warm, I didn’t expect the video to hang on the internet for so long.
"It has been banned for a long time, but the two men can’t do it. They can’t help but worry."
"Well, your second husband won’t always want this video to flow online, will he?"
"No, the second man has already told me. When it’s almost time, put some water on them and delete the video to bring bad children …"
Warm corners of the mouth a smoke thought you are a child also don’t know if it’s broken, she looked at the four eyes "why didn’t you see it? Where did it go? "
A Dai casually said, "I’m probably hiding somewhere to see an adultery drama."
"So where did you see my cousin before?" Be warm and ask as if it were nothing.
A Dai blink "little lady, I am a two-person ah, it’s good to ask me this question? I can’t betray CCBA. Do I know or don’t report? "
Warm criticise "hurry up and say that I have something serious to find my cousin"
A Dai pouted, "Lonely men and few women are serious?"
A Dai!’
"Well, I said …" A Dai pointed to a direction. "I think he went there in a bad mood. Are you sure you want to provoke him, Madam? With all due respect, he is in a cage now, and the beast is about to break free. Go and find him. It’s like a sheep entering the tiger’s mouth! Oh little lady, how can I persuade you to run faster and faster … "
Even if A Dai said that, she didn’t have a choice. She didn’t know where her cousin was hiding, licking the wound alone or struggling alone. It was as painful as tearing at the thought of that picture.
In this world, if anyone is the best suspect for her, my cousin is sacred to her, she does not deny that they can’t tell the difference between high and low. My cousin has been with her for more than 20 years, and he is the last person she wants to hurt.
Even if she has to hurt less in the end, she should make it clear to him.
A Dai refers to the direction of going to Guiyuan Road. She looked around but didn’t find Fu Yunyi’s figure. She took out her mobile phone and dialed the words. She rang for a long time but no one answered.
So she is even more anxious.
But I don’t want to meet Wen Ya halfway.
Wen Ya has shown that she is pregnant, wearing a loose ceremony, and her abdomen bulges slightly. Her hands are on her waist, and she is very tired. Her warm eyes are burning, but she does not hide her resentment.
When the warmth is stopped, I feel a little unhappy. Seeing her picking rhythm is even more unbearable. "What’s up?"
Wen Ya sneered, "Are you proud of being warm?"
Warm simply feels that she is puzzling. "I am still busy when I have something to say."
Smell speech Wen Ya more hate gnashing way "warm I won’t let you don’t you counsel succeeded I tell you I won’t lose you will regret …"
Warm more listen to more confused also too lazy for her to break off and throw a "nerve" sideways to go Wen Ya consciousness to grab her arm, but was warm and light to avoid her a can’t stop stumbling forward a few steps to barely live.
Looking at her warmly and coldly, she sneered, "Now that you are pregnant, behave yourself. After all, this is a big barrier for you to marry into Zhuojia. If you don’t care, you will be pregnant again …"
"Hum, you don’t laugh at me. I’m pregnant. I’m happy that you actually knew that I liked the drow, but you pretended not to care. Hehe, you played hard to get to him. You can’t catch him sooner or later. As a result, I robbed him. Hahaha …" Wen Ya suddenly laughed a little crazy, and his voice was full of resentment. "I stained him to see if you want it?"
Warm shook his head and turned to leave with a crazy have nothing to say.