The machete in the bee-chasing hand has been tightly held in my hand, and I was about to make a knife at the dragon’s alive star domain when I suddenly binged and said, "Go back and get out of here, don’t let us take revenge!"
Chasing bees gave birth to a standard modern beauty face, which was shocked by a binge drinking in the star field, but she was eager to say "captain Xiao Shi and Meimei"
Star domain in the hands of broken arrow is still slowly bending to see again he suddenly let go of the hilt.
But gave up his sword star domain right arm immediately become bloody.
At the same time, broken arrow turned around and pierced the star field, and the body was also interspersed back and forth.
Star domain hp will return soon
None of them are immortal, even if they have high blood pressure, they can still escape death.
The bee chaser holds a knife in her hands, but her hands are tense and trembling, and the blade keeps shaking.
The original gold coin was alive, but suddenly it opened its eyes. At the same time, the star domain broken arrow also fell from the virtual force
Seeing these aside, Huang Shao finally called out, "It turns out that it is an imperial form that can manipulate all swords with murderous look. It takes a great price to make such kung fu. It seems that this crazy dragon must be full of hatred in his life."
Huang Shao’s voice dropped a little. When he was alive, the dragon suddenly approached the front of the bee chasing with a smile. He calmly held the hands of the bee chasing and said in a gentle tone, "You are a beautiful woman, so I won’t kill you."
The face of the standard modern beauty who heard the smell of chasing bees also showed a trace of surprise. Looking at the face full of overlord breath when the dragon was alive, it turned out to be half-ringing and speechless.
The raptor was bold in his eyes when he was alive, reaching out and stroking the trembling lips of chasing bees.
The bee chaser felt a tingling sensation on his lips, stepped back and held the machete tightly. "Don’t touch me or I will kill you with this machete myself one day!"
The bee-chasing sound is the most beautiful sound in the world to Raptor, even when she is angry, he is equally intoxicated.
But his hand hung awkwardly in the middle and finally returned to its original posture. His hands surrounded his chest and his mouth twitched slightly and said faintly, "Do we have to kill each other?"
The face of the bee chaser suddenly turned white. No one knew what she was thinking, but she suddenly looked at the crazy dragon with a cold face and said coldly, "You don’t kill me because you like me, right?"
I didn’t expect the bee chaser to have this question when I was alive. I gave a cold smile from my breath and said, "I don’t deny that I like you, but I don’t want to kill you because of this kind of love."
"What’s that?" The bee chaser asked eagerly.
The dragon is alive, but he laughs and turns around and says lightly, "Because if one day I will die, I hope that the person who killed me is you."
Bee-chasing method can understand the words of the dragon, but her hands are tender with the knife.
The machete fell to the ground, and she never left the heroes.
There is no one to stop the English congregation.
The raptor was alive, watching the chasing bees leave, and his face suddenly looked relieved, like a sudden sigh of relief.
Huang Shao, when he saw that the dragon was alive, he immediately gave birth to a kind of love and talent. It turned out that he was respectful to the dragon before he was alive. "Although the pavilion is not a nine-person, we still hope that we can make friends with a master like you if you don’t have it now."
"I don’t need friends and I have important things to do now."
Simply put, the dragon flew out of the heroes when he was alive.
It is precisely because of this that the nine dragons suddenly exclaimed, "Eh, love was here just now, but why is it gone?"
Chapter 253 Parade beheaded
As the saying goes, speak of the devil.
Xiang Xiang, who is still in a weak state, walked out of the North Yard.
Not only that, but also Princess Huang Shao’s wife teased the paper.
See all the brothers walking in the front yard of Hall 1 teasing the paper princess with a faint angry face.
Huang Shao is extremely puzzled by the expression of princess tease paper, that is, following the eyes of princess tease paper.
Finding the angry eyes of the teasing princess focused on ale is asking, looking at ale and frowning and asking, "Can you tell me what happened?"
Ale glance left and right looked at the funny paper princess and Huang Shao, and finally turned his attention to the emotional body.
Affectionate face still holds Xiangxiang with a modest smile, which looks like an excellent husband.
Ale took a while to answer Huang Shao’s question.
"President, I probably know what will happen."
Huang Shao was puzzled and asked, "Oh, you might as well tell me."
Ale suddenly got down on one knee, and his face was full of unwillingness and resentment, but he simply said, "President, I have nothing to explain. The only thing I want to say is that the situation must be that the spy Li Huateng of the Wolf clan guild must have died at his hands."
Huang Shao’s face turned sharply and stared at ale for a long time. Finally, he set his eyes on Qing’s face and asked, "How much do you know about what you told me about Li Huateng?"
Love has been worried that this matter will become the focus of attack since returning to the heroes’ meeting. I have already prepared to truthfully report this matter, even kneeling down and saying, "I’m sorry, President, I killed Li Huateng."
"It was you who killed Li Huateng?"
Huang Shaowen’s face sank in vain, and a mass of flame wrapped in purple mountain condensed in his hands. The murderous look was extremely violent in the courtyard.
All the ceramics on one side were shattered by the earthquake.
However, it was this funny paper princess who suddenly came out with an angry face and said, "Li Huateng, that’s damn it!"
I was very surprised when I heard this statement.
Huang Shao is frowning, puzzled, looking at the angry look of the princess who teased the paper, waiting quietly for the princess who teased the paper to continue talking.
The princess teased the paper without any pause. She angrily walked up to ale and lifted her feet, kicking ale to the ground.
No one to stop Huang Shao is indifferent to look at all this.
Ale fell to the ground in a mess, but it was ironic and burst out laughing.
Making the princess laugh like this is better than kicking ale in the face with anger.
That strength didn’t do much damage to an ancient warrior, but it successfully stopped ale from laughing.
Ale patted his dusty face and stood up and looked at Huang Shao faintly. "The president appreciates your cultivation and trust for me for so many years, but it seems that I can’t stay in the heroes’ club any longer."
Huang Shao looked at ale in surprise and asked, "ale, please tell me the truth. What’s going on?"
Princess ale has taken the lead in saying, "Last night ale tried to force and rape me, but for Li Huateng’s sudden arrival, I’m afraid I would have been given by ale."
Everyone at the scene was surprised by this statement.
Nine dragons pulled a long beard and suddenly asked, "Princess, what do you say? We don’t know when this happened."
When the princess teased the paper, she suddenly looked at Huang Shao with tears in her eyes and said in a pleading tone, "Huang Shao, I want you to make the decision for me to execute this damn prostitute and thief!"
Yellow smell speech less a face of hesitation looked at the situation and looked at ale.
A burst of meditation, no one knows what Huang Shao is thinking.