"I hope so"
The black dragon said lightly, "I also want to see your so-called background before you, such as destroying SHEN WOO’s big killer."
It turned to the fairy house. "It’s true that this guy SHEN WOO actually arranged the emperor-level killers all over the city wall."
At some point the black dragon suddenly froze.
Because in its field of vision, it was originally filled with the walls of Xianfu, and all the war killers were gone.
Instead, all flowers are woven into very beautiful shapes, competing for beauty and exaggerating.
The black dragon was suddenly stunned.
What’s the situation?
At this time, tens of millions of lights rose from the fairy house and exploded after reaching a high point!
A series of explosions blew up a brilliant fireworks rain in the sky, all kinds of colorful to the extreme.
Black Dragon and Xu Yang, they have six faces.
What’s SHEN WOO Fairy House doing?
"prepare for war!"
Black dragon roar loud one million troops immediately concentrate hard on murder as dignified as essence.
In their watchful eyes, a melodious song came out of the fairy house.
"The door of my house is always open."
With hundreds of delicate-looking singers dancing gracefully and gracefully, they floated out of the fairy house.
Then a wave of more splendid fireworks bloomed behind him.
The light makes the dancers dance more touching and dreamlike.
The spring flowers are blooming everywhere they go.
It’s just a good harmony and peace.
In this scene, the monster beast army’s heinous murder and ShaQi form an extreme contrast.
Soon the song came to an end.
Suddenly a purple figure fell from the sky in front of all the singers.
Stand with your hands on your back; Show robe dancing long hair flowing; Knife-shaped eyebrows are as rich as jade.
With a faint smile on her lips.
It is the immortal emperor of SHEN WOO.
I have to say, he’s a little handsome in this dress
"Long time no see"
SHEN WOO said slowly
The black dragon side has been completely silly at this time.
There are some doubts about Longsheng.
Are you sure this is what should happen when the two sides fight to the death?
Is it wonderful?
It is simply wonderful! !
Chapter 57 Blow sweep
SHEN WOO is long and elegant.
Alone in the face of digital demon emperor millions of demon spirit army have no fear.
Behind him, Long song danced wonderfully and a hundred flowers blossomed.
Brilliant fireworks turned the whole sky into colorful clouds.
On the other hand, the demon spirit army has dark clouds all over the sky, and it is full of murderous look.
The two sides formed an extremely strong contrast.
"Don’t get sick, everyone."
SHEN WOO is full of magnetic sounds all over the world.
The black dragon lowered his eyes and stared at SHEN WOO in the sky.
The two sides have been at war for several years, and they naturally know each other very well.
But it swore that it had never seen this picture before, SHEN WOO Xiandi.
What on earth does he want to do?
"probe a surrounding environment carefully"
The black dragon said to the vertical-eyed dragon, and then his body moved to SHEN WOO.
The leaders of both sides will naturally not be crushed on the battlefield.
The black dragon speaks in a low and huge way.
"Have you finally figured out that you want to join our army?"