The fat beggar said, "Stupid girl, what controls everything in this snow palace?" Of course, it is poison, which means that if you don’t snow the palace for two days, you will die! "
Feng Yunqing began to fear frowning at the fat beggar. "What about fat grandpa?"
The fat beggar shook his head and sighed, "The next time you were in the Red Moon Palace, I wanted to wake you up, but I didn’t expect to come back and forgot about it!" "
Fengyun stamped her feet in a hurry. "What should I do? The fat grandpa Xueluan Palace is terrible, and the public is terrible. I don’t want to stay here anymore! "
The fat beggar frowned. "Well, you can leave Xueluan Palace with me tonight. If I can find an antidote, you can leave at ease. If you can’t, you’d better come back. Girl, it’s better to die than to live …"
Fengyun’s face turned pale and took a deep breath. "Mu Gong is waking me up. He doesn’t want me to die either. I’m not afraid of death, but I’m afraid of being naked and hanging there. It has no dignity to die like this!"
Fat beggar "…"
Fengyun walked around anxiously, hurriedly holding the fat beggar’s hand and saying, "Fat grandpa will only live for two days in two days, so I don’t want to stay in this place and take me away, okay?"
Fat beggar looked at Fengyun light refuse frown "really want to go? Don’t you think Gong is a good man and doesn’t want to be his antidote anymore? "
Fengyun remembered the scene in the cave, fought back her nausea, turned pale and shook her head. "I don’t know if I want to leave here now!" "
"Well, I’ll take you away, but in two days, you decided where you were going!" Fat beggar nodded and said
Fengyun is pale as paper and whispers, "Two days. If I have two days to live, where can I go?"
"I want to see Lan Lin and Feng Dan’s balls. I want to be with Lan Feng more. I also want to go to Shen Ya and say I’m sorry to Shen Ya. I also want to go to Jinyu. I want to tell him that he doesn’t love it, that is, he doesn’t love to give up …" Feng Yun muttered softly and then went to the fat beggar with red eyes. "Fat grandpa, I don’t want to die. I don’t want to live for two days. I want to live for two years .."
The fat beggar sighed and shook his head. He looked at Fengyun lightly, and his eyes were red and he was about to cry. "I don’t know where I should go. I want to go back to Blue Snow Country, but it’s so far away. I’m afraid I’ll die of poison before I get there!"
The fat beggar gritted his teeth and said, "You stay in Red Moon until I find the antidote and escort you all the way back to Lan Xue!"
Fengyun looked at the fat beggar with wide eyes and said, "What will you do if I leave, fat grandpa?"
The fat beggar sighed, "Yunqing left, and Grandpa Fat naturally went with Yunqing!"
Fengyun light this just contentedly took the fat beggar’s hand and said, "Then let’s go now …"
The fat beggar nodded and told Fengyun a few words, then took her out of Xueluan Palace.
Mu Han, a gloomy cave, was alone there. His black face was cold but warm with a touch of pain.
Sure enough, even after she found out, she began to be afraid of him.
He was quiet and his whole body showed sadness.
"Do you like that girl …" A wandering sound came from the blood pool, which seemed to be far away and just around the corner.
This is like the sound of tarsal maggots, which makes people tremble for no reason
Mu Han’s expression was calm and low. "You also saw that she witnessed such a bloody scene and was afraid of coming again. It is unlikely that she will promise you a blood sacrifice!"
The man in the blood pool smiled darkly. "She didn’t agree to the blood sacrifice because she didn’t know the secret of the blood sacrifice. If she knew that she was kneeling to beg me, she wouldn’t be willing to refuse?"
Mu Han gnashed her teeth. "Not everyone in this world wants to live forever like a monster!"
"That’s because you already have MuHan. You should thank me. I let you have all the fame and status and peerless martial arts and talents …" The man laughed. "Ha ha ha ha ha …"
Mu Han frowned and gritted his teeth. "Yes, I want to thank you for turning me into this monster!"
He turned to leave and said, "The blood in the blood pool is over. Now there is no blood sacrifice, and there is no need for you to bathe again!" "
The man roared, "Muhan, get that girl back for me!"
Mu Han whispered as he left, "No blood sacrifice is counterproductive unless you are willing!"
The man unwilling to continue to roar loud "she is willing to she is willing to you are you scared her MuHan-"
Muhan ignored indifference, smiled sarcastically and strode away from the dark environment around him.
Feng Yunqing felt strangely cold after being sent out of Xueluan Palace.
Because she escaped from the bottom of the moat, her clothes were wet and her face went white.
The fat beggar is also covered in water. He wiped a handful of water drops on his cheeks on the shore and gasped. "Yunqing, first find a place to hide. I’ll go back and sound out the wind. If I can, I’ll ask for medicine and then come out to find you!"
The fat beggar turned and was ready to jump into the water. Fengyun grabbed his sleeve lightly, and his face was pale and pathetic. "Fat grandpa, come back soon. I’m scared!" "
The fat beggar nodded and patted Fengyun’s light shoulder. "Be good, fat grandpa will definitely bring you the antidote!"
Fengyun gently pursed her lips and nodded at the fat beggar’s back, but could not help but shed tears.
She didn’t think that MuHan really hit the nail on the head. Everything in Xueluan Palace was true.