There are three golden flowers in his university, one noble and elegant, one harmonious and lovely. It can be said that it is rare to see beautiful women. Although Ji Xiaotian didn’t feel anything for them, he admitted that they belonged to the highest class of extremely beautiful women. Today, Ji Xiaotian had to revise his concept, because if this girl is ugly compared with the three golden flowers, she can’t afford the title of extremely beautiful women, because this girl can really afford the word "extremely".
"I don’t know if this beauty can be made by the whole means." Xiaotian took it for granted that this girl is definitely a natural creation in front of him. He confirmed that "if you want to artificially create such a beauty, you can’t be inferior to the whole teacher’s aesthetics if you are afraid of being transformed …"
Ji Xiaotian is thinking about the girl here, but he has been staring at himself in a daze. His eyes flashed with contempt, but he still asked, "Are you Ji Xiaotian?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
"Oh, I’m Ji Xiaotian." Ji Xiaotian answered and asked, "Who are you?"
"I’m Xiao Jing, have you forgotten?" The wrong novel network does not jump the word, the girl said
"Xiao Jing?" Ji Xiaotian was really taken aback at this moment. So this extremely beautiful woman turned out to be a neighbor who played with him all day when he was a child. A little girl with a brown face appeared in his mind, but nothing could connect her with this beautiful woman in front of him, and Xiao Jing grew a round face when she was a child. Now this beautiful woman is an oval face. When she was a child, her skin was brown, but now it is white and bright. It is really difficult for two people to connect.
"Small static, what brings you here? Do you know my uncle? " Ji Xiaotian asked curiously
"First of all, I have changed my name now. My name is Luo Shiqing," the girl said. "Besides, I know your uncle not me but my father now."
Now, Dad? Meter Xiaotian a strange cross-examine he didn’t understand the reason.
It turned out that Luo Shiqing grew up with him. When her neighbor was a child, her father died early, and her family was very bad. Later, due to the pressure of life, her mother was forced to sell her house and moved to the countryside with Luo Shiqing as a child.
However, I didn’t expect that it was in the countryside that their mother and daughter met Luo Wentian, the boss of Fortune Group. Although the status of the two sides was very different, Luo Shizhen’s mother was quite beautiful at that time. Luo Wentian was fascinated by her and was desperate to pursue her. In the end, naturally, Luo Wentian played a comedy story of Cinderella and Wang, and Luo Wentian succeeded in marrying beauty, but Luo Shizhen had a new father. Later, he even changed his name.
Life with this rich new father, Luo Shiqing, is naturally completely different. The ugly duckling quickly turns into a cygnet after eating and dressing well, especially after knowing a group of little sisters from the same family. Her decoration looks much simpler than before, but her position is much higher.
Luo Shiqing was sent to the United States from junior high school and didn’t return to China until recently. This bonanza became a big business for uncle Xiaotian. Ji Guorong naturally invited Luo Wentian, but he didn’t come himself and asked his daughter to attend for him.
When I was a child, I stammered, but now Luo Shizhen speaks quite clearly, telling her recent situation in a few words, but I don’t know what. Although Luo Shizhen is far more convenient to chat with than before, she has lost interest in talking with her.
In fact, it’s the same for Luo Shiqing. She was quite happy to see her childhood playmates, but as soon as she met Xiaotian, who was in a daze like other men, let her despise her for a while before talking. Ji Xiaotian behaved far less funny than he did when he was a child. Luo Shiqing was disappointed and gradually lost his words.
Although Ji Xiaotian doesn’t like to talk much, she is the winner of the college entrance examination and the host and nephew of the banquet, and Luo Shiqing should be more popular than Ji Xiaotian from time to time. However, the accident is that perhaps it is because of her outstanding appearance, her natural beauty and noble and refined temperament that others feel a pressure when talking to her. In the end, she became the most neglected one. Although there were many eyes on her secretly, there was no one to talk to her.
Chapter 42 I screwed up
Detect the Luo Shiying left out and look at the dish in front of her. JiGuoRong came over and said, "Miss Luo, why don’t you eat? Is the dish not to my appetite? " Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Luo Shizhen frowned and said, "The food is barely enough. It’s too unsanitary for everyone to poke around with chopsticks. It would be nice if we shared food."
JiGuoRong a racquet head "by the way, I forgot that Miss Luo came back from abroad and must not be used to eating. Why don’t you wait for another dish to come to Miss Luo and take one first? This table is full of men. Is everyone okay with it? Wrong novel network many words "
The host has spoken like this, so people naturally won’t object. Let Luo Shiqing, a beautiful woman, move chopsticks first, and all the men will be willing. Luo Shiqing may be really hungry. When you’re welcome, wait for a French royal foie gras and take a few pieces by yourself first.
But just took a bite of Luo Shiying frowned again and put chopsticks in his hand.
When Ji Guohua saw it, he asked, "Miss Luo, are you not used to this French food?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
I was surprised to hear that the girl next door was coming to Ji Guohua, and I was a little happy because a girl committed suicide not long ago. He hoped that Ji Xiaotian could get in touch with more girls and forget the pain during this period. However, after seeing Luo Shizhen, he was even more surprised than his son. Ji Guohua never dreamed that the ordinary little girl would grow into such a super beauty, especially when he heard that she was now the daughter of Luo Wentian, the boss of Hongyun Group, and he couldn’t believe her ears.
Luo Shiying seems to have forgotten that she used to be a neighbor’s uncle Ji. She casually glanced at Ji Guohua and said dismissively, "How can I not like French food? But is this also French food?" I won’t say anything about eating chopsticks like this. I don’t care if it’s wrong, but the taste … "
Ji Guohua laughed. "Then eat something else. Chinese food here is still authentic."
"Don’t food? How can I eat when you have all eaten? " Luo Shiying has some impatience on his face.
Ji Guohua seemed a little embarrassed and dealt with her a few words casually, so he stopped talking, while Ji Xiaotian ate the food quietly and kept silent. For him, Luo Shiying was not much better than a stranger, although there are few such beautiful strangers.
With an incredible memory, Xiaotian won’t forget a person who talked to him only once, not to mention his friend, but only after Ji Xiaotian was fifteen years old.
Before his fifteenth birthday, Xiaotian’s memory was good among ordinary teenagers, but it was not so outrageous. He was less than ten years old when he met Luo Shiqing. Now, although he still remembers such a person, his specific impression is not deep.
Moreover, Ji Xiaotian’s mind is still here. He is thinking about how to control more body organs and functions while controlling the breathing rhythm. At the same time, Ji Xiaotian does not rely on conscious reaction when he moves. Even if he holds a piece of meat in his mouth, he has to control the stretching degree of dozens of muscles. In addition, Ji Xiaotian is still considering other methods to improve his physical quality. Practice is one of the important research parts …
There are so many things that need to be controlled and studied, even Xiaotian has to put most of his mind into it. Naturally, he has no mind to chat up beautiful women around him and casually deal with the questions of his elders. He has eaten silently until he gets home and keeps his breath under control until he goes to bed.
This state seems simple, and it seems that everyone can easily do it. In fact, the breathing collar has been deeply engraved in everyone’s life. It is not difficult for a person to exhale if he wants to exhale for a short time, and inhale if he wants to inhale. However, if he is distracted by other things for a long time, his body will immediately take over. When he comes to his senses, he has long been unaware of how many times his body has breathed automatically, and even if he is absorbed, it is absolutely difficult for ordinary people to continue to control his breathing if he has experienced strenuous exercise and suffered unexpected shock.
For ordinary people, it is extremely difficult to practice this kind of seemingly meaningless "stunt", but it is relatively easy to practice it in a small day. After all, his brain is developed and his distraction is mostly his strength. Just give him some spirit and note this.
However, Ji Xiaotian had an accident that night.
It is precisely because he controls his breathing so well that he relies on his own initiative to exhale and inhale, which completely suppresses his body. This is no problem at ordinary times. Many times, he controls it better than his body, but when he enters sleep, the problem is big.
When Ji Xiaotian fell asleep, his manipulation of breathing naturally stopped, but after a day of suppression, his breathing energy seemed to have disappeared. After he fell asleep, he did not take over the body command as Ji Xiaotian expected.
Ten seconds passed … Half a minute passed … One minute passed … Two minutes passed …
Ji Xiaotian lies motionless in bed like a dead man, and a normal human being will really become a corpse without oxygen.
If Ji Xiaotian can predict this situation, he will definitely not dare to carry out such breathing training, and he will not dare to sleep alone after training. Originally, Ji Xiaotian expected that he would go to sleep and rest his brain, so his body would naturally take over the physical command, and even if he expected the wrong problem, he would not be awakened because of the lack of oxygen. Because of this, Xiao Tian went back to his room to sleep alone with confidence.
However, this routine of ordinary people does not seem to be suitable for him to lie down. huang soon fell asleep in his own psychological suggestion and self-hypnosis, and his breathing stopped completely
Soon Xiaotian’s face turned blue, his lips turned pale and his heart beat weaker and weaker, but he didn’t feel any more immersed in his sleep …
Chapter 43 As true as unreal
Vaguely, Xiaotian felt that his god knowledge had risen and gradually rose out of the roof, rose over the white clouds and went straight into the sky …
In a trance, Xiaotian seems to be looking down at the blue hometown earth in the universe, but it seems that he is still flying, and the speed is getting faster and faster, and he flies out of the sun in an instant. It is not long before he is out of the galaxy and flies to the depths of the universe.
Because this speed has already exceeded the speed of light, I don’t know how many times. The small day almost didn’t see anything, so it suddenly stopped and surprised him.
He is still in an outer space, but the scene of swinging around the earth is completely different. Here, however, it is very lively. A large number of three diamond-shaped warships are neatly arranged, and several other dense transport ships are busy but extremely orderly shuttling between these large warships.
Meter Xiaotian roughly estimated that even a smaller transport ship on the earth is a behemoth that covers the sun, and those warships are all enough to accommodate dozens of cities on the earth, and even a province is not a problem. So many super warships lined up together almost covered the whole star.
Warships of the same specifications from many nearby planets have risen to join this growing team.
Although I don’t fully understand the performance and power of this warship, Xiaotian believes that it is easy to levy or destroy the whole earth by sending one, while Xiaotian roughly estimates that the number of these warships will be millions now. If so many warships come to the earth together, I am afraid that they will do nothing, and that huge gravity alone will be enough to trigger a series of disasters such as tsunami, hurricane and earthquake on the earth, thus destroying human culture.
Maybe he was out of his mind because of lack of oxygen. Ji Xiaotian felt that all this seemed to be true and unreal. He couldn’t tell whether it was a real scene or just in his dream, but somehow Ji Xiaotian felt that he had an indescribable familiarity with this warship. He vaguely realized a few threads of intimacy.
Just as Ji Xiaotian recalled where he had seen similar warships, the huge fleet had been completed neatly and consistently, and the speed seemed to be slow and fast, heading for a corner of the universe. Somehow, Xiaotian’s mind seemed to be attached to one of the warships and set off together.
Later, Ji Tianxiang watched a thrilling three-dimensional sci-fi movie in the cinema, and generally experienced a thrilling battle, but it was more dangerous than a gorgeous battle. The fierce battle exploded a number of meteorites in some asteroids and the remnants of damaged warships flew around, making the relatively small battlefield even more dangerous.
I don’t know if the gods didn’t sense it or didn’t count it at all. I didn’t find that the triangular warships had communication. Millions of warships acted like warships. Every time they hit it, they were perfect. Several beams of light were almost without waves.
The opponent is much weaker in this respect. Although the fleet of one side and the other side are not far apart in number, they quickly lost their formation when they hit each other so accurately. At this point, they are even more tired of warships, and the gap between the two sides has gradually increased. Finally, the triangular warship only wiped out the opponent at a cost of less than 10%. In the middle of the battle, the triangular warship unconsciously completed the encirclement of the other side, and finally did not let an enemy go.
After the battle, a number of transport ships came out of the warships, half of which methodically cleaned the battlefield and gathered all kinds of materials, while the other half landed on the battleship fleet separately towards nearby planets, and the whole fleet was divided into ten thousand small troops to continue to the depths of the universe …
The little deity followed one of the small forces along the way, and more than a dozen articles, large and small, clashed, most of which were weak and easily erased from the universe by these hundreds of super warships. The last one had dozens of colonial planets, and the article was slightly stronger. It even withstood the attack of triangular warships and even gained some wind, but soon after those triangular warships withdrew from the war, they produced on the spot, and the whole fleet developed rapidly, and its former occupied planet was continuously replenished. It was not long before the hundreds of warships expanded to tens of thousands, and then they easily defeated that one that had little development.