Whether it’s fake, fake, mutual benefit or true, it’s not even within the scope of consideration. After all, she has never considered the family from the past to the present, and occasionally considers the family only because the interests are not in conflict with each other, which can also win over the family.
Everyone knows that even the master Wu doesn’t know, and people absolutely know that this time even the family took the inheritance with this army.
It seems that the emperor chose two families, but everyone knows that these two families are deeply rooted. If they are not allowed to interfere with each other, it will be more difficult for these people from poor backgrounds to get ahead.
The results of the three-day martial arts examination came out on the same day, and everyone just looked at the results of the martial arts examination by the candidates this year at random. Before the test list, the Feng family did not make the list except this Feng Hao di brother, and this Feng Hao ordinary brother Feng Xu won the top spot in palace examination. Feng Hao was also the top spot in that year, and now this Feng family has another top spot.
The chicken family passed by the list. This chicken brother should be a list that is not bad, but now it’s surprising that the chicken family is even out of the list, and it’s also the home office, the examiner’s brother.
"what! !” Feng Hao’s younger brother really can’t be white. Did he let himself fall off the list because of avoiding suspicion?
"Lord Feng has a will that every candidate can go to the official department to ask the real reason for his failure!" The officers and men who keep the list don’t know this person’s identity. Ordinary replied
Even Jia Jian heard about it, and changed men’s clothes and Ru Yan Qi Mu to the official department.
There are a lot of candidates around the official department because this time you have visited Qimu to see if it is fair and let the day temporarily accept two poor brothers as younger brothers, one of whom is literary and the other is very poor.
It’s fair only from the point of view of grades. This list of literary talents flying in the sky is famous, although it’s not high, but it’s also shortlisted.
"I want to ask a Sun Sheng to fail the list?"
The person in charge of the answer found Sun Sheng’s article. After reading it, he picked up a letter and found Sun Sheng’s name. "Sun Sheng’s article is rough and has no core and its concept is very backward!"
Lian Jian nodded his head and looked fair. Suddenly he heard the noise at the door, "You let your brother out!"
"Little ancestor, your article is flowery, but vain and meaningless. This time, the topic is that it is very realistic, but little ancestor, you answered the unconstrained style. Your brother is following the rules and going home with the old slave."
"housekeeper! If you let me go, he knows that I am like this, but I am a capable person, and so does he. It’s just that these imaginary things can’t be written well. Can I just do things? "
Even JianJi walked past you Yan qimu also walked past "the male is a person? Yelling in front of this official department will be arrested and put in jail if it interferes with the public. "
"I’m sorry to disturb you, but my husband is the seventh husband of the Phoenix family, so he has failed in the list and is losing his temper here."
"I just heard this young man say that he can do things, but I have some connections. If the young man really wants to join the court, can I borrow a word?" Lianjia smiled.
Despite the housekeeper’s stop, this chicken family went over, and even Jianji first asked some things about this disaster prevention. This person replied that he was not suitable for this, and asked this kind of Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism, only to find that this person was not dead reading.
"You say you can do things, but it seems to me that you can’t do anything."
"Nonsense! I will turn my back on the law. "
"oh? Murder is like a sentence. "
Chicken seven male upturned head "nature is to kill people"
"Missed or killed by this accident?"
"It is said that killing people for life" Feng Qigong seems to be a bit too academic.
Even took one look at Jianji Qimu and shook his head. "If this is the case with him, we can’t see if this chicken adult has done justice. Such a person is too obvious for him to dare to let in."
You Yan Qimu nodded his head and ignored the phoenix seven men, so he took a look at it and went to the 【 vertex network O 】.
Chapter 416 The new officer
Believe it or not, the results of the imperial examination have also been announced. Even the top scholar has a place to go, that is, only Geng Guoxin occupied the city with a single article and a single weapon, but the fresh blood in this dynasty is far away from this heart. Generally, the capital is more sad to go to this farthest place than exile. Because of the disappearance of this flat country, many countries have been divided, and they are afraid that they have just experienced Geng Guo and are clamoring to get rid of it and become the meat of this Yuan Hao country.
But crossing the river is miserable, with one exception, all the Phoenix family members have been sent across the river, especially this champion Lang, who was confused when he came to Yucheng, and there was no one here.
"What about the people here, general?" After entering the city, this chicken flocculant can’t help but ask.
Pick someone up is a general named Yue. Although he doesn’t have Lian, he is also an equal with Lian Yun. "People? We have received the imperial edict. This adult should be the new prefect. This city is called Yucheng in the past, and it is called the land of beauty and white bones. "
General Yue simply told Feng Xu about this Yucheng incident and then explained to him the reasons for this city dweller.
"The Empress came here with the little princess Haiguo at that time, only to find that the virgins were all talking about demagoguery and witchcraft, and the man would be scraped off to make bones. After the rectification, the mastermind would be killed, and if the runaway wife and concubine were sent back to their families, even the unidentified people were sent to other cities."
Feng Xu nodded, but facing a city like governance?
General Yue looked at him with a blank face. "Sure enough, there are two letters here saying that the top scholar Lang must be brilliant, but he lacks experience and knowledge. Despite the imperial edict, there is also this letter."
Feng Xu nodded and typed this first letter, which was as concise as rebuilding such a city. Feng Xu felt a little more in his heart. "What about the second letter?"
"The second letter was sent by the Empress, but this letter was requested by the Empress that she could not hit the Empress until there was a thousand in Yucheng, saying that even if she did it before, she would be punished, but it would only increase her troubles."
Feng Xu nodded his head to put away the letters. He is still a very well-behaved person. Since he is asked to do so, he will naturally wait until then.
Other chicken brothers have taken over a part of the troops together with the new military commanders, and it is almost impossible for them to be an official in this seemingly calm and obedient city.
Assassinations and attacks, as well as the black fire blowing up the yamen, keep happening. These newcomers are slightly regretful. If I had known, I would have stopped behaving like those who failed.
The new official left 2,000 people in each city, while the other soldiers were ready to set off, not even the roars. The company took the generals away.
Even the news that Tiger Roars set off for Beijing dropped sharply, and I don’t know how many people took this as an opportunity. Suddenly, all the cities in the country were stormed by this counter-offensive army, and all these counter-offensive troops came from those small countries that were surrounded. These small countries not only agreed to lend soldiers to the country, but also protected them.
But even the tiger roar is really gone? When these small countries’ troops attacked the city for the sake of inheriting the country, even the tigers took the soldiers’ rear with a decisive attack.
The new teenagers in this city reacted sensitively when they heard the news. Some teenagers immediately went to the city gate with these 2,000 soldiers, while Cong Cong continued to lock the city gate, but they came out from this other door and stopped these people from retreating and retreating on both sides.
But it seems that this is a tentative move. Although it is a huge siege, there are actually no people, and because of this new general, he is actually a little scared, which is more panic than these soldiers.
These teenagers were very nervous when they saw the blood of the steel knives and knives. Even Hu Xiao decided not to leave after the siege, but let the wounded soldiers tie their ties and leave some soldiers who are not strong in fighting capacity.
But this decision frightened Guo Xiue.
Hearing that the soldier was still in the news, Guo Xiue took even the Iraqis to meet the result early in the morning. The leader was actually even Gu Feng, and the news was everywhere at that time. Even the tigers were still in the news. Guo Xiue almost didn’t even live when she saw this scene.
Even the Iraqis quickly held Guo Xiue, who almost fell down, and Qi Mu, who was so startled, were all ready to come back but didn’t. Isn’t that scary?
Lian Jia quickly asked Lian Frost to ask Lian Frost. Lian Frost was a little careless. In his eyes, these even family members were different. "My second uncle, sister and mother asked me to ask my father, but what happened?"
"You this child what are you talking about! Your father decided to stay and train those new generals. "
Even the frost is very cold and nodded back, which is also a common emotion. Guo Xiue and even Iraqis are relieved, and their expressions are changed, and they are relaxed.