"It’s so good for your master to be kind to you?"
992 Chapter 992 Not afraid dead woman
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It’s a little cold to say that Chi Mi replaces Yun Zui’s interface.
Yunzui asked for mercy and let her live, while others asked for mercy and didn’t have to die?
That cloud drunk is really being cherished by the kite.
Or they beg for mercy?
Yunzui can’t help feeling ashamed. Why do you feel a little jealous?
What makes the kite forgive her is not because of her face, but because she doesn’t have this face. Will the kite do this to her?
That won’t happen. If it weren’t for this face, this would never happen today.
Everything started with Su Dye’s pupil, but she has to bear it.
And those feuds were all done by Yunzui in ancient times. Now Yunzui found that she had done one or two things by herself when she came to ancient times?
The department is drunk because of Su Dye Pupil and the ancient cloud!
Suddenly feel very sad.
"It’s very close to death, master. Don’t talk more." After saying this, the kite’s mouth coldly evoked a cruel smile and walked towards Yunzui and Chimie.
When I saw the pool, I couldn’t help flying obliquely into the temples and eyebrows, and then I asked, "I want a knife."
Smell speech made the kite’s footsteps stop and flashed a startled look, then sneered that "none of them can run away"
With that, the kite took a few steps forward and looked at the side and sat on the ground nervous. Chi Xuan couldn’t help laughing scornfully and then said to Yun Zui, "Give you the last chance to choose death or contribute yourself …"
He didn’t finish his words, but Yunzui already knew what it was.
Dedicate her face to live a few more days.
Are those days really that important?
Cloud drunk can’t help but feel shame.
What does it mean to make kite say half fish mouth knows, but what about Chi Mi?
Where’s Chi Xuan?
Where are the others?
Naturally, they don’t know what it is that makes the kite say
And it is easy to be misunderstood.
Lingyuan did it on purpose, right?
Is to make outsiders feel that the two of them seem different?
Or let her be looked at strangely?
No matter whether she agrees or not, others will think that there will be losses, won’t it be her?
Yun Zui couldn’t help rolling his eyes in Chi Mi’s arms, and immediately raised his palm-sized face and said, "If you have nothing to contribute, you will have a bad life. If you want to kill, you will have to cut it."
When Yunzui’s words came out, it immediately surprised people because they were too generous.
Which woman is like this?
Women are generally weak flowers, which will break after a little wind and rain, but Yun is drunk, and now she is facing death, but she is still so calm and not worried about her life.
This courage is really worthy of admiration.
Yunzui didn’t hesitate so much. Chi Mi couldn’t help but raise her mouth.
Yunzui is different from other women.
Moreover, people who are not afraid of death also have more courage than ordinary women.
"Well, the master will send you to hell first."
Kill the cloud drunk without putting it in the ice temple.
Moreover, the woman who was prepared to change her face with Yunzui has not changed her skin for such a long time, and she has no chance to transplant her face all the time.
993 Chapter 993 The return
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Since there is no chance, it’s hard to find another person with a disposition like Su Ran’s pupil. Since you can’t find that cloud drunk, there is no point in staying alive.
On the contrary, the skin can be maintained when frozen and can be enjoyed at any time.
You’re much more obedient than people. There’s nothing wrong with killing Yunzui.
And Yunzui’s attitude is so firm that kite believes Yunzui won’t change himself easily.
"Good backbone. If you stay today, you will despise me." I don’t know where to make the kite take out a dagger and it looks cold with cold light.
What are you afraid of when you look drunk and still indifferent?
Will it be so tragic to be killed by a dagger when you were killed in the first place?
See cloud drunk still a so-called sample to kite nature is not happy in my heart.
Yun’s infatuation is too strong and such a stubborn temper has no feminine taste at all.
How can a person be so hungry?
In this way, women are afraid that one person will be drunk and the other will be ruined.
But such a woman really makes people dislike it.
Seeing that Ling Yuan approached Chi Mi step by step with a dagger, he immediately put Yun Zui behind him in the previous step and said to Ling Yuan, "Don’t you think you are too presumptuous to kill in front of the king?"
Smell speech makes the kite not sneer at the corners of the mouth.
How can these two people be so similar in character?