"No" Izriel refused for the second time.
"Save him, get out, come" Thurss turned his head and looked at Isoriel’s obscure and cold face in the dark sky, word for word.
Do not refuse
"No …"
"The day is about to dawn ….."
It’s been a tough night.
Katrina looked at the bodies everywhere in front of her, and even though she was tough, she couldn’t help but feel tired and want to fall.
Although the number of enemy troops is twice that of their own
But everyone in the army is not desperate to fight.
Still won.
But also successfully held back the main pace of the other side.
Tonight is still to be continued
Ps woguo
Want more?
The result is still not
It’s bound to be two shifts.
Page three hundred and seventeen White swords
It’s finally dawn.
Murphy received a head at dawn.
A barbarian’s head
Arriving with this man’s head is the defeat of 20 thousand troops
The chain reaction of attacking the city again
This made him so angry that his face had no angry color.
Although it is only a matter of time before we attack Knox Sass, with such a big advantage, we will delay the capture date.
In addition to giving more opportunities for political opponents to attack him, it may also increase the chances of smearing yourself in history.
After all, the achievement of breaking the king city of Knox Sass is amazing, but unfortunately, a man just broke it not long ago, and it was only less than 20 thousand people
Murphy has lost to that man from the beginning, and he can’t do better than Deng Nici.
Since you can’t do better, try not to get worse.
But now the situation is slipping in a worse direction.
Other anger
Anger, the whole tent is as cold as the head in front of everyone
"The other side has more than 10,000 people, we have 20,000 people, and we have more people in the rear, but what did we lose?" Murphy’s tone was calm, calm and without a trace of anger
But the temperature of the tent is even lower
Because he has the power of a king
He should also be a strange man.
Guangdun clan is the first person to be king.
Expedition to President Noxas
If it hadn’t been for Deng Nici, he had captured the king city of Noxas a month earlier, and his achievements would have left a strong mark in history.
His martial arts will surpass Demassia’s famous soldiers in an instant and become Demassia’s military soul.
Unfortunately, Deng Nici was earlier than him.
At this point, he hates Deng Nici.
"Let’s kill them first" or Murphy. He said that he did not refute the decision. "It seems that if we want to win, we must kill these guys first."
"The army to make! ! !”
"Feint and then …"
"Surround and annihilate"
"yes! ! !”
At dawn