"Incredible … even Dick was punched out by this school. If it weren’t for Inke’s fluid physical ability, I’m afraid he would have really punched him to death … is this the original physical strength with such amazing destructive power?" Aichi looked at Robert’s eyes with horror at the pressure of fighting.
Alex is also watching Robert show that he has a panoramic view, and he can’t help but be more afraid of this man. He thinks that if he wins, it will be only 55 against him.
"What shall we do now?" Aichi is used to asking Alex some questions, because he finds that the present situation is very complicated and it is not his head that can think clearly.
"I already told you," Alex said indifferently.
"I remember what you said … but I can’t find a chance to cut into the battlefield!" Ai qi angry way
"Why don’t you have a chance? The five big five-level evolutionists have all made moves, and the opportunity has arrived, "Alex said."
"Five big five grades are arresting that school and my roots have an impact on this balance of power in the past!"
Alex’s pupil shrank a little, and he continued to urge, "If you can kill the original body, it will be a great achievement."
Aichi shook his head. "Even Dick is no match for him. If I go out, I will die!" "
Alex changed his mind again and urged, "Don’t go if you are afraid … It’s also a good way to avoid the wind and rain."
Aichi shouted angrily, "I’m not afraid … I’m brave. It’s never my style! And the root of death is meaningless. "
Alex looked at Archie and knew that there was no way to encourage him to go out, because he could see from his eyes that he had been tourist trap by Robert.
He can say, "Then let’s keep watching."
After saying this, he was thinking about bringing this Robert here.
Being shot in the head on the battlefield, like a liquid metal robot in Terminator 2, was beaten into a pile of minced meat, and the head slowly condensed towards the fracture of the neck and finally reunited into a head.
He got up and looked at the running. Robert’s eyes were intertwined with fear and hatred, and at the same time he could not help but be shocked by his overwhelming strength.
"The original physical strength … is really strong enough. No wonder the boss is obsessed with the original physical sample."
Say that finish is chased out.
So there was such a spectacle on the battlefield.
Five big and five levels to kill a famous school!
Elvin’s heart is full of horror. Although others are arrogant, he also has a clear understanding of Gram’s strength. He knows that Gram’s strength is better than himself.
And that Robert’s school can blow him up with one punch … The top 5 recipient was blown up with one punch … This has completely subverted his understanding of the military power level … How is this amazing to go against the sky?
Other people have the same cognition, and they dare not be careless in the face of such a difficult enemy.
Robert is still running, and behind him are Ivan, the blonde, Yali, Heng Ke, the blond boy Adam and the black bald guy.
Robert took a glance at the five people behind him. He could feel that the five people behind him were all level 5 strength, and they could run wildly if they dared not be careless.
Beauty Yali’s hair stretched like gold Se Yunxia, and it swept through the past in just a few seconds, and then Robert was wrapped around his legs and tied and pulled!
This is Yali’s signature power, a golden Se binding hair.
Robert has long found that his legs are tied by a kind of silk thread. See, Li Tatsu Yamashiro is constantly splitting those silk threads, but the silk thread seems to be connected when it is cut off.
Dick and Elvin, on the other hand, are transformed into claws and inserted in front of Robert in the form of claws. It is convenient to create a circle of arc-shaped barbed barriers to block Robert’s way
Robert Suong, who had a thorn barrier in front of him and was still bound by silk thread, wouldn’t go. Li Tatsu Yamashiro cut the silk thread around his ankle like a ghosting image and cut it into several sections. Finally, Yali took back her hair and looked at him cheerfully and said, "What did Robert do to school? He actually beat Dick so badly."
The murder in Dick’s eyes passed away, and this guy blew it up in public. Hatred has flooded his head. He shouted, "Don’t talk nonsense to him and kill him!" "
Say that finish, dick and Elvin are both cooperating with their paws to stick to Robert and release a large-scale stab attack!
Several thorns sprang up in that area one after another, and Robert dodged and pranced. Every time he dodged, he successfully dodged a prism blade at a critical moment.
And Yali’s gorgeous blonde hair is once again elongated like a flowing gold Se streamer, bypassing the spikes and directly rushing at the Robert.
Heng Ke and Adam didn’t do it, but they looked coldly and didn’t intervene. Neither of them recognized Robert’s ability to escape this bondage and attack with silk thread and stab.
Sure enough, when the silk thread tied Robert’s feet, he was no longer as flexible and evasive as before. As more and more silk threads were wound, his evasiveness became slower and slower, and gradually those thorns could rub his skin.
Finally, Keke saw the opportunity and made a fierce effort. A huge stab finally penetrated his chest!
The huge thorn poked Robert up, poked him in the middle, and the blood trickled down the ground to dye the whole thorn red.
Yali Jin Se tied his hands and legs together and then broke the tied hair. She made an OK gesture at Dick and smiled, "You can finally get revenge."
Elvin also said, "Finally dead … It’s really troublesome to clean up this guy."
Heng Ke nodded his head.
Dick looked at Robert’s body expression to relax.