Liao Zhenhai was about to cut his sword in the past, but he saw that Qin Shao stood still, made a gesture of pause, and hurriedly admitted his strength. This just stopped before Qin Shaojie.
"What more do you want?" Liao Zhenhai brimming with anger said. It’s really uncomfortable to take back your strength by force. It’s like a bullet shot out of a gun and suddenly returned to the chamber. If it weren’t for his low cultivation, this reaction would be enough for him to drink a pot.
What? You can’t imagine what it’s like to go out and come back. All right, let’s say something popular. That is, a beautiful woman has taken off her clothes in front of you, and you are about to raise your gun, but she called a time-out. Will it make you feel bad?
And Qin Shaojie, now is Liao Zhenhai eyes that take off the clean walk of beauty.
"No, I won’t fight, give up." Qin Shaojie spread out his palm and said.
"Hmm … admit it, throw in the towel?" Liao Zhenhai was stunned by Qin Shaojie. What’s this guy doing? Why did he suddenly give up?
Not only Liao Zhenhai was puzzled, but also other disciples of the sect were puzzled by Qin Shaojie.
"Bastard, bastard." Xinghai is so angry down there that he’s almost cursing. I finally killed myself. Is it easy? This bastard gave up. My own lap, just like hitting cotton, has no focus.
"Why? Is there no such thing as giving up in the regulations? " Qin Shaojie asked.
"Master Qin, since you give up, let Ling Xian come up." Shen Yuanfang said.
"No, we’ll admit defeat in Tianmen." Qin Shaojie light said.
"This … all right." Shen Yuanfang one leng, then slowly said. "Since Tianmen throw in the towel, then Wudang and Emei will follow. Fairy spirit moon, please. "
Chapter 140th Wudang War Emei
This kind of competition between disciples of various factions is impossible if there are no casualties. Say it’s time to stop But all the fights on the field are as close as a bee, and all of them are angry. No one wants to lose. Who wants to start from now on?
When Liao Zhenhai played, Qin Shaojie saw that Liao Zhenhai’s cultivation was higher than his. If he used Taiji sword again, he would definitely not take advantage of it, but he could not use the royal magic sword array to deal with him, so he chose to give up. He doesn’t care about this kind of ranking struggle between sects. Besides, he is only two people in heaven.
But Qin Shaojie to do so, but let XingHai gas want to vomiting blood. I had planned to let Liao Zhenhai kill Qin Shaojie or seriously injure him. But Qin Shaojie gave up at this time. This is tantamount to killing people with a soft knife.
All the owners here were stunned for a while, and they all wanted to understand the key, and they also admired Qin Shaojie. I don’t want to write about it at a young age. It’s just that they are not trapped by fame, and even they are ashamed.
"Sister Qiu Ruo, what are you thinking?" Clear dew see autumn if gawk at Qin Shaojie figure, then patted her shoulder and asked in a low voice.
"I’m thinking about the master of Qin." Autumn if at that time did not return to absolute being, mew mew said 1.
"What? You, you won’t be. " Qing Lu was startled by this sentence from her school sister. Boy, is this girl in love?
"Ah?" Autumn if this just came to my mind and realized that what I just said was really ambiguous. Qiao face suddenly flushed with shame.
"The teacher elder sister, you, you don’t blather, I was thinking, just Qin door Lord with tai chi sword. He, how can he learn Tai Chi sword so quickly? " Autumn if the red face explained.
"Hee hee, school sister, don’t explain. If you like people, just go there." Qing Lou smiled and said.
"All right, shut up." Before Qiu Re spoke again, Ling Yue scolded.
"Qiu Ruo, you are the first to play."
"Yes, master." If Qiu quickly calmed down, she took the sword in her hand and walked into the field.
"I won’t bully you either, Emei, hum." Xinghai was angry with Qin Shaojie, and some of them didn’t slow down. Cold snorted and said.
"Zhenhai, you come down first, Lu Ping, you go up."
Lu Ping’s cultivation is not low, just like Qiu Re’s.
Fortunately, Xing Hai still keeps a sense. If Liao Zhenhai is allowed to continue, it is estimated that it is a matter of sword. Although Qiu ruo can be easily defeated, other sects will also say that he bullies others by bullying the weak. Xing Hai, who cares so much about his reputation, can’t let people point to his spine and say that he is not.
"Brother, the little girl is polite." Autumn if said to Lu Ping ying ying, who came up.
"Er … this, this, teacher and sister are polite." Lu Ping said tongue-tied.
Because of his mediocre qualifications, Lu Ping is always busy practicing, and has never seen a woman, let alone Qiu Re, a fairy-like Younger, say hello to him. At that time actually some blush with shame.
Actually … Wudang also can’t see a woman. Even Qin Shaojie has been wondering whether Xing Hai is an old virgin, and his temper is so grumpy because he has not been able to vent.
Needless to say, this first game was naturally won by Qiu Re. It’s hard to win when you meet Lu Ping, a guy whose legs are soft when he meets a woman. Three times and two times will be done.
Looking at Lu Ping, who walked back with his head down, Xing Haigang’s calm anger flared up again in an instant. Cold snorted and said.
"Zhenhai, you are on."
This time, Xing Hai is bullying the weak no matter what. Wudang lost such a big face today, and now it must be recovered. Wudang, if defeated by a group of women in Emei. Then wipe your neck with a sword.
Liao Zhenhai answered and went to the field.
"Xinghai, you should use yuan baby disciple to my golden body disciple? Do you want to be shameless? " See Liao Zhenhai spirit month, also couldn’t help it, to XingHai shouted.
"I didn’t ask you to fight this little girl doll. You can learn from the Qin master and be a tortoise and admit defeat. " Xinghai said nonchalantly.
"You …" Spirit month was speechless with XingHai gas.
"You are the tortoise. Your whole family is the tortoise." Qin Shaojie whispered something.
"Qiu ruo, if you can’t beat it, you will give up. We have to retreat without a fight." Spirit on the autumn if standing in the field said.
"Brother, please be merciful." If autumn whispered.
"Do it." Liao Zhenhai said faintly. He’s not the kind of guy in Lu Ping who is weak at the sight of women.
"Oh." Autumn if jiao scolded 1, wielding a sword. There is a faint blue shock wave on the sword. It is Emei’s ice lotus fencing.
Liao Zhenhai only holds a sword with one hand, but the other hand is behind his back. Simply swing a sword, and Qiu Re will be turned back. It can be seen how big the difference is.
If Qiu takes a step back and flies again, the light blue firm but gentle moment is scattered and open, and the tip is also stabbed at Liao Zhenhai’s nakedness.
Liao Zhenhai suddenly became angry and took a step back to avoid Qiu Re’s sword.
Damn it, you dare to cut my penis. This little bitch is really vicious.
In fact, this really can’t blame our beautiful, kind and lovely Younger Qiuruo. She just saw Liao Zhenhai standing there motionless. He tried his best to cast a sword to attack Liao Zhenhai’s footwall, just trying to force him to move. But Liao Zhenhai thought she was going to cut off his little brother. The anger just provoked by Qin Shaojie suddenly broke out.
"Hum, the little girl is so vicious, so don’t blame me for being ruthless." Liao Zhenhai said, and fended off Qiu Re’s sword, and kicked it on Qiu Re’s lower abdomen before he could recover his figure. Autumn if suddenly fly out of the field.
Liao Zhenhai, angered by Qiu Re’s sword stabbing his brother, still leaps high regardless of Qiu Re’s flying line at this time. A sword stabbed Qiu Ruo’s abdomen.
If Qiu was kicked in the lower abdomen, he flew backwards. At this time, the qi and blood in the body surged and it was extremely uncomfortable. Just throw in the towel after being really landed. But I didn’t think that Liao Zhenhai actually took advantage of the situation and didn’t let her go at all.
Am I going to die? If Qiu looked at Liao Zhenhai getting closer and closer to her, he thought to himself.
Master, am I, am I going to die? Thinking about it, Qiu Ruo looked at Ling Yue with nostalgia. Master Qin, I also want to ask you how to learn Tai Chi sword so quickly.
Have to say, our autumn if Younger at this last minute, even thought Qin Shaojie classmates. If Qin Shaojie knows that Qiu is still thinking about him, he will surely shout twice, then take off his clothes and streaking twice on the suspended island of Shushan.
Autumn if slowly close your eyes, waiting for the arrival of death.
"Son of a bitch, stop it."
Just when she was ready to accept death, she suddenly heard a loud shout.
Chapter 141 Crazy Xinghai
"Son of a bitch, stop it." Qin Shaojie saw Liao Zhenhai still didn’t mean to give up, and suddenly shouted.
Although it’s not very nice, it sounds so sweet to Qiu Ruo.
Qin Shaojie in propaganda at the same time, the body suddenly suddenly and violently. A thunderbolt struck in the past.
Liao Zhenhai felt the threat behind him, so he gave up pursuing Qiu Ruo and turned around in the air, avoiding Qin Shaojie’s palm thunder. But just turned around, Qin Shaojie had reached him, and the autumn frost sword stabbed his abdomen directly.