"Ah?" Qin Wan opened her mouth wide. She heard others say that the spirit beast in the forbidden area does not haunt according to common sense, and it is easy to encounter powerful spirit beasts. I also heard that Du Cheng sent someone to find out the restricted area twice, and most of them were killed or injured. I didn’t expect myself to be here now. But as if she thought of something again, she couldn’t help becoming calm.
"Hum! You little brat, what did you do to sneak up on me earlier? Don’t think that if you let me go, I will forget it with you! Tell you, I’m not finished with you! " Qin wan suddenly JiaoSheng nu way. Growing up, Zhang Xiaotian was the first to dare to treat her like that. With that, Qin Wan pulled out a magic weapon from me and attacked Zhang Xiaotian. The last time she saw Zhang Xiaotian defending Jiang Kun’s mental attack, she knew that he was wearing a mental protective suit with strong defense, so she wisely chose a magic weapon to attack.
Just now, she suddenly remembered that she and the kid in front of her are at the same level, and she is still qualified for gold. She should be much better than the kid in front of her and should not be afraid of him.
Seeing the sudden change of Qin Wan, Zhang Xiaotian couldn’t help smiling bitterly. I didn’t expect that she thought she wanted to compromise with her. Zhang Xiaotian, however, also didn’t answer, because the magic weapon of qin wan will attack. That’s an intermediate magic weapon! It’s terrible to hit the body!
Zhang Xiaotian smiled, and Blackstone in his hand blocked Qin Wan’s ribbon magic weapon.
"poof!" Blackstone collided with the ribbon magic weapon.
I saw the magic ribbon twisted a few times in the air and fell to the ground.
After seeing this, Qin Wan’s face changed. With a grind, she took out a small golden sword again and shot at Zhang Xiaotian. It is also an intermediate magic weapon.
Zhang Xiaotian put the Blackstone on it again, only to hear the clang of a metal, and the small sword shook in the air for a few times or fell to the ground.

Chapter ninety-eight Sweat! Is this an insult?
I have to say that there are still many magic weapons of Qin Wan, including three swords and bells! Small print magic weapon! All of them are intermediate magic weapons. But they were all knocked down by Zhang Xiaotian’s Blackstone.
Qin wan’s face is getting redder and redder. Although she has many magic weapons, she can’t help doing this. She had thought that Zhang Xiaotian’s Blackstone would strike three or two magic weapons at most to the limit, but now it seems that this piece of Blackstone is like a magic weapon that can strike others indefinitely. Every time it comes out, it will strike one, and there is no sign of exhaustion.
Looking at Qin Wan’s magic weapon after magic weapon, it seems endless. Zhang Xiaotian’s facial expression changed, and if it goes on like this, I don’t know how long it will take to knock out her magic weapon. I have to say, this girl’s family is really rich, and even a person carries so many magic weapons. I heard that Fat Boy said that she still has a treasure coat on her body, which can block material attacks. No wonder she dared to try in the test forest alone, Zhang Xiaotian thought.
Seeing the black kid’s face change in front of him, Qin Wan was delighted, thinking that Blackstone’s function of striking a magic weapon had reached its limit.
Zhang Xiaotian strike a magic weapon again, then cast up the seven-star maze step, in one fell swoop in front of Qin Wan.
When Qin Wan saw the black kid in front of him suddenly conjured up seven figures, he couldn’t help but panic, and he didn’t know which one to play with.
The next moment she felt that the black kid had come to her, and the familiar long knife was once again on her shoulder. I only heard a cold voice: "If you don’t stop your useless behavior, I will be impolite!"
Qin wan one leng, in the hands of action was stopped.
The posture stops. Zhang Xiaotian that the rest of the six figure slowly disappear, standing beside Qin Wan shape also gradually become real.
"It is good to know to stop, you have to recognize your current position! You are our prisoner! " Seeing the girl stop her frantic behavior, Zhang Xiaotian put down her long knife and said coldly.
"captive?" After hearing Zhang Xiaotian’s words, Qin Wan felt puzzled. But she didn’t do it again. She knew that this black kid could easily subdue herself. Although he put down his long knife now. But I still have to be alert to myself. If I do it again now, I will definitely be stopped by him again.
Even if you want to start work, you have to wait for him to relax later. For now. He didn’t intend to kill himself, Qin Wan thought. She has seen a lot of big scenes, and she recovered her composure in a short time.
"Where is your locator?" Zhang Xiaotian saw Qin Wan’s thoughtful expression and suddenly asked.
Qin Wan was suddenly awakened by this sentence thoughtfully. When she heard Zhang Xiaotian’s question, she subconsciously touched it in her arms. Locator is used to locate each other with peers. If it is put into the storage space, other locators will not sense its existence, so the locators are placed directly on the body. Qin Wan just put it in her arms.
Zhang Xiaotian saw Qin Wan’s move, and he couldn’t help smiling strangely. He had previously heard Du Hai find the six ghosts with a locator in the tree, so he guessed that Qin Wan must have them. Just ask, now see qin wan, Zhang Xiaotian knew. Qin Wan’s locator must be in her arms.
The locator thing. Zhang Xiaotian doesn’t know what it is, but he knows that the sooner it is removed, the better. That long time has been wasted just now. Thought of here, Zhang Xiaotian pulled up Qin Wan and stretched out his hand to touch her arms.
"You … what are you doing?" Qin Wan looked at Zhang Xiaotian and asked in horror. Just restored to calm-nothing. .
But as Zhang Xiaotian points on her after a few times, she can’t move now, and she can only watch this black kid touch herself.
The ghost body is the same as the human body structure, but it is made of different substances. Ghost repair’s body is composed of full soul force energy, but it also has meridians and blood. As long as you have these, then a little effort from the secular world can be used on ghost repair. It’s just that soul force is a relatively active energy, so it can stop the action of a day and a half on strangers in the secular world, but for ghosts, it can easily push away the way they are stopped.
Zhang Xiaotian, they used to calculate that the time for ghost cultivation to be stopped by Tao is about ten seconds, and the higher the cultivation, the less time it will be stopped. And the fighting between ghost repair is either killing or releasing, which can’t be done for a few seconds, so at that time, it was considered as a very chicken-rib martial art by Zhang Xiaotian. Zhang Xiaotian and Yang Xiaodi spent some time studying just out of curiosity, but I didn’t expect to use it now.
This point can only be stopped for a few seconds when it is used in ghost repair during the ghost period. However, this is enough.
In these few seconds, Zhang Xiaotian not only found a round mirror in Qin Wan’s arms, but also touched Qin Wan from head to toe, leaving no room for locks, rings and bracelets. Zhang Xiao didn’t stop until she was sure that everything on her body had been searched.
Finally looked at the clothes she was wearing, Zhang Xiaotian think about it or forget it, after all, it’s just a dress, and it’s estimated that it’s just a little defensive, and it’s unlikely to have attack function. I’ve touched the girl all over her body just now, so it’s not good to take off her clothes.
In fact, Zhang Xiaotian is still very jealous of Qin Wan’s material defense dress. What he is most worried about now is the material attack. If he is attacked by the primary magic weapon, he may be able to bear it, but if he is hit by the secondary magic weapon, he will definitely die. If it weren’t for a woman’s dress, he would have ripped it off from Qin Wan on the way, so how could he keep it for her?
Zhang Xiaotian took the round mirror-shaped locator that was pulled out from Qin Wan’s arms and looked at it. Now there are several flashing light spots on a clear plane. Zhang Xiaotian thought, it seems that the light spot is the position of the locator, this thing can’t stay.
Zhang Xiaotian took the locator and tried to throw it towards the cliff of the cave, only to hear 1 of "pa", and the locator was smashed to pieces.
Zhang Xiaotian smiled, this locator is not so strong? The locator was broken, and Zhang Xiaotian was relieved.