"Sir, the enemy is really strong. As your subordinates said, we must strengthen our defense." Dear guest, the twelve wise gods made the boss suddenly say, "Otherwise, don’t mention your army, even your Excellency, and your safety will never be guaranteed."
"The angel must have found something?" Heiliewei recognized the meaning in the old boast of the Ming God.
"This time, you were among the targets of the enemy’s attack," the boss’s eyes flashed with a hint of pride. "It’s just that when you pressed close, you were found by the Twelve Angels and scared away."
"Really?" Hei Liewei was shocked. "This handsome army is among the hosts. Can Kai Yuan people go in and out freely?"
"Sir, the enemy has a deity, and it is a deity with a stealth tactic." The Ming God made the boss pause and carefully tunnel. "Judging from the fact that he found something wrong and retreated first, the enemy’s deity may be higher than this deity. Your Excellency, your dynasty is really … "
After thinking for a long time, the corner of the black nebula shows a trace of blood red color.
At the same time, the dark gods and the dark god pavilion.
The dark god narrowed his eyes, and a line of clothes almost lit up his cabinet master’s training room. The 12-year-old messenger did not live up to his mission and sent back important news, but the news was too unexpected.
"High-level deities, ten families of the universe, you can count how many high-level deities there are when you pick up your fingers, but they are all in their own world like themselves." The dark god thought hard, "where did the high-level gods of heaven and earth in the original world come from?" How can there be a high-level deity in Qiyuan Jietian! A wave of unrest, a wave of rise again … This world, the plan is not as good as change! Sure enough, nothing will be easy. Emperor, how long will you be closed! "
The dark god almost bit a good tooth, and his heart was as chaotic as the battle in the spirit world of Kun Tian.
"A wise god, rate, brothers from the black column camp, waiting for an opportunity to rev the original world. In addition, I told the Heilie Nebula that the owner of this cabinet would give him 1,000 fortress of dark gods and send him manufacturing technology and production line. "
When the telegram was issued, the dark God took a long breath. Now it’s the only way, while helping the Heilie Nebula, to take this opportunity to test the energy of the high-level deities in the original world and see if there are ten ethnic groups entering the world; While waiting for the great emperor to go through the customs.
This universe, shady as vanity, is boundless.
Kuntian Lingjie, the second phase of China’s main defense plan is still in progress. But the black army suddenly stopped moving forward, drilled into hundreds of interstellar cities, and guarded the "bunker".
"It seems that the black people have new ideas?"
Tianxin frowned. More than 2,000 super legions of black people have stepped up their peripheral patrols, and the defense of the army has been divided into several small areas, adding full-time contact herald soldiers, so that the recent attacks have not achieved great results, but the advance of black people has accelerated. Now, they actually stopped moving forward, for the sake of what?
No, why! In the palace of Emperor Heilie, the Heilie nebula is happy. As the saying goes, when there is no road to doubt, there is another village. I didn’t expect that when his heart was deep, the dark god gave Lianxing fortress, not only that, but also provided manufacturing technology and a production line. "Gaga, as long as I have a weapon to deal with the King Kong fortress, I have hundreds of thousands of extra legions, and I haven’t crushed the original boundary day …"
I’ll stop if he stops.
The war situation was foggy, and the black people were stationed in StarCraft City. Tianxin also flatly terminated the implementation of the second phase of the active defense plan. With the black army relying on the StarCraft Yugoslav capital, it would only bring casualties and attrition to the attacking side.
"Boss, I’m having a good time. How can I call it a day?" Meeting room, always the most enthusiastic fire spirit shouted.
As ignored the fire spirit, but turned to composed light spirit, "black people actually stopped, there are tricks. Guangling, you will lead the team. You seven spirits will go to the central star field of the Heilie clan to find out information and pay close attention to the exchanges between the Heilie dynasty and the outside world. "
"Boss, we must finish the task."
"Be careful!"
"Don’t worry, boss, Heilie Nebula will never think that our seven brothers will date the little MM on the boundary planet of his capital, Star City." Light spirit heroic tunnel.

Chapter three hundred and sixty-four Snow Marsh Boundary Day (on)
Yes, boss, "the fire spirit is at the side," don’t worry, we must finish soaking black MM,
After the fire spirit’s speech, the meeting room burst into laughter, and the tense atmosphere was relaxed.
Snow is the only thing in the world.
The front foot of the Seven Elves went to the Star City in the center of Heilie Dynasty, and the back foot of Tianxin also focused on this world adjacent to Kuntian Spirit World. Sometimes, Tianxin even thinks that it is precisely because of this world full of flying snow and the barren world full of wind and fire that the Heilie dynasty entered the original world.
Sidelights of Kuntian spirit world: Apart from the original world, there are two other worlds adjacent to Kuntian spirit world, one is fire and the other is snow. For thousands of years, the barren world has stopped the pace of adventurers with its gangfeng fire; But the snowy world, the crystal-clear and beautiful world, has hooked the hearts of countless adventurers and their lives.
If I hadn’t been to the barren world personally and known the fierce wind and fire, Tianxin would never have thought of the snowy world. There is also a very cold name in the mouth of the black people, the snow burial world. In terms of its horror, the snowy world is only slightly inferior to the barren world. There is no planet in the whole world, only the hexagonal crystal flowers that fly forever, either thin or thick. Fortunately, this gives the adventurers who enter the snowy world a little sense of direction.
Tianxin thought that such a world could never have an impact on the current situation of Kuntian spirit world, but the black army suddenly stopped moving forward and disappeared into the Star City. This abnormal action made Tianxin realize that the snowy world was not "safe". The black nebula, which has been forced to be nasty, can certainly get assistance through this unmanned world, and contact the failed action of sneaking into the black army account in the second stage. Tianxin is even more sure that the black nebula has contacts with other worlds and has obtained certain support; Then contact the two adventurers who once paid attention to in the broken star village of Tianya in Qiyuan boundary. The snowy and marshy boundary is no longer a "boundless sea" boundary, and many "routes" must have been opened up by the adventurers.
In this way, we have to guard against it.
So the suspended second-stage active defense plan was restarted as a confrontation. As a heavenly heart, twenty God Battalion Fortress led the ten thousand King Kong Battalion Star Fortress United into twenty teams. Every other star, a team of one God Battalion United with five hundred King Kong Battalion Fortress United was sent to bombard the Star City where the black people were holed up. In addition to 19 teams are lurking. Of course, Jing Jie Zhen Ling Super Corps, millions of Xuanzong Zhan Ge Road, and 300 space-based fighters are also hidden in a 20-Jingang Dai battle fortress. Black people just can’t hold back, can’t help it, then all the hidden Chinese people ambush and strike hard at the black people who come out.
At the same time, the heavenly heart ordered the millions of King Kong Battlestar United, which was arrayed on the edge of the three hundred star fields, to move in quietly, and set up an array on the periphery of the hundred star cities adhered to by the black army. Completely block the route of the black army.
The Heilie Nebula in Heilie Emperor’s Palace knows nothing about this, and he is still waiting for the support of Dark God to connect the star fortress and production line. Similarly, Tianxin doesn’t know the cards of the Heilie people, although everything has been deployed. However, I was still uneasy at heart. After sending seven little spirits, I went to the snowy world myself, hoping to find out what happened with my vast knowledge.
Each organic expression, each exhibition, each change.
"Ha, ha, ha, when thousands of star-linked forts arrive, I will turn you into an army of evil gods." The Heilie Emperor Palace resounds this laughter every day. Then there was a whisper, "Qi Hua, how do you say that the even star fortress of the dark God has not arrived yet? Is it stopped in the dark world and the rainy world?" I hate it, why there are three worlds on the side, and each one is more irritating than the other. When the world is cut off, the entrants turn into fireworks; Snow and marsh boundary days. Constant ancient flying snow, ten in nine fans, otherwise, I had sent an army to attack the Shen Meng boundary day, and I didn’t want to provoke what Kai Yuan boundary day … "
"Your majesty and please rest assured. The dark god is very human. Since we are talking about helping your Majesty, we can certainly send things to the Kuntian spirit world. " Qi Hua comforted. Speaking of which, he is more trusted than his brother Jiyun, and the Heilie Nebula has told him the secret matter of having contact with the dark god. Want to know JiYun but follow the black nebula dozens of interstellar years, JiYun all don’t know things, he should know. What is the concept of dark god? That’s the boundary of the ten families of the universe. It is reported that the dark god has been cultivated as a high-level god …
The more excited Qihua is, the more the black nebula laughs. ",you people with ghosts in their hearts, if it weren’t for Lao Tzu’s card, how could you be honest and agree to my campaign plan!"
The Heilie Nebula doesn’t know the secret. If a second person knows it, it will no longer be a secret. Besides, Qihua also brought this secret to the Hui people, to the heads of families and elders. As more people know, this is high in all ethnic groups.
The secret gradually became a secret that was not a secret, and it flowed further and further, flowing into the small ears of the seven little spirits who shot up in the central Star City of the dynasty. Excited by a clue, the seven spirits also gave the news to Tianxin and began to explore more details.
As a result, Tianxin’s trip to the snow and marsh world has a clearer content.
Dozens of interstellar days passed quietly.
Finally, the Heilie people sent thousands of legions to a junction between Kuntian spirit world and Xuebog world. Obviously, they have got the exact news, and the Dark Heaven and Earth Lianxing Fortress and production line will be delivered here.
Tianxin also made a worry, and the action of the black man shocked him, and told him to do it only in the snowy world. Otherwise, once the dark things were sent to the Kuntian spirit world, there were thousands of legions guarding them, he could only look on.
These days, I’ve been munching on historical records in the interstellar city in the frontier of Heilie people. Tianxin already knows that there are two sub-true spirit-level world days, one is Shen Meng world day, and the other is Yu Gan world day. Although the civilization level has not surpassed Kun Tian spirit world in the past, it is much stronger than Kun Tian spirit world because it is adjacent to the dark god day and has the shadow of ten families in the universe. In such two powerful worlds, the dark god man has a way to sneak things to the black man, which makes him have to measure the strength of the dark god monk who escorts things.
It’s impossible to play star pirates. There are only six-sided crystal flowers and occasionally fearless adventurers floating around in the snow and marsh world, and there are only a few high-level true spiritual practices that pursue aesthetics. However, that can only be regarded as "outing" or "traveling". Interstellar pirates can’t survive in the snowy world.
"Ha ha, the adventurer who met in the broken star village once said how terrible the dark god cabinet master is. Remember not to provoke him. But the lovely adventurer, it’s not me who annoys him now, it’s him who annoys me and starts the world. He is arrogant, he is black and I am black, and he is dark and I am dark. "
As the eye shot cold light, running chaos hidden god tactic from black fierce thousands of legions stationed soaring into the snow marsh world.