"That’s right! Boy is really smart. I don’t want to stay in this place all the time. It’s not interesting at all. There are so many suzaku outside, it’s a pity not to kill a few to taste. "
"Then can I ask you something?"
"Ha, ha, ha, Lao tze to borrow your body, don’t say one, is ten, Lao tze will promise you. Come on, what is it? No, wait, boy, how can you talk to Lao Tzu? "
"I don’t know. I only know that I saw it clearly the last time you fought with GM, but I couldn’t talk to you then. I don’t know what happened today, so I wanted to tell you, and you really heard it."
The magic statue squinted at me a few times and smacked his lips. "Is it possible that your boy was born after me?" Impossible, in that case, Lao tze also can’t possess you. Strange, strange … Well, come on, what do you want from Lao Tzu? "
"Would you please leave the bottom one when you kill those suzaku outside?"
"Ha, ha, ha, ha, what’s the difficulty? Well, you watch while I go."
Jin Jian, who was waiting at the entrance of the tunnel, helped all the people. At this moment, I saw my body emitting a thick black gas, and the whole person became more cold than before, and the broken sword shot a long black light steeply. Xiao Yun was surprised and said quickly, "Come on, get into the tunnel!"
Who is the magic statue? Once the powerful power is released, let alone these hundreds of thousands of suzaku, even this valley will be lost. Xiao Yun and them just entered the tunnel, and the tunnel mouth was blocked by the rocks collapsed by the powerful shock wave.
The magic statue waved a broken sword with laughter, and the situation in the Suzaku Valley changed color, and hundreds of thousands of Suzaku were all finished in less than a cup of tea. Rosefinch shrines are covered with bright red rosefinch blood, and countless rosefinch corpses are scattered in every corner of the valley. Seeing such a bloody scene, I can’t help hating the magic statue. What’s the use of hating? To outsiders, I caused all this.
At the same time, the wandering god is staying in Yin Shen’s small yard and turning in circles. Suddenly, he frowned and said to the triumphant Yin Shendao, "How bloody! What a powerful magic gas! Go, look! "
Suzaku, who hasn’t changed her feathers, never dared to fall again and fled back to her hometown. Annear woke up as scheduled. When it opened its eyes, it saw the dismembered bodies of the clan. It screamed in its mouth and said angrily to my body, "Mr. Xiao, I entrusted you as the patron saint of our clan. How could you do such an outrageous thing!"
Where does it know that it is facing the magic statue now, not me at all. The magic statue sneered and said, "I’ll keep you alive for that boy’s sake. Why are you calling a bird here? Don’t roll for me! "
Annear saw the broken sword dripping with the blood of his people, moaned, flapped his newly mature wings, cast a glance at the magic statue with resentment, and disappeared instantly. After a while, a word came: "Xiao Hou! You cripple my people, and the Suzaku people are at odds with you! "
Shit! The magic statue is killing me now.
"Ha ha ha ha, boy, why do you want to Lao tze put the bird? You see, people don’t appreciate you at all, hehe. "
"You give me shut up! All this is caused by you, and it’s just a matter of invading Lao Tzu’s body. Now let Lao Tzu take the blame, and one day Lao Tzu will never end with you! "
"yo-ho! Did your boy take the wrong medicine? You killed Suzaku first, and Lao Tzu came last. Besides, Lao Tzu also agreed to your request and let the bird go. What else do you want? Kill Lao tze? Come if you can, and I will kill you standing. If you can’t kill me, your body will be used by me from now on. "
In the dark, I have no weapons, and neither does the magic statue. But, somehow, I didn’t have the courage to run over and fight with him. I’m afraid that if I can’t kill him, I’ll stay in my body forever. How can I play games like this? Maybe it’s driving me crazy, but it’s really not worth the candle.
"Why? Dare not? "
I stood still, glaring at the demon statue.
"Really have no seed, human is human! Since you dare not come, I will make a pact with you in three chapters: first, I’ll give you this physical Lao Tzu at ordinary times; Second, whoever meets the protoss, you must give up the body to Lao Tzu; Third, when you can’t beat others in a fight, you must come to Lao Tzu. You have to promise these three things, and you have to promise if you don’t. Ok, now you stay here for me, and I’m going out for a walk.
Just then, the wandering god and the Yin god just arrived at Suzaku Valley. The blood on the ground is so red that the wandering eyes are red, while the Yin God seems to have nothing to do with himself. The wandering eyes searched in the valley, just to see me standing on the altar with a broken sword. He appeared in front of me in a blink, his eyes staring at me coldly. At this time, the magic statue just came out.
"Magic statue, how can you do such a cruel thing? Don’t forget, this is the human world! "
"eh? It’s not easy for you to see through Lao Tzu’s identity. Come on, let’s go to the sky for activities. " Then he jumped up and went straight into the sky.
Chapter 164 Seriously injured offline
Although I stay inside my body, I can clearly see what is happening outside. Maybe there is a qualitative difference between God and demon, and they have power that people can’t reach. The magic statue borrowed my body and floated in the air for no reason. Wandering God and Yin God stood opposite each other, looking nervous.
"Ha ha ha ha, thirteen, you don’t need to be so nervous? Well, let me guess, what makes you so nervous. Haha, will the little girl around you make you nervous? "
"Magic statue! Cut the crap, why did you run out again? "
"Oh, you haven’t tasted the seal. It’s so boring for Lao Tzu to stay inside. Fortunately, that boy killed Suzaku in the valley below and accidentally broke a hole in the seal. You know, I’m lucky, right? "
"Hum! Since ancient times, the gods and demons have been at odds. If you and I don’t see each other, we will fight to the death. "
"Hey hey, spell, Lao tze not afraid. Anyway, Lao Tzu will never die without a body, so bring it on! "
"Little old man, don’t talk to him, I don’t believe that the two of us can’t beat him!" Yin god urged on one side.
"Little old man? Who is the old man? " The monster laughed.
"None of your business? Want you to take care of it? Little old man, let’s do it! "
There was a trace of embarrassment on the wandering god’s face, and he whispered to Yin Shen, "Little girl, stand aside. You don’t need your help here."
"What? Even you dare to look down on me and piss me off! " Yin god said, and jumped at the magic statue.
However, the magic statue now has a broken sword in his hand, and the Yin God is no match for him. The magic statue only split in a freehand manner, and then drew a blood stain on the beautiful face of Yin God.
"Magic statue! How can you treat a woman like this? " The wandering spirit is angry.
"Woman? Ha ha ha ha, thirteen, I didn’t expect that you have changed, and you are no longer the thirteen you used to be. "
Yin Shen was forced to retreat by the magic statue, and his face was hurt again. People became manic and angrily wanted to jump on her again. The wandering god flashed in front of her and blocked her: "Stop it, little girl, step back, you are no match for him at all!"
"Ha ha ha ha, little girl, you just listen to the little old man. At your level, you don’t deserve to fight with Lao tze at all. When I was fighting with Thirteen, you didn’t know where it was! "
"Magic Zun, why don’t you just say a few words? You can fight if you want. Why do you talk so much nonsense?"
"Hey hey, didn’t you say so earlier? I haven’t done it for a long time, and my hands are itchy. Look at the sword! " The Dark Knight’s chop is much cleaner than mine.
Wandering god and the magic statue have fought many times as early as thousands of years ago, and he dare not take the dark chop easily. Besides, the dark chop now is no less than the magic statue’s own flesh. Wandering god copied the waist of Yin God, made a teleport, and easily escaped the beheading of the Dark Devil.
The wandering god released the Yin God and said in a commanding tone, "Stay away and don’t interfere!"
"If you don’t insert it, don’t insert it!" In a huff, Yin God looked at the magic statue with hatred.
"Hey, I can’t believe that a generation of God of War actually likes to bring a woman when fighting. I can’t believe it!" In order to avoid being scolded by wandering gods, the demon Zun said and moved his hand.
"Destroy the sky!" The magic statue roared, and countless sword shadows pounced on wandering gods in all directions.
Wandering God unhurriedly took out an iron fan, waved it left and right, and created a golden shield around him. The day-destroying chop given by the magic statue is not a stroke, but one after another. At first, the wandering spirit was relaxed in the hood, but after a while, his brow began to wrinkle.
"Hey, has the war god become only hiding?" The magic statue released another trick: "Destruction!"
"Devil, don’t be proud!" Wandering god knows very well that the destruction is by no means something that a golden mask can resist, and the only way is to avoid it first. If nothing else, the teleport of wandering gods is the most powerful among the thirteen gods. The destruction of the magic statue hit the place where the wandering god stood, and the space there became distorted. It was really amazing! I stayed in my body and saw this place. I couldn’t help feeling sorry for our small human strength, and I was also dissatisfied with the unfairness caused by the game company. With them, we have no place at all.
Wandering gods hold their bodies, and a state is imposed on them, and the purple light immediately shines all over their bodies, and the iron fan in their hands turns into a gun, and an arrow is shot at the magic statue. The magic statue is probably full of confidence in the broken sword, and he doesn’t hide. He directly uses the broken sword to block the gun shot by the wandering god.
Sure enough, it turns out that the broken sword can resist the wandering gun. The moment the gun touched the broken sword, it was knocked away. However, the magic statue is also having a hard time, and the wandering spirit is really not weak. The powerful momentum of the gun pushed him back for dozens of meters before stopping, and blood was already oozing from the jaws.
Magic statue like circumstances, immediately returned.
"I haven’t seen you for thousands of years, and your skill hasn’t changed!"
"Are you? But your skill is much worse. " Wandering gods are well aware of the current strength comparison. Thousands of years ago, the magic statue had its own ontology, and the tricks it sent out were really much more powerful than now. It was hard for me to beat him at that time. But today, it is not difficult to beat him. Because the magic statue uses my body, he can’t give full play to his power. However, the wandering gods also know that the strength of the magic statue holding the broken sword is not as good as before, but it can not be underestimated. The broken sword is used well, and it will even be more difficult to deal with than when the magic statue has its own body.
"Thirteen, I know you can end the battle in one stroke, but now you have scruples, because I use someone else’s body, so you dare not hurt the killer, right?"