"Actually, this matter can’t be too strange to Chen Ming. He is also hungry." Li Yi smiled and said.
Li Yi’s words were just halfway through when Chen Ming felt that something was wrong and started to run!
"Chen Ming, don’t run, you hurry." Li Lu pinched her waist and said.
"Well, little heron, actually, this thing …" Chen Ming was interrupted directly by Li Lu before he finished.
"I don’t want to listen to any explanation. Haven’t you heard that explanation is cover-up, cover-up is fact, fact is story, and story is unreasonable! I want the result. Did Xiaoyi buy something for you to eat? " Li Lu said with his own * * *.
"Well, actually …" Chen Ming didn’t know what to do at that time. If he said that he didn’t eat what the boss bought, the boss would definitely say that the sentence was called out by himself. In the end, the responsibility was his own, so he might as well just admit it!
"Nothing, Chen Ming. You must have eaten my delicious food." Li Lu stared at Chen Ming hard.
"This, this, actually, it’s really not …" Chen Ming’s words were interrupted by Li Yi before he finished.
"All right, all right, Chen Ming, don’t quibble. I saw that you ate it. As a man, you have to be aggressive. So, since you ate it occasionally, you have to buy it back for others. This is not too much!" Li Yi smile happily of say.
"Yes, Chen Ming, you have to buy it for me. Don’t think that you can eat it for nothing because you have a good relationship with me!" Li Lu pursed her lips and said.
"OK, I’ll buy it for you." Chen Ming suddenly smiled and said, if it’s a big deal, I’ll buy it for you. Just buy a few pieces of sugar at will.
"Now that Chen Ming agreed, I’ll say what Chen Ming had eaten before. Those delicious foods cost me more than 50 yuan. By the way, there are Dove, Qiao Lezi, potatoes, and a lot of fish. By the way, there is a most important Want Want gift package!" Li Yi smile happily of say.
"Depend, boss, you’re cheating me!" Chen Ming said with a face of helplessness.
"Where did I cheat you? I thought about it before. These delicious foods I bought can make the little heron eat for a week, so you didn’t buy much." Li Yi smiled and said.
"Wow, Xiaoyi is so kind to me!" Li Lu directly hugged Li Yi and said.
"Xiao Bing, who is that girl?" King Kong is very confused and asked.
"Brother King Kong, I don’t know. Brother Shenmu didn’t say that Li Yi had a younger sister!" Ice puzzled said.
"Forget it, let’s take a look at it here. Let them find out for nothing. If they find out, it’s no joke." King Kong said.
"Chen Ming, hurry to buy delicious food for the little heron!" Li Yi smile happily of say.
"Depend, boss, how do you say I’m your brother? How can you cheat me like this!" Chen Ming whispered.
"Chen Ming, you’re wrong. I’m your big brother, and you won’t come out and pit my thoughts at all!" Li Yi smile happily of say.
"Boss, can’t you buy something less?" Chen Ming said something pitifully.
"Well, it seems impossible. Now that you are ready for cheat people, you have to pay the price." Li Yi said.
"Boss, I only have less than 60 yuan of pocket money. If I buy delicious food, I won’t have much money, so I can only eat at your home." Chen Ming looks like he’s going to eat at your house.
"It’s okay, eat at my house, just eat at our house. Every day, I will make sure that you don’t want to eat a second meal." Li Yi smile happily of say.
"Well, boss, I’m your little brother!" Chen Ming looked at Li Yi piteously.
"If you don’t buy something for the little heron now, it’s possible that you can’t do anything well these days. Every day, it’s estimated that you won’t have any food before you pick up chopsticks." Li Yi nodded and said.
"Smelly boy, I really admire you. Others have been following you for such a long time. You haven’t found it yet. It’s unprecedented!" At this time, Wuji, who had not spoken for a long time, spoke.
"Someone is following me?" Li Yi asked doubtfully.
I shouldn’t. I haven’t found anyone following me. Is it because my recent perception is too weak?
"Dead old man, where are you?" Li Yi wanted to mean to ask.
"Well, smelly boy, you listen to me. Let Chen Ming take Li Lu to the supermarket first, and then go to a corner by yourself and do it quickly." Wuji said to the old man.
"Chen Ming, you go shopping first. I have something to do." Li Yi bowed their heads and followed Chen Ming.
"Eldest brother, what’s the matter? Do you need my help? " Chen Ming asked.
"Nothing, little things, you go shopping first!" Li Yi smiled and said.
"I see, boss." Chen Ming nodded and said.
Li Yi decisively came to an alley.
"Come out quickly, don’t hide, it’s not good like that, or it’s easy for others to get seriously injured accidentally." Li Yi said faintly, then summoned the infinite sword directly, and then threw a infinite chop at a tree.
"Master, really master!" At that moment, King Kong came out and said.
"There is another person, come out quickly!" Li Yi said faintly.
Ice bitten to grind, don’t know whether I should come out.
"I’ll count to five. If you don’t come out again, I’ll give you a ride directly. Don’t thank me." Li Yi said faintly.
Actually, it was the old man Wuji who told Li Yi. If Li Yi came to see it himself, even if he had three pairs of eyes, it would be impossible to find it.
Li Yi said neither lightly nor salty.
Finally, Bing Bing bit his teeth and jumped down.
"Oh, it’s down, but you’re not ready. As I said before, if I see you next time, it’s possible that I’ll find you in the middle of nowhere." Li Yi smiled and said.
In a flash, a cold sweat appeared on the ice forehead.
"Li Yi, you are a master. Why don’t you come to our place and we will give you the best treatment." King Kong said.