Teng Yun drove to Su Jin’s residence. She has moved to live in her boyfriend’s house.
When he drove past, Su Jin had prepared lunch, and then he hurried to the door when he heard the doorbell ring.
Her face is more calm than ever.
"There you are!" When she knocked on the door and saw his tall figure, she had to admit that this man was so perfect that people would fall at a glance.
He still gave her a faint look and then walked in. He wasn’t there.
"I’m filming. I didn’t come back until tonight. I prepared lunch. Can we talk while eating?"
"All right," he remembered that two people used to eat together.
Her cooking is much better than before, but he eats with a shallow smile.
"What should I sue Liu Yuping?"
"Do me a favor, not because of you this time."
"That’s …" Su Jin asked curiously.
Tengyun gave her a look and said nothing.
"Because of tenderness? You’re afraid he’ll hurt the gentle place again before you come up with such an idea. This matter has completely imprisoned him? " Su Jin suddenly thought of.
Tengyun sighed a bit.
Yes, I admit that although I seem a little unhappy.
Su Jin is speechless, because it involves tenderness, it is not whether she wants to help or not.
"How’s tenderness recently?" Su Jin wanted to think and summon up courage to get to the man.
"There are so many things at home that she can’t come at leisure," Teng Yun said.
"You will always be busy if she doesn’t come at leisure, won’t you?" Su Jin said softly and then lowered his head to eat.
Tengyun look at her eyes flashed a little surprised.
"When the second child took you to see me for the first time, you seemed to be like this, very reasonable."
Su Jin couldn’t help laughing when you said this.
The one who used to be crazy didn’t look like one of us …
Only she knows what a human heart she really is.
But the reality must live like this.
When we first met that year, in fact, she fell in love with this beautiful man.
But no one will know.
Everyone thinks she is the second daughter-in-law
After dinner, he left Su Jin and sat quietly on the sofa.
She had her face fixed before she came back.
She wanted to come back to see him as best she could.
She dared not think too much about him, and then she chose to live quietly.
Marry a marriageable woman and be the most ordinary woman.
Yun Xiang is really surprised to see Yun Jian arrive home. Isn’t this my gentleman? Why are you back so soon?
"You are the most sarcastic person." Yun Jian said lightly, then hugged Yun Xiang’s neck and went inside.
"Mom and Dad said that if you don’t get a daughter-in-law to go home, we’ll allow the family to die."
"Didn’t you give birth?"
"My birth name is Wang"
"Then give birth to another surname."
Yun Xiang …
"I must hold the most valuable things of the day in front of him."
Yun Jian said that Sister Song sat on the sofa stretching her legs and thinking about other things.
If there seems to be a flash of trouble in your eyes, does Yun Xiang have something on his mind sitting next to him gently?
"Yeah, a little."
"Have you met with tenderness?"
"Well … how do you know?"
"Every time you go out and come back, the first person you want to see is gentle." Yun Xiang said and was jealous. This brother is really …
The medicine can be saved.
But he smiled and looked at the man with his eyes down and smirking. It was very simple and honest.
"Gentleness has lost some weight recently," he suddenly said.
Allow Xiang to look at him and then be surprised but unable to speak with his mouth open.
Yunjian looked up at his sister and said with a smile, why have you gained weight recently?
Section 35
Yun Xiang …
Brother, this is really a brother.
"You are sisters. If you have nothing to do, spend more time with her, give her forgiveness, eat with her, and don’t patronize yourself."
"Yunjian, I want to break up with you."
Qi yunxiang shouted
Then allow healthy giggle seems to be deliberately seems to like watching my sister crazy.
"My sister is really good at sex. Just follow your brother."
Yun Jian grabbed Yun Xiang’s hand and let Yun Xiang sit beside him safely and then said in a low voice.
Yun Xiang, this is just a little better.