Everything is rare and precious, and there are few fairy beasts in other parts of the celestial world. Without suppressing the rotten killing, people in the celestial world have never witnessed the charm of fairy beasts for hundreds of years, let alone refining the fairy beast blood and fairy animal skins. The Longmen Road Zongfu Paper Fairy World can be so famous.
Boss Li naturally won’t let such a good opportunity to draw materials.
Li Chengzhu intentionally led four people to fly slowly with flying swords. When they saw the fairy beast, they went to hunt it. I don’t know how many times they walked, but they didn’t give up this action until Li Da’s boss Yutu’s cave was full of refined blood bottles.
These days’ edification and encouragement have made the two American demon slaves practice the skill of "fast, hard and accurate" to control the flying sword. They don’t want to look good, but seek the fastest speed to slay the fairy beast in front of them. Every time Li Chengzhu sees these two flying swords, he can’t help but feel a little chilly in his heart. If he takes them home, it will be a good thing that the two American demon slaves who are on the same front are fighting with the original two ladies.
Boss Li is thinking about Armageddon, and at the same time, he has another idea, that is, how to make Gu Linglong and Xiaoying accept these two sudden beauties? This is a big problem. Gu Linglong’s personality won’t say much, but it is necessary to fight and cool down. What about Xiaoying’s jealousy? It’s strange that her impetuous character and Qin Suge’s arrogant appearance don’t spark anything.
Such a thought is still like water. It’s best for a girl to do everything like smoke. Li Da is the boss and her own master can do whatever he wants. Water like smoke never resists. Even if she is asked to kill something, she has to bite the bullet and practice until now without blinking an eye.
Boss Li has tears in his eyes, reaches out and gently touches the water like smoke, and his little head is full of distress and happiness.
"What happened to my husband?" Water girl is very strange about her master’s expression.
"Nothing homesick want to get excited" Li Chengzhu corners of the mouth twitching.
Qin Suge stared thoughtfully at Li Chengzhu while flying sword and dancing.
Just like the first time out of the overwhelming array, the forest is still exhausted ahead, but in the blink of an eye, the scenery changes, and everyone has become a different place from where they were just now. At the first time, they held their master’s arm tightly and faced the sudden light, and she had a little fear
Feeling the pleasant sunshine, Li Chengzhu couldn’t help taking a deep breath and praising "finally coming out haha"
Qin’s great beauty needs to be calm, except that the sun just stung her and she was a little blind and squinting to adapt to the light. Don’t panic. Instead, she revealed all kinds of curiosity about this different fairy forbidden area. There is sunshine and the fairy forbidden area is white as snow, and the colors are very different. There are birds and flowers everywhere, and even the breath is clear, but it makes people feel at ease.
Turned his head and cast a glance, but there was another scene behind him, which was definitely different from what he had just been in. Qin Suge couldn’t help but stretch out his little hand to feel the enchantment that his master said.
Li big boss load a pull Qin Suge firmly shook his head.
These two demon slaves are both demon spirits, and it is greatly inconvenient for people to see the celestial world. In case of any fight, it will be difficult. What’s more, guarding the overwhelming array is a fairy level. Although not afraid, it is better to make things less complicated.
Demon spirit, the pronoun of celestial world is complement
Qin Suge pursed his mouth with a face of discontent. Li Chengzhu tiger eyes stared and Qin Suge had changed from discontent to injustice before he took out a man’s courage.
Li Chengzhu sighed, "Ah, I’ll tell you when Anding comes."
The original plan of Li Chengzhu was to put two demon slaves into rings and then fly them back to Rainbow City. But when Li Chengzhu said this idea, not only did Qin Suge’s boss not like it, but even gentle water shook his arm without saying anything. Boss Li had to agree to their request and still let them follow him.
I looked at something that has been quietly staying in the arms of water like smoke. With such a sensitive pressure sensor, no one should be able to get close to themselves and others without moving.
This trip can be described as Anyuan is not as dangerous as Li Chengzhu said.
However, Boss Li knew that it was only with the little thing that the fairy beast could be hunted safely and flew out of the large array. I don’t know how many times the little thing issued a warning and forced Li Chengzhu to change the flight direction.
The original Li Chengzhu had Yuanmu Daxian sitting on the throne, and the three of them repaired it without lowering the forbidden area for immortals. Didn’t they just walk sideways? But the warning of the little thing is invisible. The little thing has already been psychic. Before it issued a warning, it must have calculated the strength of Yuanmu Daxian.
Sometimes those warnings are gentle, sometimes they are urgent, so you can imagine the strength of the fairies and beasts that you have never met before. After such warnings, Li Chengzhu officially put away his contempt. Those fairies and beasts are not as soft as you think. Once, the little thing was so anxious that it jumped out of the arms of water and dragged Li Chengzhu tightly in the opposite direction to get settled. This scene had to remind Li Chengzhu of having heard of the super-order fairies and beasts.
Beyond the nine robbing fairy beasts is the super-order fairy beasts. The strength of these fairy beasts has already been like the level of a fairy king. This kind of tiger whiskers is not something that Li Chengzhu and others can trace.
Warily staring at the little thing, when it sends a warning, it will put the two beautiful demon slaves into the ring. Before the warning comes, Li Chengzhu’s heart becomes more and more uneasy. Yuan Ying oscillates like a vibrator, and he has been covered with a little uneasy atmosphere since he was out of the large array.
It is reasonable to say that the apocalypse should come, but it is delayed? Li Chengzhu turned his eyes to Yuanmu Yuanmu Daxian and shook his head slightly to show that he knew nothing about it.
I couldn’t help but look up at the sky. Li Chengzhu vaguely felt that there was a feeling of surging rapids on his head, but the weather was so good that there was no sign of Armageddon, which made Li Chengzhu upset.
The most painful time in the world is not to be stabbed by a sword, but to hang the sword around the neck without sending it. This kind of fear that makes people wait is the most deadly. Li Chengzhu feels like this now
Both American demon slaves saw that their master was in an unstable mood, full of anger and a little fear, and they all did not bother him and obediently followed him forward.
There are very few people you can meet outside the sky. Boss Li flew with three people for a long time and no one was seen. Water and Qin Suge kept pointing at this and that, asking Yuan Mu Yuan Mu to answer them one by one and smiling.
Suddenly, Li Chengzhu flew forward with a full face of joy
Yuanmu looked up at Tiankou and asked, "Come?"
"Coming" Li Chengzhu, like a lesbian who is afraid of pregnancy and waiting for her period, waited until she finished what she thought, leaving her fear behind and changing her face into an expression of excitement and expectation
In the sky, the thunder was faint and the dark clouds were rolling. Even the water and Qin Suge felt an unusual spirit pressing their heads together. The little thing had long been screaming anxiously. It was the first time that Li Chengzhu looked at the little thing with a pair of small eyes like mung beans. This expression made Li Chengzhu feel relieved. Although the little rabbit was tired of his own woman’s arms all day, he still had himself in the center.
"Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of them." Yuanmu said to a man who was about to die with a full face of schadenfreude.
"It’s up to you." At this time, there was no time to grind with him. Li Chengzhu flew away in the distance with a word.
"Lord … master!"
Behind the two jiao-hues, a haughty Qin belle shouted the word master for the first time.
Li Chengzhu a warm heart waved and quickly away from the place where three people stand.
When the Armageddon comes, there will be at least people around you, otherwise the power will increase, just like Yuanmu’s second robbery. Yuanmu’s big fairy roots will ignore the lives of those angel troops and throw them directly to resist the lightning, so that they can spend it safely.
"Be careful" Although the two beautiful demon slaves have long known that the master will have such a day, the future arrival is a state of mind, but it is another state of mind. Fate has already closely linked them with Li Chengzhu, leaving aside the contract and not talking about emotional sublimation, so that water can’t be separated from the overbearing but considerate master, while Qin Suge’s original heart still faintly hates him, but slowly corrodes his attitude towards himself, so that this beautiful and arrogant beauty unconsciously enters his heart. At this moment, when he sees his master, he is about to face danger, both of them are tightly pinched.
"It’s okay, we’ll wait for him." Yuanmu Daxiankou comforted. This is what Yuanmu had previously thought in his heart. Helping Boss Li to rob this kind of thing has to be solved by himself. Laoke can’t help much.
"Lord … will he be all right?" Emotional let pythons gens former heads of families have no idea, so we have to ask Yuanmu, among whom Yuanmu Daxian has this experience.
Yuanmu recalled that when he first met him, he was still a rookie in the OBE period. He dared to fly to Hongyan Terrace with everyone for a few days. Everyone was tired, so he was not tired and his recovery speed was first-class. The first Seraphim killed the hero who mixed pigs and ate tigers. The rapid progress of manual repair was surprising. Returning to the road to fight against the two immortals alone. Who can have this courage? Even Yuanmu is fighting alone now, and the two immortals are already dead. The white. The stick will be branded forever in Yuanmu’s heart. It’s definitely the Nine Immortals level. It’s big enough to jump by yourself. Because Qian Qian Crane Operator jumped from the robbery period to the later immortal period in one fell swoop, and then compared with him. It’s simply that grass and trees are taller than towering trees. There are so many personal strange things that countless ancient city owners and the albizzia girl are willing to follow him because of this. Think of this yuan wood smiled and replied "him? He can’t do it without you. "
If this comment makes Li Chengzhu hear that Boss Li should wake up laughing in his dreams.
However, Li Chengzhu is now nervous and looking forward to it.
The long-awaited apocalypse finally came like an induction. This feeling is very strange, just like an old friend coming to visit you in advance. Li Chengzhu didn’t know how to get the exact news, but he believed that the news could never be wrong.
Dark clouds billowing overhead move as he moves, and have been hanging and condensing, giving Li Chengzhu a sense of pressure that he has never felt before, and recalling the words of Yuanmu Daxian in his ear, "It is absolutely beneficial for you to practice when you can resist the lightning, and it is not too late to resist the magic weapon when you feel dangerous."
Self-cultivation is progressing too fast, remembering that Li Chengzhu, once said by his master, has been vaguely uneasy, but for various reasons, cultivation has repeatedly broken through, which makes Li Chengzhu root unable to control it. Just like this time, Yuan Mu’s independent Zhang turned Qin’s beauty into his own demon slave cultivation, which broke through the robbery and triggered the apocalypse in the later period.
However, I really should thank Yuanmu Daxian for turning my mind to think about it. If he hadn’t suppressed it and let himself break through the post-robbery, he would have been unprepared.
The failure rate of robbery can reach half. One reason for failure is insufficient repair and the other is insufficient preparation.
Li Chengzhu is convinced that it is absolutely enough for him to repair himself, or he will fail because of inadequate preparation. That’s injustice, so that the root of Armageddon can’t come. Only when he is fully prepared, Tuoyuan has refined hundreds of small magic weapons for protection, and he has refined several life-saving paper.
The thunder is still ringing, just like blowing his head. Li Chengzhu is as afraid of lightning and thunder as Yuanmu Daxian. It is because of a lightning that he was brought into the celestial world, and he has a strange fear of lightning.
The billowing dark clouds condensed Li Chengzhu’s head like smoked black cotton candy.