Almost at the same time of "danger", the ninja felt the air flow that broke the friction from his own side.
At the same time, the intersection of a harsh weapon and two knives sounded "Zizi" and wiped out lux sparks.
"Not the kui is a Yuzhi gens even blocked by such a quick sneak attack." After Kirby finished, he stared at each other with a curious face of red eyes. "Is it because of these eyes? Sharingan is really no ordinary creature! "
Incredibly dare to look at the middle-aged ninja with Uchihiro gens. It’s not a happy moment, but the original quiet three hooks slowly turn up, and then instantly pull away from Kirby.
"Nani" looked at the sudden disappearance of his eyes, and the ninja Kirby of Uchihiro clan could not help but be stunned and then turned back to his original expression.
"Magic?" Chirabi thought with an expression on his face.
Chapter 19 sharingan rape
"sharingan, I’ve decided to accept it." Looking at the enemy who has disappeared, Kirby decided to think for himself.
"Jie Jie"
A burst of laughter sounded from all sides. "Let you see the horror of Uchihiro gens!" From now on, your vision is completely under my control. "
As soon as the words fell, I saw that there was not a single figure. A hundred figures suddenly appeared on the ground of the tree. Who is that ninja who is not Uchihiro?
"dying slowly in this fear can defeat me, sharingan. You are a strong man."
Looking at the ninja Kirby rushing towards himself, he beat the hand to listen to "whew"-the blade in his hand has been cut towards the other side’s neck.
People’s film and television went towards their necks, and the blade continued to rush towards Chirabi.
It went through. When the blade went through the other person’s body, Kirby frowned and said, "Illusion?"
Haha, that’s right. Guess if we are all hallucinations, but we will die. As soon as the voice falls, dozens of people on the ground have rushed towards him.
Don’t underestimate people, Kirby growled. At the same time, the blade passed through several figures again without retreating.
At this time, he is like a child carried away by anger, madly killing one by one.
"Poof, poof"
Ah! Kirby screamed a few blood flowers from his body, which was injured by the real shuriken.
"Damn it" gasped while avoiding the attack, and Kirby shouted, "There is a kind of one-on-one! Bastard, you coward. "
"That’s funny."
At this moment, a man dressed in Uchihiro’s clothes was sitting on a tree not far away from the theatre. He looked at another tree more than ten meters away with great interest, dancing like a clown, hiding from the phantom and attacking Kirby. He wanted to see how much physical strength each other had.
A distance of more than ten meters is not a distance for a ninja, but he believes that the other person doesn’t know that his body is so close to him.
He had to admit the strength of the other side. If the other side hadn’t been under his illusion, the result would have been two words. In his eyes, Kirby was already a dead man.
One knife flow "Juhe chop" has suddenly been less than ten minutes away from Uchihiro, the middle-aged ninja. Rabbi Mickey suddenly came back to the horse.
"Bad" seems to detect something. It seems that when Uchihiro Ninja’s face changes, Zou Ran will get up. However, at this moment, he sees a flash of blue knife light and "snow". Then he sees that his bloody body is his own body and still has no head.
You’re real. I didn’t see you! A sound sounded from behind him and at the same time, I heard a "ding" sound. Quirrell had already withdrawn his knife from its sheath.
"You know my magnetic wave perception, even if I close my eyes, I also know that if you weren’t afraid that you would destroy yourself in sharingan, I wouldn’t wave for so long to make this kind of risks, but then again, you Uchihiro gens are really not confident! Otherwise, I really can’t succeed! "
Uchihiro ninjas didn’t know until they died that they were the one who was being played around by the other side. Since he lost his illusion in the other side, he has unconsciously fallen into the trap of the other side!
Ninja fighting really can’t decide who wins or loses from the surface, which is the fact.
"Ha ha"
Finally, Kirby looked at two eyeballs with three hooks in the bottle with excitement. "Fortunately, I have recently studied medical endurance! Otherwise, you can’t carry this stuff with you. You know, this is sharingan! If you can’t put it well, it will be ruined! "
There are too many waves in this world war I, so it is necessary to go back quickly. Kirby said, he quickly put the bottle away and then disappeared into the forest after several jumps
Three figures in a certain area of Lei Guoguo mirror were sitting around the fire chatting when a white-haired boy suddenly appeared and vomited and sighed.
"Finally home"
Before the fire, all three people looked at the bearer with a face of vigilance, and then one of them opened his mouth and shouted "password"
"You bastard … you stupid … egg" The white-haired boy pointed to three people and scolded.
"Hu" three people are not angry because of the teenager’s swearing, but they are also relieved.
These three people were none other than Big Brother Ai and the teacher Shenjing and a new player with them.
"Why are you hurt so badly again? Let Big Brother help you deal with it." Ai Zou frowned and looked at the wound heart caused by the knife wound of Kirby shuriken and said.
I can’t help it. It’s a little difficult for the Lord. Rabbi Quirrell walked up to Ai and scratched his head. "I’ll have to bother Big Brother again."
"It’s really like this every time," Ai said, cleaning up the wound on Kirby’s body. After a while, he said, "Is the enemy very powerful?"
"Well," said Kirby, "The other party is the Uchihiro gens, who endured several times and almost won the other party’s way …"
"Oh," Ai replied, then patted him on the shoulder and said, "You’re ready to put on your clothes."
"Thank you, Big Brother"
Looking at Chirabi Ai, I smiled. "What are you polite to Big Brother? These are all things I should do."
Howling, a figure tree shuttled back and forth in less than a moment and then came to the eyes of all.
"Password" Deep well alert looked at the sudden appearance of another teammate and asked
"Chameleon" the man cold way
You bastard … you idiot … Egg ratio followed suit, and then the last three people also said the password one after another.
"Uncle Park Sen is so slow than me this time." Quiraby walked over and asked.
"Lu Yu is in some trouble," Chilabi called Pusen, a middle-aged man who replied concisely.
Quirrell said "Oh" for a while, and then continued to run back to the fire to chat with the teacher. I am familiar with this middle-aged man named Park Sen, because they have had dozens of peer experiences. Park Sen is a ninja who rarely opens his mouth. He gives people the feeling that he is "cold". Many people have long been used to ignoring that guy.
However, even so, Qirabi kept his mind-reading on observing them, including the teacher and another ninja at Ai level, because this was also his habit during this period. Then the enemy opened the deep well, and then another enemy ninja turned into a deep well to sneak attack. If he had no blood, Qirabi would have been pierced by the enemy’s sword in that sneak attack. Since then, he will open his mind-reading to observe the thoughts of his teammates every time he closes, just in case.
"Hoo!" It seems that he was in a hurry and just sat down to Pusen and suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. However, at this time, his heart began to activate. "It’s a good thing that he read the other party’s memory when he left, otherwise he wouldn’t know that he actually needed a password."
In the distance, Kirby’s eyes flashed past, then slowly closed their eyes and began to see another branch of the thunder, magnetic waves, reaching the information to the three people
Chapter 20 Be stared at
"Be careful, everyone. Uncle Posen is dead. Now the person in front of us is not others." Chirabi suddenly sounded in Shenjing, Ai and another patient’s mind
When Kirby opened his eyes again, the whole person continued to chat with everyone as if nothing had happened.
After half a minute, "Ai" patted his clothes and said to Posen, "On the first day, we two guards will rest in the middle of the night. What do you think, or do you want to rest first and wait until midnight before changing shifts?"
"Not in the middle of the night! Anyway, now is not very tired "haven’t found wrong PiaoSenMin replied.
"one through the hand"
Almost PuSen just got up at the same time, Ai suddenly burst into light, and then raised his hand, so he quickly used a blow to kill the stunt "Hell spikes * consistent hand" and attacked PuSen’s heart.
It’s almost a reaction of its own. Pusen’s instant is a side flash. But can a hasty reaction really avoid his attack? This is of course impossible.
After listening to "poof", a hole was opened in Pusen’s body. I have to say that his subtle dodge saved his life. Although he appeared to be opened, his heart was not, after all?